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Hey, wanna buy this?

Posted by anonymous at April 22, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Environment

My neighborhood is crawling with pervs, black market resalers, drug dealers and more! The perfect place to live right? That's what my parents thought, thanks mom and dad -_-. For every year I've lived in this neighbor hood ,there has probably been to many robberys to count and so many police calls out the wazoo that no one cares any more I.E. last week my drug dealing neighbors stole someones dog off the side of the road then accused my family of calling the ops on them. Geez I know their not reall social but they should really have some faith in their neghbors, any way getting of topic. A while ago my house was robbed and someone stol the truck my hand made rosary that my godmother/step grandmother gave me for my first communion almost all the money we had and our credit cards if that dosent suck then I don't know what does thanks for reading leave a comment for some advice on what I sould do to get out of this hell hole (I'm not yet old enough to move out I'm a teen) I have taken running away to consideration but maybe u guys in computer land have better suggestions


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 11:32

When your 18 blow town. Military, school, work, etc. Get out of the negative rat hole. Make a plan, do it.
By Pseudonymous Secret Unknown at 23,Apr,12 23:19

Thanks ill try to survive that long if I cnt wait that lomg ill probable end up trying to run away again

By Cursed at 22,Apr,12 14:59

Dear friend-
Talk to your folks. See if they would be willing to put the house up for sale, and then as a family, move. If they are not willing to/or can't, then start a neighborhood watch- Try to improve your neighborhood with the help of other neighbors and the police- so you can run the "bad" guys outta town. Don't quit. Don't lose hope. Be strong, and find a solution on how to make your life and your family's life better!
Good luck-
By Pseudonymous Secret Unknown at 23,Apr,12 23:16

Thanks for the advice I've tried al lof that as soon as I read it but id didn't work thanks any way

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 19:30

go suck dick on the corner
By Pseudonymous Secret Unknown at 23,Apr,12 23:17

What is wrong with you

By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 12:24

I think your parents should not be talking talking to drug dealers and people who steal stuff. I am not from there but I imagine there are many people in those neighborhoods who do not need to deal with weekly stealings and drug dealers, I imagine your parents are in with the wrong crowd. If they are as bad as this, I would seek professional help and do as best as I could in my GPA and studies to to get out from this neighborhood. I agree with you, this is no way to be raised.

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