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Why do I have to like feet?

Posted by James at March 25, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Failure  Loneliness  2012 March

So I am a 21 year old virgin. I'm way too skinny because I have a nervous condition and get sick whenever I eat anything so I eat like a starving Ethipoian.I have no friends and have never had a gf. I am in college so I realize I should be grateful for that, but no one gives a fuck about me here, I'm just a loser and loner. I try to initiate conversations with girls and they just ignore me or blatantly shoot me down. I've been called creepy more times than I can remember. Oh, and to top it all off, I have a foot fetish. So I will be sitting in class minding my own business when a girl starts waving her feet around and gives me a boner. Every girl I've told I like feet to has told me I was weird. Most girls hate feet apparently, including their own. I do not want to become the 40 year old virgin but it looks like I'm on the fast track to becoming him. I can barely focus on schoolwork because I'm lonely and just want a gf. What the fuck is wrong with that?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 21:58

maybe something about your appearance is off-putting. Try making over your clothing, get some new clothes if possible. Go to a thrift store if u have to. Get your hair cut. Be careful of your grooming, make sure you shower every day, brush your teeth, use deodorant. Smile for a change. Check out web sites to see what some appropriate things to say may be, when you see a girl you like. Consider going to the gym occasionally to lift weights instead of sitting home alone. eat quality food to gain muscle. When you feel nervous practice some relaxation techniques. Just take care of yourself. If you fall to pieces, who will pick them up? Be your own hero. Good luck.

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 22:23

Im like u without the foot fetish and not skinny...

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 22:25

U want to be my friend man on facebook?

Its Ajay Keeramkary. Also u can text me on 630 923 0223

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 22:48

First off, I'm a lot older than you. Second, I do not believe in anyone changing appearances to get "false friends". I'm tired of society having a cookie cutter system where if we don't fit in the masses, then we're outcasts and made to feel like one.

I hear you're loneliness. I can empathize for reasons of my own. You need to love you and appreciate yourself.

If you care to read on, this is my take on it. Mozart had no friends and rarely kept friends, very socially inept. John Forbes Nash (of game theory) had a movie made about him. Had / has an impossible time connecting with others. There are countless authors, musicians and artists that are highly quirky and prefer working / being alone. It doesn't make them wrong, bad or otherwise. It makes them who they are.

Now maybe I'm over my head with this on your circumstances. There are also quirky unusual girls out there too and believe it or not, they are feeling the very same way and would say the exact same thing you are saying now.

Don't be ashamed of the virgin thing at 21. Life's experience is beyond our sexuality. ALSO to hell with feeling weird about foot fetish's. Its about the most natural common fetish of all. One man I dated years back wanted to do nothing but suck on my toes for hours. Didn't arrouse me sexually but was still all the same intimate and he enjoyed it. Who cares. its not like you want to go stalk sheep in a farmers yard. Some men like legs, boobs, smiles, hair, you like sexy feet. No weirdness in that.

Don't fall to pieces because of what you listed above. Embrace who you are, love the differences you have. Because you never know what difference you may make in life because you are unique and not the masses. Do you understand that?

My college daughter was very eccentric and all the teachers wanted to do was drug her up calling her add or adhd. Truth of it was, she was bored and very right brain thinking. She can play about 11 instruments, draw pictures that look like photos (she fools people all the time with that), has 40 peircings I'm sure, tattoos purple or green hair, depending on her mood of the week.

If I drugged this child up,I would have limited her to her extensive right brain abilities. Most likely she would not have achieved any of the above by stifling it or trying to make her fit in a cookie cutter.

It took her a long time to have a handful of friends. Still has not dated and isn't worried about it. She loves her life and eventually if it means much to her, she'll seek out a relationship with a like-minded person.

You ever want to email me, let me know. Just having a human at the other end can mean so much. I hope I was able to have you look at things a bit different. You need self confidence and self acceptance. NOT to change or wallow in depression. Its not easy but find ways that will lift you up :)

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 23:59

Hey skinny dude you're not alone here i'm preety much in the same boat as you except off course for the foot fetish and i'm gay btw. Have you tried meeting up girls online? or if you fear to reach 40 and still a virgin you could always get a hooch somewhere, just don't be silly and go for the unprotected sex or you'll contract an STD. And most importantly, don't neglect at school. you need your college diploma to earn you a gainful employment in the near future. Hang in there. It gets better.
By anonymous at 26,Mar,12 00:47

wise words.

you need to focus on school work if you want a GF and girls. cuz you gotta make it and become successful and rich and that way you will get lots of girls!

By anonymous at 26,Mar,12 01:09

Don't worry too much right now. Fuck it! You're young. Finish school and go cause shit for a couple years, drink a bunch, party, fuck or don't fuck, just do whatever you want to do. As long as you are not hurting yourself or others there are no real repercussions to living vibrantly. Stop listening to all those a holes who tell you you're this or that, the truth is that theyre problems are just as bad. Maybe worse. Be proud of your foot fetish. That's a NORMAL fetish. I know people with some sick fetishes that make foot fetishes like kissing on the cheek. You're okay and you always will be. There is no mold to fit into in this life and if you spend all your time trying to fit you'll lose the characteristics that make you you. And we ALL have great charecteristics.

