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Do you ever feel extreme sadness, when nothing is wrong?

Posted by none at April 16, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Attitude  Philosophical

This is my first time on this site. I've read a little of others' articles. Although I won't completely understand your situations on this site (since I haven't walked in your shoes), a lot of your emotions and feelings I do understand. Sadness, Depression, Loneliness, etc...

I've started writing in a journal. I write down all the feelings I have when I enter those dark places and what I feel causes them. However, the many pages I have scribbled through frantically only leaves me more confused on what actually causes those feelings or how to fix them.

I know that nobody is happy all the time, but I can't stand the overwhelming feeling of hating my life and occasionally wanting to end it. My life may not be perfect (no ones' life is), but I don't have any major life problems or health concerns... So if nothing is wrong or there is nothing that needs to be fixed, then why do I constantly feel like I can't go on.

I have done blood tests to check for hormone imbalance (since that can cause depression), however everything came back fine... So I am back to square one. If I have nothing that needs to be fixed (in life or in health), then why do I wish I was dead? These emotions of sadness, depression, loneliness, and occasional suicidal thoughts seem unwarranted for my situation, however this is how I feel.

If anyone has ever felt this way or experienced these feelings, please respond and let me know how you got better.

If you are simply on this site to bash others' feelings, articles, or situations: then please remember that unkind words are unwelcome and find something better to do with your time.

Thank you.


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New Comment

By Jaden at 16,Apr,12 20:24

I'm sorry to hear that. I don't understand entirely because my depression-related problems do have a cause. But, I do have a friend who, like you, has depression but no clear cause behind it. He struggles a lot with it and someties feel guilty because he says "there's no reason, some people actually have a reason". I always reassure him that he should never feel guilty for his emotions or thoughts.
I'll say something similar to you: when there's no clear reason it can be even more difficult because you don't know how to go about dealing with it. But, try your best not to distance yourself or put yourself down (which can be hard). Don't ignore your feelings but try to focus on the positive and find at least person to confide in. If an everyday situation makes you spiral down (a falling out with friends/family, falling behind at school) just stop, breathe and think "why am I upset? I can get through this."

Good luck :)

By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 22:15

I just googled I hate my life and got your comments. I feel the same way. Thank you for expressing this. I have no answer. I just know I am sad and feel like I do not belong anywhere anymore.

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 00:40

Go out with your friends one night and have fun. Get into something that you've always loved to do. You seem smart and nice so i bet you got lots of friends to spend quality time with. I'm not so good at words but hopefully my little, anonymous advice helps somehow. Good luck. :)

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 01:26

I can relate to all of you and finding your comments come as somewhat of a relief. It's nice to know there are others who feel the same way I do.

I don't always hate my life, but most of the time I do. I envy those who always see the positive in things, because I feel like we are surrounded by so many negatives. It feels overwhelming at times.

Most will say I am lucky to have a full-time job, which I understand, but the truth is I hate the concept of work. There is nothing I hate more in this world than the idea of the rat race, climbing the corporate ladder, etc.

I hate that people are defined by their jobs, but moreover, I hate how much time we spend working. We are given one life -- a short life at that. What a waste of time to spend 50 years of it working! By the time we are retired and able to do as we please, our youth is long gone. Who decided this type of lifestyle would become the norm?

I work in a field that I love, and I still have a deep hatred for work. This leads me to believe it's impossible for me to be happy at any job.

I don't really know what to do. I am super lonely, as meeting people seems next to impossible nowadays. I've tried online dating but people are so flaky it's pretty much a joke. I have friends but spend so much time working that I often miss out on activities during the week.

I want to travel and see the world but I don't have enough money, and don't want to be far away from my family for an extended period of time, as my parents are getting older. I hate my roommates but can't afford to live on my own (I live in Brooklyn, NY).

Does anyone share these exact feelings? If so, how do you cope? I'm not suicidal, but once in a great while I will wonder how my death would affect my friends and family.
By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 05:37

You hate the concept of work bec. you're super lazy and probably would love to spend more time in bed sleeping?

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 07:12

There are two obvious things that you dont need me too mention i will though one medication for your mental state you might only need the meds too bridge the gap.Then some form of therapy too helkp with those feelings.I must emphazise that thats all they are feelings dosent mean there right finding ways of understanding and accepting them as so.The one last thing i'll say is when they come and they start working there way up to your mind find or use the tools you hopefully have learned from some sort of therapy and push those demons right on down your body and out.Good luck young lady

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 07:34

I appreciate the feedback. I am certainly not lazy and resent that you would say that without knowing my work ethic from a hole in the wall. A major pet peeve of mine is laziness. Is it so wrong to not want to work so I can enjoy my life?

