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fucking hate my life

Posted by Shrek at April 18, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Attitude  Family

I fucking hate my life.I am 28 yrs old and recently got divorced.I hate my fucking x husband. I don't have any job and living with my parents.Every fucking day they will say mean things to me just cause im staying with them and cant afford myself.I applied 100 places and no luck so far.Im so damn depressed.All my friends are happily married. I feel like a fucking loser.Went back to school again but failing my classes badly. I cant concentrate on my studies. I need a job badly. I don't have a bf.No one likes me cause im so ugly looking. Every freaking guy likes some fucking models!!! I just want to end my life.I don't want to live in this mean and cruel world.Its pointless staying here where no one cares.If you are pretty and got money people will only value you.Other wise you don't even exist in this world.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 09:35

yes , If you are pretty and got money people will only value you

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 13:38

The world is a vampire. People live to stimulate the reward centers in their brain. They will stop at nothing to satisfy themselves. The ends justify the means. No morality, no truth...just pleasure, lust, greed and finally withdrawal, which will lead to violence. The advancement of technology has wrought a dead earth.

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 19:32

My heart goes out to you sister. Im a 2 years older than you and my life isnt any better than yours but know that there is hope and that's JESUS CHRIST.
I know that no one can understand how you must be feeling beCAUSE we dont always fit the same shoes but know that YOU are beautiful and money does not validated who you are as a person. IF you are a woman of heart and kindness you should never have to let anyone steal that truth about you. People are cruel and sometimes it is our very own loved ones who are bringing us pain but we must remember WE ALL sins and we have no control of others but ourselves. WE have the choices how to react and deal with the problems. I know easier said than done but just know you are never alone. There are others who has it worse than us.
I'll pray for you. GOd Bless.

By Cursed at 19,Apr,12 13:42

Hi Shrek-
Break-ups for most people are just shitty... no matter what- whether it's a divorce or just a boyfriend/girlfriend, being abandoned by the person you love, just plain SUCKS! It's going to take some time honey- Right now, this divorce is probably like a festering wound? Everytime you turn around, you're constantly reminded of the love you lost? But trust me, the only thing that will make the hurt go away, other than anti-depressants, is TIME. If you can find things that once made you happy- before you met the man of your dreams- try delving into them...
You've got to stay busy- if you're not out there beating the street to find work, then volunteer, or perhaps find an internship doing something you'd enjoy? DO NOT sit around feeling sorry for your situation. It's hard- I know. BUT- you've got to pull yourself out of the SLUMP your in.... There must be something that you would enjoy doing for work? What is it? Who can teach you the skills you need to do it? Your young, and you've got a good life ahead of you. And don't worry, when you are happy, another boy will come along... But if you're not happy with yourself, you are not going to be happy with anyone else right now-
Been there-
Good luck- TRY (it's hard) to change- and be positive!

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 19:42

Yes, it's hard to go back to live with parents after a divorce. It's like you a kid again. You can't have been beaten with the ugly stick too bad cause you were married once. First things first you gotta get back on your feet. You need your own space. You need a source of income. No decent guy is attracted to a women who is sucking the hind tit so to speak. If you do these things and develope some pride, then worry about meeting someone if that is important to you. Once you develope a little self pride from your small victories, it shows, other people pick up on optimism rather than a negative vib where your pissed at the world cause no body likes me everybody hates me I'm gonna eat some worms. Bottom line is you have to do something, suicide is a permanent solution to this temporary problem, so not suggested, it won't fix itself you must take on this challenge in baby stps if you have too. In the end...a few years from now you will look back on this as a Life learning experience.

By anonymous at 28,Apr,12 09:21

I'm fucking depressed cos my mums sick and could possibly only have a year to live, I love her so much & there's nothing I can do to help her!! Feel so useless.. To make matters worse I've caught my partner chatting to some girl on his bb about how much they miss each other, seems like their having a relationship behind my back.. I'm getting tired of his lies & I really need to be concentrating on my mum not him.. Yesterday my sister took me to the hospital because I was three weeks late & started bleeding yesterday... I can't even get pregnant, my partner doesn't love me & I'm losing the biggest love of my life my mum... I have no one talk to about the way I feel.. Tried to open up to my partner but his a lire so I don't feel comfortable talking to him an I don't want to show my family I can't hold it together... I miss my grandad so much, he was the only man in my life to truly care an listen to me.