By anonymous at 26,Mar,12 01:44

As a 25 yo woman, I agree with the first poster to the extend that you are comfortable with.
Just do whatever you can to feel great about yourself. In that process you will attract people who like you for being you. None of these girls will care about what you do in the heat of passion and you don't have to tell them unless they ask.

By anonymous at 26,Mar,12 03:23

i agree with everyone and dont feel so bad about yourself there are millions of girls in this world did you know there are more girls than boys in this world?

By Truth at 26,Mar,12 18:22

The bad thing is, i can see you actually hooking up with some pasty ass blind chick who weighs 300 lbs, smells like balogna, has a third nipple, but also has really cute feet. Then you'll go on a date in a car that's too small becaquse your cheap ass has to drive a 1972 AMC Gremlin, and then you're making out and getting all hot and heavy working those three nipples like a fucking Ham radio guy trying to get in touch with Jakarta, "Calling Jakarta calling Jakarta, come in Jakarta....bzzzzt weeeooOOOOOow.....hiiiisssssssss..."

and then you casually mention how you'd love to marry her feet but not the rest of her and she kills you by suffocating you in one of her side boobs.

...hey, one way or the other I think we're gonna read about you in the paper someday.
By James at 27,Mar,12 14:37

Thanks for giving me a good laugh hahaha.

By at 27,Mar,12 01:53

There's an entire community of feet lovers. I like feet. Feet!

By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 22:13

A couple of suggestions. Find a girl, any girl. Doesn't matter how good she looks, or big she is. There has to be SOME girl that is willing for a one night stand. After that, presto, confidence, you've gotten over your initial wall, and things will flow smoother after that. Oh and don't confuse sex with love.

Second, revamp your clothing style. Your going to college? Either means you have money, your parents have money, or you have left over loan and grant money. Whatever the case, buy good designer clothes, look up some styles on the interwebs and have an actual stylist cut your hair, find a socially acceptable taste in music (I love classical too, but I'm a lead guitarist in a rock band, what girl worth putting effort into is going to go for the previous?). Hobbies that aren't creepy, like being a music film or art buff, not learning Klingon, attract girls. They just end up hating the hobby later on in the relationship. No idea why.

Once you start with these confidence builders hopefully your nervous twitches will go away a little bit. I really don't know what to say about that. Just accept that as who you are. I have a bunch of social issues. I get up in front of people on a stage cool, calm and collected, but bite at finishing sentances without studdering. Not saying its the same as yours, but everyone is different. Accept yourself for who you are, and people will start accepting you.

You can either sit there and say your not going to change, people should like you no matter what, but thats not the case. If you don't look like you care for yourself, people aren't going to want to invest the time to be your friend, or more. Going up to a girl with new clothes, a clean cut hair cut, headphones around the neck, chin up and not looking at the ground will EXPONENTIALLY increase your chances of her giving you the time of day. Its not selling out, its looking your best. Every animal in the animal kingdom does it, we aren't any different.

By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 23:18 Make some online friends with fetishes and maybe you won't feel like a freak anymore. You're not, by the way. Plenty of people have foot fetishes and the like. You might want to get your whole public boner dealt with though or you could run into trouble. Like if you notice people's feet and it's turning you on in an inappropriate situation, don't look at their feet.

By anonymous at 30,Jun,12 06:06

i like feeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! lmao! omg that was fuuunny! i about lost it when you said " and to top it off I like feet" Youve gotta get a grip bro. start working out and always present yourself as a confident goal oriented person. women are always attracted to confident guys who have a plan. and be confident in your foot feddish as well otherwize that realy is weird and creeeeepy. i can just picture you now alone w/a girl confessing how you like feet and she gets weirded out. lol

By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 22:36

theres nothing wrong with having a foot fetish there is loadsss of people out there trust me i know its my job i sell pics and diff video clips all day mos days doing a variety of things with my feet.if any of u are interested email me at

By Sangtae at 13,Sep,12 10:05

It’s quite obvious when you think about it. Most cpuelos turn on a little porn as a form of foreplay before acting out exactly what they viewed. And what’s even hotter, opening the curtains and giving your neighbors a little peep show…

By anonymous at 29,Sep,12 05:53

I make love to feet on the internet every day. There's so great stuff on youtube.

By anonymous at 06,Oct,12 01:06

Learn a whole new set of skills. Learn how to read and use body language. You can attract hot women no matter what you are into. I have a foot fetish, and I used to be ashamed of it and afraid what women would think. I learned how to use body language to attract women and now I can get women who hate feet to let me suck their toes.
Displaying neediness makes you seem creepy.
There's nothing wrong with liking feet, man. I like them and I love my sex life!

By anonymous at 13,Mar,13 03:21

I have a foot setish also... but i never told anyone... what i did was ask girlfriends if they want a foot massage and i will massage their feet and then i kiss their feet. you have to slowly open up that door because just telling them "i like feet" sounds wierd... its not wierd. 50% of men have a foot fetish... so you are not alone. only few people admit it. get a girlfriend and after you have had sex later impliment playing with her feet... i suck and lick my wifes toes every time we make love ;) life gets good bud it only takes time

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