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untitled story

Posted by Beauty at April 13, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Loneliness

I have always been alone and made fun of since i was a kid, i am now 20 years old enrolled in college and i get made fun of in my face. I am not and will never be the one to judge anyone i keep my opinions to myself. It really hurts me me that people do this, for so many years i have just had only myself no friends and never no lovers, I feel like i like solitude and sometimes it kills me. I feel that i have just accepted being depressed and even though i know I am a beautiful girl, dress pretty, have nice personality, kind and everything good and sweet i have nothing at all. I have lived in prolonged sadness...i have everything i have it all but my spirit has been severely crushed by all the mean things people have said to me. I believed i was a princess now i don't have anything to believe in.


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By dee at 13,Apr,12 09:20

I am sorry kids made fun of you at school. I had that happen to. I wish people could understand from the childs persepective, the one who was made fun of, how horribly depressing that is. How it goes with you for the rest of your life.Hugs.

By anonymous at 13,Apr,12 11:43

I fellike ur post is like the mirror image of my life.
Just hang in there
I am seeing a counsellor - you should me its never too late to learn.
ur still 20.
Im 23.
DOnt waste ur years, and fuck every1 who made fun of you.
DO not waste ur braincells (which ur losing every minute) to think abt those ppl.

By Truth at 13,Apr,12 12:49

Well Princess wart acne, maybe the problem here is that you have distorted body image syndrome. You know, like when really skinny chicks see themselves in the mirror as hideous blue whales so they make themselves vomit up the rice cake they ate 2 weeks ago for dinner. It's like that, except you see a beautiful girl who dresses nicely and has a nice personality.

Well...maybe the thing is, you really are a hideous blue whale who dresses like chaz bono so that's why people make fun of you? Also, if no one talks to you how the fuck do you know you have a nice personality? Maybe you're really cunty to people and that's why they get put off.

I dunno, it seems to me like maybe you need to get a new mirror...yours is malfunctioning. I had a p[inball machine once like that...if it had a malfunction, the synthesized voice would tell you, except for some reason back then you couldn't synthesize the "m" it was like ALFUNCTION..ALFUNCTION!
I think that's what your mirror is like.
By anonymous at 13,Apr,12 20:50

You are a miserable person who criticizes others to make yourself feel better. Do the world a favour and crawl into a hole and die. If I ever met you in person I would send you to the hospital. You are in no position to comment on her looks, you dont even know her. Fuck you you waste of life. kill yourself so you stop breathing my air.
By at 14,Apr,12 00:23

It's amazing how the people who complain about being bullied somehow lash out and judge other people with hating comments once they have the opportunity. As much as truth is an asshole and without a doubt the most resented character in this site :D , yet he managed to bring out the darker side of the so-called ''caring/loving and all around good victim disguise'' people wear just to get some sympathy.
Let's face it, people are all alike one way or the other, it's called human nature. The fact that you get bullied doesn't necessarily prove that you are a better person. It just shows how much weaker you are than the bully himself.
Yet another good job to you my asshole friend truth. Teaching the world the principles of life through synical and vulgar yet funny comments. (clap,calp,clap)
By at 14,Apr,12 00:32

I know I misspell alot of words while I type quickly, like cynical, so don't bother playing the ignorant retard card.
Peace :D
By Truth at 14,Apr,12 02:29 Fold Up

Fuck you right in the left eye Dood. Well, not in the left one, since you seem to have more than 8 fucking brain cells working, but in the right eye, since it's a proven fact no one needs their right eye because we are only sensitive to fat ass ugly roach cunts in that eye. The left eye only sees beauty.

By at 16,Apr,12 00:08

That wa sabsolutely pointless, all I can say is that it was a compliment , but to argue with you on this post is literally similar ot arguing with a person with down-syndrome, you get to say whatever you want and whether win or lose, you're a bigger retard cuz you're arguing with an actual retard.
So forgive me for giving a shit :D
By anonymous at 14,Apr,12 02:49 Fold Up

i was a bully at school myself... used to beat up/make fun of/strangle others for fun... now im all grown up and i can really say that it was all my problems and insecurities... becouse you see, strong people help others, those in hard moments and those who are weaker... and only the weak need something like bullying to give them hope that theyre not weak... anybody, ANYBODY can go to the gym, lift some weights and do some martial arts, eat some more meat and get bigger and stronger and start kicking others asses... this is not that hard, the hard thing is staying human in this cruel world... these are the words of a guy who beat up like tens of people... idk maybe 50-100 kids suffered my bullying... all i can say is I WAS WEAK, NOT THEM... at years 16-17 i used to take steroids and do alot of sports, i was a big ass motherfucker and a mad one at that!
By anonymous at 14,Apr,12 13:13 Fold Up