Also, I am male not female.

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 07:56

hey jaden i misread something commented about bein a lady sorry meant no disrespect

By anonymous at 29,May,12 10:26

i too become extremely sad at the drop of a hat, however i become very sad almost to tears when i see a dear, dead by the side of the road. or a fish that is being reeled in after being hooked or even the killing of a spider. all of these things no matter how big or small or insignificant i have extreme saddness when i see these things

By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 12:11

About the dead animals - I also cry when I see a dead animal - part of it may be fear, but maybe some of us are just wired differently - I assume everyone feels this way but instead most people just giggle at me if they see me do this. It may be personality or I may have learned this empathy really early - my mind goes through immediate feelings of loss, suffering and futility. I can physically feel it and I don't even think I'm that warm a person because the reaction is very personal and make me want to flee life instead of help the world (which is what I guiltily think I should do. An example of learning empathy early is that I remember my mother helping me worry if my stuffed animals were breathing if I had carelessly thrown them down (I'd need to set them upright). I do think that I was a perfect match to her training because I took to this idea very easily. Now, as an adult I feel incapable of helping or loving as much as I think I should and so I wish I could die to be finished with the responsibility of helping the world. I help my small piece of the world, but I have so much anxiety that when I think about all I should do, I just cry. I absolutely have no reason to feel so sad (my life is fine). Sure, I've had my share of loss, but nothing that anyone else hasn't or won't experience. I'm thinking that maybe the thing I need the most and possibly what the poster needs is to know that there are a few of us out there and we may not be able to help the way we feel and in fact, we might be considered normal in our way. Our goal is to stay alive and hang in there and forgive ourselves for our sadness and guilt. We are a force and belong in this world as much as anyone - so I'm going to pick myself up from my computer and continue on with my day knowing that down deep life is just an opportunity to experience - our souls are just as valid as those of perky, cheerful, heavily accomplished people - if I want to nap or watch a marathon and cry, its okay. We are out there and we count too.

By anonymous at 04,Mar,13 16:56

I've had times where I felt like something was wrong, when in reality everything was just fine. Problem is, the mind is a very, very powerful thing. I think I got to the point where I truly convinced myself that something was wrong, when indeed nothing was wrong. I tried a trick instead and here it is: I started telling myself that nothing is wrong. You wouldn't believe how good it feels the 1st time that you tell yourself that. Sure, there are imperfections to life, and when we need to, we spend time dealing with the complexities of life. Problematic situations arise, and we just have to deal with them. I'm doing my best to not push things aside and away as I have done in the past, and confront problematic situations head-on when they come up. Nothing is perfect, mind you, and sometimes I'm still a bit thickheaded to realize that nothing will ever be perfect. If you're doing your best, isn't all that matters?

By anonymous at 25,Apr,13 18:37

I feel depressed all the time too for no reason. I just got married, have good job love my life in general but if I dont keep busy I start to think about how sad I am. My doctor mentioned it could be bc of my health issuers are messing with me. I have anemia (low iron) and vitamin deficiencies. Maybe u are low on vitamin b or something. I just started taking multi vitamins I will let u know if it makes me feel better.

By anonymous at 11,Sep,13 15:29

Yeah I feel that way very often, but let me be clear first. I'am 65 as of this year been through countless jobs major companies that went belly up, Vietnam war, US Navy, 3 marriages , 4 nice homes that are gone now,no friends , most are dead, no relationships at all, tried church, faith doesn't equal facts. So my last effort to achieve happiness was to put my faith in life everlasting with the invisible man upstairs. Have been doing all the research I can to come up with positive proof that we all go to that big mansion in the sky when we leave this planet . Sorry folks that's just absolute non-sense. Example: a person goes & murders someone, how's to prison for life while he's in there he excepts, repents , that the big J die for his sins, he goes to heaven. Another man a good person, raises his children, true to his wife , but he just doesn't believe the stories written by men who pretty much lived in caves & thought the earth was flat. He goes to hell to be tortoured for ever. Fact check there's billions that will also go with him. My hope is 5000, years from now when we stop killing each other over whose god is real we all can be productive humans & I predict some people at that time will find in the archives that were some really stupid people, for me I would love to be there than here. O by the way the god that most people worship created the devil (satan) then decided to let him mess with us, it's the biggest bunch of crap on the planet. George Carlon was right. Good luck to all , your gonna need it.

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