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What to get up for?

Posted by anonymous at March 28, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 March  Unemployment

35. Male.
Company made me redundant 3 years ago and it's all been downhill since then.
Marriage broke up through affair, now I live in a shitty rented room and do whatever scraps of work I can get my hands on, but the economy is terrible.
I can't even get a job interview.
Have a girlfriend but she is very self-serving and I obviously don't realise the luck I have in that she wants to be with me.

I have depression that kills my motivations and makes me feel the victim of the whole world all the time.
I try therapy but I am a born liar and I can never tell enough truth to make it useful.

I really hate myself and hate having to be me every day. I just want to get away from me.


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By Cursed at 29,Mar,12 11:05

Hey bud-
You need to get up because.... YOU'RE Only 35?? What about anti-depressants? Have you tried those? Along with therapy? They do work and you don't have to take em forever.. You're only 35, sweetie, you've got your entire life- to be miserable! But seriously, if you're not happy in a relationship- get out of it? Is she helping you financially? Or is she sucking the life out of you? What's wrong with being single? And, HELLO??? The economy sucks for everybody. Not just you- you're not alone. Everyone hates their job. You don't get appreciated or paid enough- EVER. And so, here we are. Working "jobs". Or, even worse, not having a job. Stressing. Stressing. Where's the f-ing money going to come from????
Buddy- I hear you-
Trust me.
And why are you a liar? Is this story even true?

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