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i really fucking hate my life

Posted by nonarky at June 27, 2010
Tags: Job  2010 June  Money  Poverty  Society  Unemployment

im 21, all the jobs i ever had, was fired from all of them, i recently worked at mcdonalds as a maintnance person for 3 years, got fired fort false claims of sexual harrassment from a fat ugly chick that wanted to fuck me and i refused and thats how she retaliated against me.

after that it was very difficult for me gettin another job because of bad references from my previous employers.

then i land a job at a mexican restaurant, worked there for a month and end up getting fired for not working fast enough.

so then again im jobless, i cant get into college because im not elgible for finacial aid, so there goes my life right there cant get funding for school so im going to be a nobody for the rest of my life,

i try getting into the army, i couldnt pass the asvab test because i lack math skills, 32 is minimum to pass, most people get 50% or better on the asvab test and the best i only can get is a 25% on the test, i took the test 7 times and couldnt get better than 25, so now i feel worthless and fucking dumb.

right now i applied at 10 different job places, speedway, little ceasers, menards, hope depot, walmart, meijer, right aide, wallgreens, carpet to go,
demmers, and job agencies,

i had interviews at all of them, but every single fucking time, i been refused job offers and it just keeps happening.

here is the worst, i got 2 no proof of insurance tickets and 13 parking tickets ,

i havent figured out yet how much its all going to be, i have no job, no income and dont have the ability these damn tickets, so now the state is going to suspend my drivers license and soon i will be driving on a suspended license until i end up going to jail and my car taken away.

now im living in an abandoned house, stealing electricity, thankfully theres no other houses around or neighbors, power company hasnt caught on yet,

i have 2 rifles and everyday i feel like putting my self out of misery because

i cant do shit right in my life, i always ending up fucking up my job situations
with it being or not being my fault.

i do have a very good best friend i have, i dont want him to hate me for just ending my my life but i feel like i have no choice its either live in fucking horrible conditions for the rest of my life or just end it all now.

I HATE LIFE!!!!!!!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 17:34


If 3 persons of the Trinity share the inseparable equality one substance present in divine unity?

Why in Mark 12:29 JESUS said "Here, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord." The words "our God" indicate that JESUS had a higher GOD over him, a stronger God than him. JESUS didn't say "Your God". He said "our God" which includes JESUS as the creation of GOD.

Why in John 20:17 JESUS said I ascend to my God and your God? This tells us that we and Jesus have a common GOD.

Why in John 8:28 JESUS said "I do nothing of myself"? Can't GOD do anything he wills?

Why in John 14:28 JESUS said "My Father (GOD) is greater than I"?

Why in Luke 23:46 JESUS said "Father (GOD), into thy hands I commend my spirit"?

Why in Matthew 19:16 JESUS said "Why call me good, there is none good but One, that is GOD"?

Why in Matthew 24:36 JESUS told his followers that no one (including Jesus) knows when the judgment day will come, only GOD knows?

Why in Isiah 11:2-3 GOD had put the spirit of fearing GOD in JESUS?

Why in John 5:30 JESUS told his followers that he can't do a single thing of his own initiative?

Why in John 5:36-38 JESUS said that GOD had assigned him (JESUS) work and GOD is a witness on JESUS?

Why in John 5:32 JESUS told his followers that they have never seen GOD at anytime nor ever heard his voice?

Why did JESUS pray to his GOD in Luke 5:16?

Why in Matthew 26:39 JESUS fell on his face and prayed to his GOD (LIKE HOW WE MUSLIMS DO)?

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 22:43

Dude, you seem to ignore that there are other options cause you are so excited about islam. Every religion has things you can find that are stupid and violent. Even buddhism. If you think Islam is the only way you are deluded. Did 9-11 not teach you anything about "the religion of peace?"
By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 20:55

they're called extremists. you shouldn't learn anything from the 'followers'.
By religious.freedom at 07,Feb,13 18:39

Not all Muslims are extremists. Are all Christians Nazis or part of the KKK? I should certainly hope not. Maybe you'd see that if you could pull your head out of your ass. Get your own opinion rather than those awful "we're the best, y'all suck" pop culture comebacks.

And to the anon spouting Islam: chill the fuck out. Nobody likes getting their noses rubbed in some religious shit. I think you'd have a better go at this conversion thing if you found a forum where people cared about the subject and, rather than inundating us with quotes and putting other religions down, extolled the virtues of your faith (maybe try talking about the Five Pillars of Islam).
By brianna hindera at 23,Oct,15 13:50 Fold Up

i here u about that
By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 16:04 Fold Up

what is that got to do with anything ?!
By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 17:17 Fold Up

Thats because ALL the religions are bollocks you nut.

Look matey, look into your childhood. The answer is there. I cant help you but I can point you the right way. Its probably one or both of your parents and its their fault, not yours.

It will be very hard to look there but thats where your answer is. Be brave. It will be harder than you imagine but i promise you there is light on the other side.

Life is about the fight. For some its every day. So pick up your rifle and push on.

