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43 and i live in a van.

Posted by janice at June 20, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Poverty

I am 43 years old, and I live in a van.. the van isnt so bad. it is the fact that I live in a van with 4 dogs, my beautiful husband; and i live in oklahoma... did I mention that it is the middle of summer... my daughter and her husband are in jail.. my 3 beautiful grandbabies are in dhs custody... but living with my son in laws father... i lost my job so I cant get my daughter out of jail.. my husband works 20 hours a day and we still cant make enough money to survive on.... my grandkids ask me all the time when moma is coming home... i have no more answers... i have no more hope... i have no idea what i have done in this life to deserve.. this hell that I am in... did I mention I am a college student to.... life sucks if your lucky you may have a few found moments of happiness then you die


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Jun,10 20:46

look janice.. i was about to troll post like i usually do here...

but IF your story is legit... then... you are in a hard situation there

but troll or not, you gotta get rid of the goddamn dogs.. you dont need them.. they can survive on their own in the streets
By anonymous at 04,Jul,10 12:19

By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 09:04 Fold Up

I agree. get rid of the dogs. ammoina from dog pee can cause really serious health problems, especially in children.

I dont see what wage at 20 hours a day could not get enough money for what you need. he has the wrong job. He is working hard, and he SHOULD be working for someone who will adequately compensate him for his work.

I know its hard to mentally get motivated, but if the van is doing ok, then i think the first step is getting your hubby a better job. use his info to fill out aps online, ask about job openings wherever you go. stay in the van, save money.
go to the grocery store instead of fast food- apples, bananas, cereal, nuts in the bulk food section, ect will provide more nutrition for you and the little ones. This will improve mood and cognitive functioning, as well as energy. Energy and a good outlook will help you and him get a job. it will save money too. and dont drive very far, if you can help it.

apply in other areas too, if okl is shot for job rates...

By anonymous at 22,Jun,10 22:35

You have four fucking dogs and can barely survive? You're stupid, that is why. I'll bet that van stinks more than a dogs ass too. How did you allow your lazy ass to get in this situation? Why are YOU not working? You got what you worked for.

By anonymous at 23,Jun,10 00:10

no money, no hope yet this bitch owns a computer and is posting this crap on the web. heres an idea... SELL THE FUCKING COMPUTER AND GO BUY SOME FOOD FOR YOU AND THE DOGS. 95% of the stories on this site are bogus.
By anonymous at 12,Apr,17 22:21


By anonymous at 25,Jun,10 08:15

A semi-literate college student? WTF? What are you majoring in?

By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 08:58

You want to make a lot of money? go into porn, its a multi-billion dollar industry, u will be rich.

By Thomas at 14,Sep,10 17:03

Janice i live a travel trailer wit two cats. I bought from a guy who did use it anymore lookm in the paper and see if some is selling a travel trailer or Motorhome not camer trailer or RV the have no bethroom like travel trailers and motorhomes do and youi may need to buy sime propane for the stove and hot water ant it has gauge to tell you when you need more

By anonymous at 03,Dec,10 18:19

Is it down by the river?
By anonymous at 26,Jan,11 00:10

that was my first thought too having just seen that skit for the second time on tgivng. nonetheless, i have no doubt my situation is even worse. i will not post it because i donot know how to post anon

By at 13,Jun,11 13:19

HHIS I should have tuhhogt of that!

By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 12:20

my dear friend
don't get rid of the dogs
sell them in a good place
or Kipp them for mating season and sell them with there puppy's
that way you can make more money and get rid of the dogs
and i have to tell you something
How did you allow your lazy ass to get in this situation??
and you own a for jobs
if your lazy ass husband cant make have to
you don't want you grand kids to go to another family
and your daughter to die in jail
so be smart or die like a stupid old bitch
By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 09:31

i really agree

By at 13,Sep,12 14:24

bullshit, the rich have nothing anaigst the middle class or the poor, we just dont want to pay for you. should just be 8.25% tax. if its sales tax, then just sales tax. there are so many taxes that alot of items get taxed more than once. everything that the government doesnt spend should be sent back to the tax payers, and the usgovernment shouldnt spend more than we give them in allowance. ta da! no debt!

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