By anonymous at 28,Apr,12 09:39

I'm so angry I need to lash out... My partner & I are arguing anyway so Im just letting it all rip... This isn't the first time his been caught doing shit behind my back.. But he always has a way of weaselling his way out of it!! There's never a 100% proof of him doing anything & he would make up stories anyway... I've tried so hard with him in our relationship, my family excepts him & his two kids... They always invite them to any event we have or go to without me having to ask.. But it's not the same on his side, he feels it's ok thats his friends or family don't invite me to their functions.. I adore the kids and treat them no different as my own family but I feel I'm still treated like an outsider no matter what I do... I just want to be free from all of this stress now... It shouldn't be so hard in a relationship

By anonymous at 09,Jun,12 12:11

I don't know why you don't just fucking kill yourself.

By anonymous at 19,Jun,12 18:04

i hope you take no notice of them bastards on here telling you to kill your self they are not in your boat they are just evil bastards who get off on misery. I know how you feel though i have to stop myself punching the walls every day because of depresion i split up with my wife and moved in my parents and my dad friggin hates me and makes it known every day. I live miles away from my daughter and that makes her cry so that makes me feel bad every second of every day I havent had a girlfriend for 3 years and allways feel so ugly i feel like i will never meet anyone but for my daughters sake i will go on and try to make things better for myself and my little angel and thats what keeps me going
No matter how bad things get for you no that there are more people out there who love you than people who dont
Heads up Shrek

By anonymous at 09,Jul,12 14:56

fuck... reading these stories helps me realize how nonfuckedup I am.. I'm sorry for being jerk...

By anonymous at 28,Jul,12 23:40

i highly doubt you are ugly, its just that men, which i happen to be one, are too focused out whats on the outside so to speak. i am sorry for all the pain your going through:/ i hope it gets better for you

By Humans suck! at 09,Aug,12 18:41

That's how human beings are. The value of how we see someone drastically changes from before. Humans are all about ME ME ME, never WE. I understand some men are jerks, but the same can go for women. If anything, place the blame on the human race because we're the worse species on Earth.
By anonymous at 03,Feb,13 13:01

you think you got wows i suffer from terrets i fuuuuccccckkkkiiinnnngg hate shit bastard cunt this world

By anonymous at 24,Sep,12 21:38

I feel the same way

By anonymous at 06,Oct,12 06:13

Life sucks rat balls. i fucking hate it myself

By anonymous at 18,Nov,12 14:58

At least you have a chance. I just lost the love of my life, she died oct 30, and now I'm a widow with three kid to raise. I live my kids but that's not the point, the point is she was my everything and now she's gone I'll never get to hold her see her or tell her how much i love her again. Yeah shit happens and it really fucking sucks, but you know what it can be a lot worse. And yes i know people say that all the time but its fucking true. I'm not going to tell you it will get better or any bull shit like that, cause it doesn't. Your life will only ever be what you make of it. What i will say is this, it could always be worse.

By anonymous at 16,Dec,12 22:35

my life sucks bad 2 i cant find a thermostat that will fit on my job and i cant spell buy a dildo or go out with jordan. xoxo

By anonymous at 06,May,13 17:27

I hate my husband. He is verbally abusive, and Will use deigrotary terms when I gave annoyed him. We have three year old daughter together. I work three days a week. He Will often say I am lazy, I just want to be with my daughter. He smokes weed and becomes very easily agitated

By anonymous at 20,Sep,13 18:54

Fuck this shit anyway tired of being alive in such a bullshit world. Its like being in a nightmare cult of stupid fyckin lemmings. I just want a chockolate and cyanide milkshake to go please. I hate what we have become as a society and whooo hooo. Cant wait for obama care to come a fuck up everything else. I wish my wife would find someone worthy of her rediculose ideas about life. I want to start walking and just vanish.

By crorkz linkz at 15,Jan,15 18:04

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By Camila at 10,Dec,15 16:33

Love those gorgeous faces. So, so sorry about your frined Cloudia, she certainly made the most of her short life. Not many people can say they had such a rewarding life and helped to many.

By anonymous at 25,Feb,17 02:47

I'm killing myself right now I'm 26 never had a girlfriend my entire life cause they would always tell me they don't want to be with anyone and then they lie cause they get with someone the same day I have no talent at anything I use to get picked on at school

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