Forget god(s). Life is much more beautiful than you can imagine. Go look for the beauty.
By anonymous at 02,May,12 01:13 Fold Up

Mohommed married a 6 yr old girl and had sex with her at 8. Is that a prophet you really want to follow. It's discusting, don't pretend that islam is better then any other religion.
By anonymous at 03,May,12 04:57

& they all want to kill americans
By anonymous at 18,May,12 18:19

take your bullshit somewhere else.
By anonymous at 08,Feb,13 12:21 Fold Up

Yeah! Add you where there as a witness?
Stop story telling. There's no proof of this.
By brianna hindera at 23,Oct,15 13:51 Fold Up

yup on that
By anonymous at 16,May,12 15:32 Fold Up

Religion is bull shit
By anonymous at 19,Jun,12 03:29 Fold Up

all this talk about jesus.. why not follow jesus rather than muhummand. Muhammand never healed anyone, he never rose from the dead, he never forgave anyones sin.
By anonymous at 22,Jun,12 15:24

Mohammad is a cocksucking faggot. Sucks little boys
By anonymous at 22,Oct,12 19:40 Fold Up

By anonymous at 02,Nov,12 19:03

1. Trinity, look it up before you make such a fucking embarrassment of your self.
2. Why dont you focus on the damn subject that the guy is about to end his life. Tell him something thats worth this time like how he needs a psychologist.
By anonymous at 17,May,13 00:24 Fold Up

If you want to think logic then you're missing the more abvious point. Logic and god contradict smarty. Evolution is false. If god is fair why life isn't fair? If god created us and some of us are evil by nature then how is god a pure goodness? Why doesn't god get rid of the devil? And on and on...

So find a better argument next time. Oh and Islam is so logically, made for man who can marry 4 women and a woman who is less than a man. That's logic.
By Religion is evil. at 25,Jun,12 14:06 Fold Up

all religions are bullshit and man made... so congrats on being another gullible asshole trying to shove your worthless religion down others throat. -_- In case you missed, no bibles have absolute truth and also, a lot of men got KILLED trying to translate it to modern languages. -_- glad u support contradiction. I don't. how bout instead of trying to find God, first you try to find yourself and your OWN true values and morals. That's what makes a person strong, not false beliefs.
By anonymous at 14,Jul,12 03:12 Fold Up

You are a fucking nuisance. Worse, even. You are a menace to sanity everywhere. Please go die. Thanks!
By You're an idiot terrorist at 17,Jul,12 02:13 Fold Up

If you have ever read the bible, you would know and could tell that what islamic people worship is a false prophet! you are going to hell
By anonymous at 02,Nov,12 19:06 Fold Up

Son of a bitch, please. The guy needs a psychologist not a fucked up lecture on why you hate christianity. And second, obviously you weren't a good christian if you moved on from it cause bitch, it's the truth.
By brianna hindera at 23,Oct,15 13:53

damn strat
By anonymous at 20,Dec,12 17:41 Fold Up

really islamic peeps are whores they kkilled TONS of americans
By BOSTON at 23,Dec,12 13:49 Fold Up

Isalm like all religions SUCK If Isalm is so fucking great Why when a woman is raped the woman gets stoned and the Rapist brags about it
By anonymous at 01,Jan,13 12:54 Fold Up


Don't you know Mohamed like to do boys in the rear? You are supporting child molestation.
By anonymous at 04,Mar,13 13:53 Fold Up

Yeah, so?
Your conclusion is incorrect. You misinterpret the message of the Bible. You don't know it.
All those quotes are present in the Quran? No.
Don't confuse confuse faith (and facts) with religion. The equality of trinity is false, Mary was not virgin (because man invented and still affirm these), but despite of that Jesus was (/is) the real prophet, not Muhammad. Muhammad was a fake prophet if ever existed.
By anonymous at 04,Mar,13 14:03

Yeah, so?
Your conclusion is incorrect. You misinterpret the message of the Bible. You don't know it.
All those quotes are present in the Quran? No.
Don't confuse faith (and facts) with religion. The equality of trinity is false, Mary was not virgin (because man invented and still affirm these, not God), but despite of that Jesus was (/is) the real prophet, not Muhammad. Muhammad was a fake prophet if ever existed.
By anonymous at 17,Mar,13 22:54 Fold Up

You Fucking Retard Even non- Christian will know That jesus has flesh of 100% human & 100% God which defines him as men .... Have even read the whole bible???
By anonymous at 26,Apr,13 21:24 Fold Up

wow. you're one confused idiot :(
By anonymous at 07,May,13 11:46 Fold Up

You are an absolute worthless fucking piece of shit that deserves to be brutally eradicated from the face of the earth ! Death to the Muslim traitor of peace and death to the filthy terrorist that Plague our way of life !
By anonymous at 17,May,13 00:19 Fold Up

I mean Islam is the best in the sense that you get your 72 virgins after you die. Everyone should switch to Islam because we are pigs and only care about our dicks. Btw, my dear new Muslim person, can you please help me find out what happens to women? Do they also get virgin men to fuck them?

Islam is the least logical, more radical shit. When the religion allows you to kill others who don't share your belief know that you in the wrong place.