Stop acting like you knew everything, you smart-ass. You have no idea how being bulied at school feels like so better shut your fuckin' mouth. The OP needs no sympathy from you anyway and if you're not going to give some, just fuck off. You might as well take a gun and shoot the fuck out of truth first then yourself next.
By Truth at 14,Apr,12 02:31 Fold Up

The only air you breathe is frog fart air, You can die from this. One can only hope.

By anonymous at 13,Apr,12 13:10

heard that saying, 'If you repeat a LIE ten times, you start taking it as the truth' .
and Imagine people with their nasty comments have brainwashed you your entire life, what confidence will that leave ? And Its not your fault, you were probably very innocent.

I think the main thing thats most lacking in you is self-confidence.
when somebody makes fun of you, and if it bothers you, retaliate, dont HIT them lol,but dont sit quiet, stand up for yourself and your self respect

the world is filled with Haters and Critics...
You just have to DEVELOP that 'I dont give a damn'[if you dont like me] attitude

Listen to Christina Aguilers's 'Fighter','Beautiful'and 'The voice within'

and honey YOU ARE A PRINCESS..*hugs*
By anonymous at 14,Apr,12 00:26

What a fagget,...

By anonymous at 13,Apr,12 14:57

Why does a smart girl like you even let the haters pull her down?!? Baby, just like the comment above states... the world is full of critics... THIS IS grown up peoples life, everybody trying to spit on you but you always keep on going forward, to your destination, you know who you are, GOD knows you, and thats a whole army now!... im a guy, 21, and i think (if you were honest) you sound nice! and if you really holding on, you know, not hanging out with just anybody, not fucking any random guys just to get somebody close, so who could say you are weak?!? looks like you doing the right thing, your thinking is good, the hardships WILL pass, i guarantee you that! one day you gonna be laughing at yourself and thinking how funny and cute you will go on... new, bigger problems will arise... you know im also a lonely male, never had any serious relationship with girls, and that gets me down too, but, for example, reading your story makes me feel strong, makes me want to do bigger things, cuz if there still are girls like you out there, it means i still got a shot at love and it rejuvenates me...

dont listen to those suckas and bitches, its just the fact that theres more of them and they feel insecure about themselves so they use the old tactic of "the best defense is a good offense", weak people bully others, remember that!

you know life is hard for everybody, sometimes i think im gonna crack too, today i almost did, but coming here to this website and reading about other people, specially girls, facing the same shit as me... makes me forget about myself you know... fuck that shit, its all good for me! BUT SOMEWHERE MY FUTURE WIFE IS HAVING A HARD TIME AND IM NOT THERE FOR HER, and that my friends, FUCKING SUCKS!

dont know what to say... have faith in God, He does have a plan for you!!! and the punks around you are not men, wait till God sends you your special someone, so that you could be strong together... and in the waiting process be good and nice to God!

By at 13,Apr,12 15:28

do you have big tits?
By anonymous at 14,Apr,12 16:24

Me, a big teeth and i'm going to bite all your fingers so you can no longer type impertinent comment such as that

By anonymous at 13,Apr,12 16:50

LOL todays my birthday, I went to work and I am home alone.. All my life I been through what you been through. Im 21 btw.. lol Thought Id have a crazy birthday. Well life does suck alot!! Feel free to ask my anything if you need advice.

By anonymous at 14,Apr,12 00:10

i suggest u look at the possitives and read the other abuse stories and try to see the silver lining cause honestly dont wanna make it seem like im belittlein what u feel but thank god for being able to walk talk ppl take that for granted u knw others would kill to switch places with u

By anonymous at 14,Apr,12 18:05

you are a princess ,god loves you and think about the ones who have no feet and arms.

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 15:50

You need Jesus, only he can fill the void in your heart!

By anonymous at 19,Apr,12 15:56


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