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Posted by lilbit at March 31, 2012
Tags: Alcohol  Childhood  2012 March

I was around 4 when I was molested by my brother and then he brought his best friend along. Then my aunts boyfriend came along a few yrs later. When I was 11 my parents split and dad got a girlfriend who's father thought it was ok to mess with me(did i have a sign on my head that said "easy"). At 12 I started drinking ALOT and letting men use me so I felt loved.I was with men twice my age trying to fill a void but it's still there. I am now 37 and still can't stop drinking but someday I hope... After suicide attempts and my brother killing himself, I think that I may get over this.... someday


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By anonymous at 31,Mar,12 13:20

not really that bad? Seriously? Anyway, You need to put a stop to your alcohol addiction before it really gets worse and comes to a head. Have you tried counseling before? I'd suggest one for you sounds to me you badly need it. You'll be fine if you steer clear of anything that addles the mind. Good Luck.
By at 31,Mar,12 16:03

comes to a HEAD????? that was pretty bad suggesting that to someone who ran trains for the neighborhood kids
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 05:32

You, alan, are a fucking dumb asshole. Stop trolling and go busy yourself being the head vacuum guy. If you get exhausted and bored, suck the vacuum hose then shove it up your ass while beating your meat like crazy at the same time. What ya think?lol

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 10:44

i suggest calling a rape crisis center; the dc rape crisis center is a good one, just google them, they have a 24 hour hotline with trained counselors. Also RAINN has online counseling for free. You need to learn strategies to process what happened to you in a healthy manner. These people are there to help and to listen.

By Cursed at 01,Apr,12 13:03

Dear Libit-
Awe sweetie, I am so sorry to hear of your troubling past... Unfortunately all that pent up hurt and anger isn't going to disappear. I'd wager that drinking is your coping mechanism- and what you really need is therapy. Undoubtedly, you know this-
You don't have the power to change the past, but you DO have the power to change your future. Try to find help- talking can do wonders. Get things off your chest, come to terms with your hurt, and live a happier life.
Don't try to stop drinking on your own. Find support- AA, friends that don't drink, family. Trying to stop on your own- will be a tough battle and it's too easy to fall off the wagon when only YOU know that your on it!
Good luck kid-
You're young, change your life for the better-

By at 14,Apr,12 00:51

ur not alone many ppl get molested unfortunatley but long story short we can talk if u want i been thru some bad stuff too

By anonymous at 02,Jun,13 18:53

YES!! Best advice I've ever heard. I'm almost in tears. Plz take this advice young man. I pray that you do.

By Air Max LTD at 19,Mar,15 18:06


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