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I Hate My Family

Posted by anonymous at June 19, 2010
Tags: Family  Health  2010 June  Society

My heart suddenly begins to hurt a lot at around 12 am. I beg my mom to give me a ride to the hospital. No. I beg my sister for a ride. No. I ask my sister for 15 dollars so I could cab since she makes that much money an hour. But no. I can't get a ride to the hospital. Ok, well fuck you family. I go see what little money I have left from working my ass off for 6 bucks an hour. I take a $20 bill. I call a cab. It's around 1 am. I arrive at the hospital relieved thinking I'll be fine and they'll make the pain go away. WRONG. Apparently since I'm a minor and alone I am not allowed to get treated for anything. So they tell me I have to go to childrens hospital. Oh ok then. Only problem is I spent 16 fucking dollars on a cab getting to a hospital that refuses to help me even though it could be a life threatening. So there I was sitting on the edge of a curb crying because my heart pain was so intense. Eventually I picked my pathetic ass up and dragged it over to childrens hospital which was a half hour fucking walk. I get there and they allow me in. They run some tests, get a couple x Rays and it turns out I have a serious heart condition. I'm not even 18 yet and I'm probably going to die in a few years.

Fuck life and everyone and everything in it.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Jun,10 12:04

how is dying early a bad thing? you are lucky, fag fag

the only problem may be the pain you are about to go through. rest is fine.

believe me, its better to die young.
By anonymous at 26,Sep,10 18:07

Your an ass.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,12 15:01 Fold Up

Fuck you cunt sucker

By anonymous at 25,Oct,11 16:08

God loves you dude, leave this horrible world and peace shall come
By from : lisa at 30,May,12 12:29

god doesn't exist god just doing a job. when i pray to god i believe him, he will hear my prayer for my grandfather and my uncle who was sick but he didn't hear my prayer so i think god is just words right?
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 22:12

no god does exist but its there time to leave this earth and go to heaven nobody lives forever
By anonymous at 07,Jul,12 15:08 Fold Up

Maybe the answer to ur prayer wasn't the one u wanted to hear. Divinity is real as the hardships you face.

By anonymous at 11,Jul,12 06:29

please do not give up; you are a beautiful person and your family is at a loss not to have known you. I know that it sucks big time knowing that you dont have long left, but make the most of it- live your life and do things that you never thought you could. I know that its hard, and I know that sometimes you just want to give up, but you shouldnt. Believe it- you are lucky. There are millions of people starving right now who would kill to be in your position. So please dont give up- you are amazing and beautiful and you have been given oppotunities. Life isnt meant to be easy, and your strength and determination shown in getting yourself to hospital is incredible. Smile- you are worth it.

By yuki (21) at 31,Jul,12 08:47

Well fuck your family.. seriously.. and fuck all the nasty abusive comments.. they might as well fuck themselves..

I can more or less relate to what your saying..
I don't think there's much you can do about your family..
and I don't see why you'd want to.. it will only result in more pain and frustration.. I don't think they'll change and try to understand you..

But don't give up on life.. Do the things you want.. and if you know when you'll die you don't have to worry about the future..

There's plenty of interesting things to do.. amazing people to meet opportunities to grow.
There might be volunteer or exchange programs you can take see the world, meet amazing people and change your perspective..

And seriously, why give a f*** about a family that doesn't give a f*** about you.. enjoy life.. if you'll ever want to come back or reconnect you can always do that later.. but right now I don't think you or your family will be able to..

Well have fun with live.. it can be quite liberating to know when you die if you take the right perspective :P

By anonymous at 17,Aug,12 09:15

Rahma is my name my mother she name me that name I like my family so so much I have five sister and two brother
my home is Poor I hate my life so so much because I can live only in any place I hope my family love me I love games to much because I hate to play with awash my sister

By anonymous at 17,Aug,12 09:21

my family is bed

By anonymous at 17,Aug,12 09:25

i am 11 yrs old, i have dealt with minor problems all my life from health, to horrible friends, mean spirited family and an alcoholic parent. To most people i am a strong, loving, hardworking,confident individual. But in reality i am not. My emotions run deep and hard. I find it hard to talk to people about negative feelngs because i am afraid of putting them down or hurting their feelings. Example, my best friend has disrespected me worse then anyone, but under the surcomtances i can not confront her and must hold my rage and pain in. Last night i desided to finally confront her, but her boyfriend came home before i had a chance. Because i didnt want to ruin her good time i retreated into my room and preceded to have a complete emotional break down. I hate my life because no matter how hard i try i can never justify putting my feeligs over another

By anonymous at 17,Aug,12 10:11

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