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A failed life headed into the abyss of irrelevancy

Posted by anonymous at April 14, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Attitude  Family

I'm the same place I've been for the last 32 years, in my parents basement with the only two friends I've ever had: X-box and laptop. I was a loner all throughout school, never had any friends all the way through high school. Was chubby and overweight all my life, and during that time I heard every fat joke in the book. Now at nearly 520 lbs, the only activities left that I have the capacity for are rolling over in my bed and the occasional trip to the bathroom/shower which is always a putrid event. Didn't dare go to college. Never had a job. If I had to fill out a job application, I'd be done after I put down my name and the date. I've tried to eat my misery away, which is about the only pleasure I have access to, and its gotten to where I'm so large I can barely make it up the stairs to see my parents(major social event), both of who are also fat slobs, but at least my dad can squeeze into a vehicle long enough to go get groceries. I'm so limited in my movement that I can't bathe myself like I used to and consequently my big ass mother said the stench is getting harder to tolerate so she asked me to limit my trips upstairs to when she isn't around. I can't stop eating, its all I have to look forward to...other than death. I'm a failed genetic experiment between two fat slobs and I'm headed nowhere. I will land with a thud. F all of your pathetic responses, they can't and won't help me.


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New Comment

By at 14,Apr,12 20:34

Hey, if u read this reply ok? Btw i also had much misery. here is what u should do. in the next 3 years u should starve ure self and once u loose the weight go to doctor to make surgery to cut off excess skin. then u start goin to gym and become handsome. and ure life starts to become beautifull.. i was 560 lbs fat sack and 33 years old now im 37 and 180 lbs w abbs and a girl. Do what i said right NOW !
By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 14:38

You can do it too man! Start the transformation!
By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 14:05 Fold Up

I don't know if I can. Mentally I'm too far gone. Too addicted, too depresssed, too far behind.

By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 00:39

Jesus Christ this makes my problems sound easy. Food is a drug addiction for some people. You need surgery. Insurance should cover some of the gastric bypass, which is what you need.

By Truth at 15,Apr,12 00:49

You fat fucking land whale. I hate you, but more than that I hate the people who feed you like a bloated finless goldfish you pathetic piece of human shit. You're among the weakest sort of gnat turds out there...the ones who can't figure out that maybe they ought to STOP FUCKING EATING when they shit their own bed 3 times a day and get red raw ass. You stink like the foul explosive diarrhea of the devil with maggots on it eating the only good stuff left.

I can help your fat ass shit blubber problem. All it will take is one punch to your corpulent fish face motherfucking trout mouth and you won't be able to take anything but fluids for 6 months. I guarantee you'll lose 100 lbs and be able to get back into the ocean to rejoin your puss belly shitwalruses over at the wharf.

Holy shit I'd like to kill you, but you're already doing it for me, fagwhale.
By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 12:53

Just because your a sad weak dispensable little pussy sitting behind the protection of a monitor doesn't mean you have to share your sad, sorry, pathetic, grammatically wrong insults with everyone else. Thank you.
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 18:45 Fold Up

+1. Well, we're all fucked anyway.

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