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I don't think I understand the real purpose of life

Posted by Undefined at March 31, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 March

I am trying to find if someone in this world think the same way as me.
I do not like to live in this world as a human being. I found everything in this world is too annoying, especially the emotional side. I truly believed that I will be way much more happy living as anything else but human being.

I have mom, dad and brother, however, we have no communication at all. I donít like to talk much, and my family thinks that I am weird and rude not to share my thinking, and I guess as a return, they donít talk to me either.

I am well educated and doing really well at work, weird thing is that I am able to joke and keep a good relationship with colleague. Used to have a husband, not any more, again, hate to get into relationships as it hurt my feelings when bad things happened.

I know all these happened probably because I am a defective person. I blame no body but myself. Well, think about it, I guess it all started because those who decided to bring you to this world without asking for consentÖ. Seriously, I wish I never come to his world.

Anyways, good luck everyone.


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By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 08:36

The issue here is very clear: you are out of alignment with your emotions. You are a human and life is short; maybe in another life you will be something else and so good karma will help. Each day ask yourself: what can I do to be nice to another person? Even if others are mean and cruel, keep asking what can I do to be nice. Then sit and let yourself feel that. Ask what does that feel like and how do I feel? You will then realize that you are a good person and life is worth living. Then keep an eye out for other nice people to be friends with. Nice people need to stick together. Then you will be happy. Love, your friend T
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 13:58

Thanks T, I appreciated the comments, they are very helpful.
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 22:38

also, consider going to youtube and put in Tony Robbins; watch his videos and they might help.
By anonymous at 12,May,12 09:11 Fold Up

Firstly I worry about you thinking you are a defective person , man this is SO wrong , truth is our society gives very little support to those who care/have feelings . It's all geared towards competition with each other as opposed to sharing.I worry about the society we live in , I spent 5 years living with Indigenous folks and it was frigging fantastic finding it hard to readjust to this world which seems to be based on who owns what . Yes nice people need to stick together , long live humaness...good luck to you !

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 08:38

you're not alone, there are millions like you (and me)..
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 14:02

Yep, but I feel more sad because I know there are millions of people with unfortunate circumstances caused them to hate life, but for me, I am a very fortunate person and still not able to enjoy life.
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 14:08

The same was the problem with me. I had everything but never had a girlfriend, so I was depressed, but lately I have found what my real passion is, and I spend my time doing it peacefully. I suggest you to find out something you like to do the most, and then keep on doing it (for me its programming computers), you will be a lot more happier, trust me..
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 14:13

Ha ha... i know. I focus on my work a lot, I always tell myself my work is helping a lot of other people in this world (pharmaceutical). People used to laugh at me as I "worked too hard"! Well, as you say, it makes me happy. :-)
I appreciate your sharing.
By anonymous at 12,May,12 09:13 Fold Up

Yes I am fortunate but still not enjoying life , I think it's a spiritual disconnection ??

By anonymous at 29,Jan,13 09:26

I understand you perfectly. I have always felt that way. I don't enjoy life and I feel out of place in the world, and I really don't want to be here. I am angry with my parents for bringing me here without my consent. - M

By Jesslyn at 07,May,13 01:05

AFAIC that's the best anwesr so far!

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