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Posted by Ki-Kun at April 18, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Loneliness

For the last year, I've had some hard times, times that have made me feel very lonely and isolated from the rest of the world. A year ago I attend a University with my best friend of eight years. We both chose the same school because it was a place where we 'both' wanted to go, we wanted to be with each other. After the first term of attending that school, I had to leave become of finical hardship. My friend though had the money to attend, so she planned to finish the year there, then go to the university of our hometown, that I would now, once again, be living in.
When I left to go back to my hometown, we promised that we would keep in contact no matter what, we were best friends. But as the year continued, it seemed she had less and less time for me. Soon talking everyday turned into every other day, and then it has gotten to the point where I barely get to talk to her for more than a hour a week. At first I figured this was big transition for her, me being gone, I assumed that she was trying to form new friendships, and I understood that I didn't want her to be alone. So I tried my hardest not to be offended, I felt that once she got settled in, that our communication would naturally pickup once again. That though was hopeful thinking, lately I've noticed she only talks to me if all her other friends are busy. I don't know, it just makes me feel unimportant anymore, she once would take time to just talk with me, but now I feel she doesn't. And when we do talk, she always leaves in the middle of the conversation to do something else. It really frustrates me, she sees these people everyday, talks to them everyday.....and she never sees be because of the distance, so talking is our only form of communication....and now she doesn't even take the time to do that, for a person she claims to be her 'best friend'.
This has just has made my life really difficult right now, in my hometown I never had many friends, I was just her and I. and now a year and half has passed by and I still don't have any friends in my home town. I go to the local community college, but I feel it's hard to make friends in at my community college, since a lot of the people are more focused on school rather than friends. Basically all I have going in my life is school....and nothing else. I have no friends here, and the only true friend I have doesn't talk to me anymore. I thought that all the problems with my friend would get better by now. I thought she would have noticed how lonely I must feel.
And none of this is her just sucks to be in a such a low point in my life, and then have no one to talk to. I've been trying so hard to fix my situation, but right social life isn't getting any better.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 00:50

just be thankful that u wernt married and had your wife do this to u like i did leaving u with 3 kidss a house payment and 20 g in dept.

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 01:11

u're gonna be just fine.. the future holds a lot of positive forces..

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 02:57

I can understand your suffering. Because I have been abandon by my so called friends for two times. So, I can tell you. The girl who have left you is not your real friend. Your friends are that kind of person who can help you and make time for you nomatter who you are. So, left that girl and find some now friens is your best choice. If you cannot, at least you can chat with me in this website. Remember, you are not alone at all. At least you have parents to take care, that is your duty and your reason to be okay.

By jimmy at 18,Apr,12 06:54

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By Rose at 18,Apr,12 06:58

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By Justin at 18,Apr,12 06:59


By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 10:54

You haven't lost a friend, she lost you.

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 22:20

Find new friends? Is that not an option? Most friends after high school lose contact, I dnt think there's such thing as beig friends since high school till the day you die. Find new friends and let her live her life and you live yours. Ur in college alot of ppl are by themselves like you are it's easy to find new friends. That's how I was I went to a college by myself I didn't no anyone so I HAD too find new friends so just talk to ppl around you. Again forget about ur old friend, gotta move on. Talk to ur classmates see if they wanna do homework together. Guys are alot nicer then girls, ask a guy classmate if he wants to start a study group 100% yes. I'm telling you try it. Post comment on ur updated statues!

By Ann at 05,Sep,12 20:59

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