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Life and Money

Posted by Jake Mittens at April 30, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Money  Philosophical

I used tho think money is not important and happiness can be easy to get without it. I was wrong this world is a big social facebook social business world. money is the language to be part of this world. Or you be homeless and end up in homeless shelters, streets, or in jail. Money is only way to get food, water, shelter, clothing,etc. Money is power. Money is power over goods and services of this world. It is our lifeline in this world. Without it we be scrambling around to get it for our survival for air. Many governments, polititians, boards, military, businesses, actors/actresses, athletes, hospitals, doctors, police, construction store baggers, maintence workers, everyone including u and me need money or we be nowhere in life. Some have so much and many have average and most are dirt poor and will try in desperation to get it anyway possible. By lottery or casino, go to college, go pan handle, go start a new business, find job openings, or sell drugs or prostitute or other items, or scamming people or rob or even kill people etc. Money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is the TRUE illumanti of life.... people ignore the power or don't see it.. like I Do... it was given power ancient times when bartering became hard with just items and so government/kings/nobles gave power to paper and money is created... if u had lot of it u are wealthy and happy.... and other side if u have too little to nothing u are stressed and u will be short lived and try to find ways to get more to restore your happiness.... Money is what religion strong and build tall cathedrals and mosques and temples.. the pope has power with money...... money runs churches and its congrgation... bible is made out of logs of paper and has value of money shrines are built with gold value of money including statues.... Money Money Money is how to motivate to make someone to do something or to get something done. Money will have winners and losers in this world... world is a big cycle of supply (Earthly belongings and services) and demand (Money value)... Money is our GOD LOOOL LOL (Crazy Laugh) "_"


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New Comment

By anonymous at 02,May,12 04:05

Money isn't evil the love of money is I think capitalism is great when we had it before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 now the world is edging closer and closer to the precipice of supranational authoritarianism. It is a common misconception that we have a capitalist economy in the U.S. We have a corporatist socialist economy in the U.S. were giant multinational corporations get back door deals, tax breaks, and corporate welfare from the state and conspire with politicians to shut down small business and destroy the middle class. Even the so called liberals look into the people who funded Obama. The end result isn't money they already have most of it,its power to destroy the middle class using the so called "proletariat" or the welfare junkies and create a global two class society were the masses have been fooled to believe in the workers revolution and the .0001% live in absolute luxury.

By anonymous at 04,Jun,12 22:29

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By anonymous at 06,Jun,12 01:52

Among the most disturbing of mysteries are the facts of evil and suffering. I divide evil into three broad categories, natural evil, moral evil, and supernatural evil. For the last 18 years I have pondered this subject. What is the source, or origin, or cause of each of these three categories of evil? Some blame God, or the gods, and others blame the Devil, or devils, and demons, or fallen angels. Others blame human beings, and others blame nature, or the blind, impersonal, amoral forces of nature. In recent years, numerous books have appeared about the distressing topics of evil and suffering. This world is like a horror movie or horror novel. Honestly, I don't see a lot of hope for the future.

By escortschina at 09,Dec,12 22:52

You make some good points. I guess it depends on your standpoint. I dont believe in the after life, although I am bringing a change of underwear. Woody Allen Born 1935

By anonymous at 15,Mar,15 21:00

I love you and you are great.

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