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Posted by anonymous at September 10, 2009
Tags: Anger  Drinking  Family  September 2009  Society

I dont know what to do anymore..... My life sucks.
First off let me say that im currently a 17 year old male, I live with my mother and stepfather(who is actually my uncle) ill come back to that in a minute. Anyways we are being evacuted come next week, third time this FUCKING YEAR!!! The reason for this is both my mother and step father/uncle are alcoholics. Every pay check my, " STEP DAD", gets they both go straight to the bar that same day. They drink all night long, which eventually ends with my mom getting into a fight with my step dad and getting her ass beat. She still has bruises from the last time.
My Step Father is a ex con who is in turn my uncle from my dads side. So my mother left my dad for my uncle. Sounds pretty white trashy dont it? Anyways i have moved from four different high schools in the last three years. Theres a reason for this, at my original school i was beaten to a pulp by four of my class mates on the football team. Look it up its true. I had a broomstick snapped over my side and fractured three of my ribs. But thats just were my problems start after being in the hospital for three weeks i comeback and the school says i received the injurys from football!!! i know right? Then i rumor gets started that i was sadomized by the broomstick. That leads to me fighting a lot more and being kicked out. Which before i was scared of fighting but i was so angry and deppressed i dont give a shit. So i move to another school. Same story, everbody heres the rumor from my old school more fighting on my behalf. Same feelings as beforem,I go to another high school same thing eventually. I try to distract myself with sports but im to angry all the time. I cry alot before i go to sleep at night. I eventually give up on my grades and sports and I gain 30 pounds. I start partying, drinking ,and fighting. I cant stand to look at myself anymore. I think about my life alot now and think if i have had all this shit happen already what the fuck is going to happen later on? Im so scared of what the future holds for me, im lost on what to do. I wrote this here hoping it would help me vent some of my feeling but it just has made me sad. my life sucks.


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By anonymous at 27,Jun,10 01:42

fuck your life. Why not leave when you are 17 if you get consent from your parents you can leave. or get a free lawyer and get permission from a judge to leave b/c you live in a bad enviroment.
By anonymous at 19,Aug,10 06:54

you sir are a fucking tard do you really think for one second his alchoholic asshole parents would sign over custody get a brain you fucking dipshit i hope you get hit in the face really fucking hard by karma for this ass and btw free lawyers suck dick
By anonymous at 16,Apr,13 14:48

Um, it's called emancipation. Has fuck all to do with custody.

By at 03,Jul,10 16:10

By anonymous at 30,Jan,11 22:28

just because your a losser and a bouchedag, that dosent give you the right to bring this kid down to your leavle. you punk ass bitch!!!
By anonymous at 16,Apr,13 14:49

Right on, bouchbag!
By anonymous at 16,Apr,13 14:49

You too, bouchedag!

By anonymous at 27,Apr,11 23:35

Your mom was a whore to start fucking your dads brother!

By Manami at 04,Mar,13 20:33

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