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Why me

Posted by Nino at April 24, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Failure

I'm thirty one living with my parents ever since. No job .depresion I don't remember the lastday I felt happy or good ab out my self. Eighty perrcent of my face is covered with deep acne scars iheve a really big nose big ears I don't have many friends whenever I do go I'm the one sitting by himself or in the darkest place so that people cafn't look at my face I do try to hide with some cream s but as soon as it gets hot or I start to sweat it begins to drip down and seems like I'm wearing some kind of make up I had been laught at so many times sometimes I wonder how woild it feel to be normal lookin its strange I've. Never ever shared how I feel with anyone hope ican relate to other people so I don't. Feel so alone thank u everyone


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By anonymous at 24,Apr,12 10:35

You are no doubt alot more handsome than you think you are. Even the best looking among us think they are ugly. It's a perception thing and I don't really understand it but when you look at other people just remember that probably all of them hate something about the way they look, whether it's their hair, teeth, weight, etc. Keep your chin up and smile and people will love you for being yourself.
By Willy at 25,Apr,12 09:10

No fucking shit please.
The guy is an ugly beast. Deal with it.

By anonymous at 24,Apr,12 10:56


By anonymous at 24,Apr,12 21:40

I feel so sad for you. You are so down on yourself and it really shows.
Are you getting treatment for your depression? I hope you are. It really can and does help if you get diagnosed properly.
Its akso possible that you have body dysmorphia, where you think you are too ugly to live a happy life. There is treatment for this that will enable you to see your imperfections in a more realistic light and learn to live with them instead of living in fear of them.
I know people who have deep acne scars and they dont allow it to dictate their lives. I must admit that I feel slightly sad for them having to deal with the scarring and I am softer and kinder towards them as a result.
I dont know how things work in your country but in the UK there is treatment for these scars. Its very expensive laser treatment but its extremely effective. If you have no income then you may be elligble to get your treatment free as its having a deep psycholigical impact on your life.
Im not saying you should change yourself but there are treatments out there should you decide to investigate.
It is also possible in my country to have ear surgery, again available free if it is causing emotional problems.
Regarding your nose!!!! Adrien Brody is one of the sexiest men alive and so is Dustin Hoffman!!! Take away their big noses and they would look totally different.
A lot of women, like me prefer a man who is has some slightly off features. I like man with big noses!!! I also like men with slightly crooked teeth. Pretty men are a turn off to me so you see there are lots of women who will think you are good looking.Just have a look on the net at how many beautiful women choose men with irregular features or who are sometimes downright ugly!!!
Theres an English actor I have fancied for years, Nathaniel Parker. I could nt believe it when I saw a picture of him with his wife.I know its a bit shallow of me but she has the biggest nose I have ever seen on a woman. Its obvious that he adores her and she obviously didnt let her huge conk hold her back from a successful acting career and bagging herself a gorgeous man!!!!
Im not taking any of your problems lightly. I just want to show you that it is possible to overcome your fears by surgery or acceptance.
Regarding the make up you wear. Dont wear it in the heat, just use a tiny bit in the winter and then maybe you can learn to face the world without it. People wont care. None of us are perfect.
There are lots of people who feel as you do. Just another tip for you, there is a professional product that you can buy over the net. Its silicone based and it actually fills in the acne scars to make them look more even and like normal skin.
Its waterproof and it wont melt in the heat.
It lasts all day. A work colleage uses it and hes asian and it works wonderfully for him.
Hes planning to have laser treatment but in the meantime this product relieves some of his self consciousness.
So you see there are various ways you can alleviate some of your anxieties.
Dont be too shy to talk to your doctor. A lot of blokes think its cissy to talk about their insecurities but the treatments are there to help you. Its your doctors job to help you make decisions about the route you want to take.
Dont hesitate. Its your life and your doctor will have met people like you many times before.
If you would like to email me its
Let me know how you get on. Please think about the things Ive said. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.

By anonymous at 25,Apr,12 00:12

You could stand on the corner and become a one man side show. Boil wound crater scars do attract women, and they could make you good money. About the ears if you look like a car driving down the street with both doors open, that's not a problem, some women state the size of a mans ears are directly in proportion with the size of his Chubb, I don't see any real problem here.

By david at 25,Apr,12 00:29

Try find a local vegan community. They generally are not very judgmental, and they feel for the physical well being of others. Personally I'm not a vegan (far from it, right wing fundamental christian) but I do think that you will be pleasantly surprised with what those little nut cases can do for health and community.

By anonymous at 25,Apr,12 00:55

Hey dude. You really shouldn't sweat over your looks so much. I mean, you're a dude, which means you don't have to be pretty. Just be confident in yourself, and you'll be surprised how positively people react toward you.

By Willy at 25,Apr,12 06:55

Hey you zitface! Just Imagining your horrible countenance makes me wanna puke---literally. May a bum splash phosporic acid on your face.

By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 22:16

Look buddy, life can be a sopping pile of sour shit, but there are days it can be beautiful. If you have a big cock you have nothing to worry about. I would say you do because with all your other rank raunchy deformed physical attributes that resemble the wrinkled purple ass of a Zimbabwean baboon with puss pockets, there must be something positive. In all bad there is good, in all good there is bad

By Yashpal at 30,Jun,12 12:05

I think using Clearpores and other surface tratement work temporarily. I used to have a lot of acne just like you (all over my body, not just my face) but I find that rubbing all those lotions and cleansers is too much trouble.Anyway, I came across a study that shows that people from other cultures that eat a good diet almost NEVER have acne even when they are going through puberty. But as soon as they changed their diets, acne started to flare up like crazy.What I did is to change my diet (no milk, no refined carbs, more fruits and vegetables, more whole grains) and also take a vitamin supplement. My acne breakouts much less now. I have the occassional pimple here and there, but it was a drastic improvement of what I used to have.

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