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The only alien on the planet

Posted by n0th1ng at April 10, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Sociopathy

I feel as if there is some sort of metaphysical wall between myself and others. I can't connect to other human beings. I constantly feel loneliness, alienation, detachment. It hurts, it hurts so bad sometimes - like tonight - that I can scarcely control the small sobs and tears from escaping.


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New Comment

By im a cry baby at 10,Apr,12 11:08

I feel for you girl, I have times, such as yestereday, that I could just not stop crying. Cant listen to music, cant watch tv that may make me cry, I am pathetic! My nose hurts sooo bad I would cut it off if I had the balls. I have tried suicide twice now, yet failed both times, funny GOD, huh. Feel free to contact me if you ever feel lonely, either here or at I try to check daily, but dont always. I never leave the house, so I gotta make contact somehow. Hope you feel better, we all have good and bad days. Wish I could help

By Truth at 10,Apr,12 13:25

I have to say, I think you're correct. There is a wall between you and everyone else, but I don't think I'd call it's more, hmm...odiferous. Your problem is your rancid B.O. that smells like 4 turds mixed with a gallon of campbell's chicken know, like what you smell on the New York Subway system. Plus, you mentioned that you're an alien, which can't help things much.

Being near you is like zipping yourself up in a sleeping bag with 9 raw white onions all sliced up...that's what brings up the tears and small now you know what it feels like to be around you, because those small tears and sobs are YOU smelling YOU!

Use soap and this should clear things up.

By anonymous at 10,Apr,12 15:16

he is my suggestion. go to the mall, do so people watching. find someone you may be attracted to and approach them. try to start up a conversioin with them....the worst thing is they turn you dokwn. So what. keep trying ,some one is out there for you. this will also give more interaction with people... make a game of it, take a friend with you. I've done it it;s kind of fun

By anonymous at 10,Apr,12 17:15

human being is weird. But, if you watch them closely, it's actually pretty funny. You are not alone, a lot of people like you out there. Once you understand why you are like this, you won't feel "lonely" anymore.
Don't try to be the same as others.

By anonymous at 10,Apr,12 22:48

CRy out to GOD---ask for everything you need and want he will make it happen I promise--not when you want it but when you need it most! Trust it works!!

By Pseudonymous Secret Unknown at 14,May,12 23:13

I share your pain of being alone like there isn't a connection between you and the world. It hurts dosent it? I'm sorry I really am and I wish the best for you
-ur friend PSU

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