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life is fast slow down or you will miss it.

Posted by gowilla at April 3, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Death

I keep trying to move on with my life as i have lost a family member or a friend to death every year for that last seven years the last couple have been multiple. not like ants or grand parents but cousins and friends in the 20's. one just got a cold that turned into hypothermia. Then his blood became septic and he past. another just did hart stopped dont know why. another o.d. on pills and booze ( was not suicide just dum). i have lost a few more then just them.
My Job life has been a joke tried to go to college but then bills piled and i was learning things that i would never use in the career choice that a made witch was diesel mechanics they wanted me to take algebra II. The hardest mathematical problem you would have to use is division. then you have to take history and other pointless classes when trying to learn a career. You also dont learn as much because all your money is spent on shit classes then your actual training. Its a joke this hole life we r told to live is a joke. Best school i have ever been too was uti but when you r done with everything it coast you 64k or more without heaving a place to live wile you r there. but no shit classes. life sucks because of arrangement pricks that r born into money dont understand what its like to try to better yourself without money. This country would have better advancement if they got strait to the point morale would be better this country would be better.


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