Anyway, enjoy your terrorist!
By anonymous at 07,May,15 09:37 Fold Up

Fuck you, I hate you heartless religious dickheads trying to convert people to believe your retarded stories so you feel your god will be more inclined to give you some fucking gold stars and send you to heaven or send you to meet 500 shitty virgins. Because that's right your stupid god rewards lust and materialising women. Here's a big fucking life lesson... your not special you arrogant basterd so stop acting like you are!

By anonymous at 17,Jul,12 05:14

Peels go through rough patches.

I feel sorry for the people who feel so bad, esp to be honest a lot of these stories sound like they come from depressed people, purple who could do with some theoropy. The real prob seems to be .... How the fuck could you afford to get help's a really fucked up situation
By anonymous at 17,Jul,12 05:15

Purple being people...I'm on my iPad...dam autocorrect
By anonymous at 03,Feb,13 02:21 Fold Up

Besides, who is the doctor to tell me who the fuck I am anyways? What are they gonna do? Tell me how fucked up I already know I am? Give me a bunch of medications that ruin my body and with a bunch of adverse side effects that they were paid to sell to me? You know what people could use more of? A society that actually helps them in dire straights, since the only reason they are in dire straights is because the society exists in the first place.
By anonymous at 03,Feb,13 02:29

What I mean is that we are a foux society, because the purpose of a society is to make sure everyone is taken care of. When a society fails to do that, then it fails to be a society. You can see our beast-like nature represent itself. You would just think we could be disciplined enough to not let our impulses hurt other people. Like the impulse to create a society that doesn't do it's job. On the flip side, you find people who take advantage of others. Fucking them over for everything they have because society failed to protect the victims from becoming victims.
By anonymous at 21,Sep,15 15:53 Fold Up

you wanna die anyways what does it matter if you take meds and they ruin your body???

By anonymous at 04,Mar,13 14:05

Have my sympathy and empathy, boy. (Sorry for my bad english).
I also hate my life, for long time.
I hope, I really hope you didn't commited suicide, you read my comment, and you will find your happiness and the meaning of life.
I'm in worst situation than you. I'm 24 years old, I worked too, I hate those jobs that I did. I never had girlfriend, never had boyfriends, never had sex (if somebody laugh at this then he/she is stupid). I don't have driver licence, never had, I don't have guns, never tried to shoot with guns. I don't see the chance it will be better. I feel so fucking lonely than a shit.
But I think that the worst thing and problem is that I'm not satisfied with myself. I try to educate myself mentally and physically and forget depression and stress. I try to find the answer for a question that "Why life is so fucked up?". You can see pain everywhere, because it's everywhere. The world is so evil.
Take my advice: never do bad things to other people, becase if you do, you will confront with twinge of conscience, and it makes the things worse, and you will be sadistic, but this will not resolve anything. If others do bad things to you then "run away" from them, never talk to them, forget them. Be clean spiritually, because: 1. only the spirit can motivate you for succes; 2. you will not blame yourself for troubles, wrongs, errors, because you are innocent. It's important that you don't cause (avoid causing) reasons for blaming yourself. All the failure you experienced is not your fault.
And be open minded. Educate yourself about anything, that is not clear for you and interest you.
Those are my beliefs, intention and pleasure.
(correct my grammar, please, grammar nazis)
By anonymous at 04,Mar,13 14:13

"Why is life so fucked up?"
By brianna hindera at 23,Oct,15 13:54

i wonder that to my life is so fucked you i just wound to die sometimes

By anonymous at 16,Mar,13 08:46

Why is everyone talking about religions when the guy's going through such a tough time?

By anonymous at 21,Mar,13 15:05

Job Corps!! I think 21 is max age so you better hurry...

By anonymous at 21,Mar,13 15:26

Hey... this is very, very old but I wanted to share this in case anyone is going through something similar. If you have poor skills in math or reading/writing.... you can get assesssed by a place called Vocoational Rehabilitaion Center. Chances are, you have a learning disability. They can find you a job AND get you free tutoring to improve your skills. Further, they will pay for your transportation to/from work.

If you are suicidal and homeless there may be a place in your state that can help. They'll give you housing and help you get your life back on track. I'm not sure what these facilities are called in other states but the one I'm thinking of is Citrus Healthcare in Florida. Good luck to anyone battling this, it sure as hell ain't easy.

By anonymous at 24,Mar,13 17:29

Bro just call the cops point the gun at them and let them take care of business. Your life sucks just die

By anonymous at 25,Mar,13 23:16

Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It's not our fault our life sucks. Societies throughout history have operated in different ways. Americans are capitalists obsessed with the "I." American Indians were and are still among the greatest socialist the world has ever seen. Your life is the reality you feel it is; and, if you feel it is, than it shall be. If you are not good at the same things you are pressured to be good at by society, it is because you haven't yet discovered what it is that you are truly good at; that is, you haven't yet discovered what lies dormant within you that will not only make you valuable as a person, but, make you a valuable person to the people around you. The problem is what makes you a valuable person may not be monetarily rewarding. And because we live in a monetary risk/reward society this poses a problem for those who have innate skills that cannot be measured and therefore are not marketable skills.

I am not a religious man. I do not like mono-theism. But, I cannot deny that Jesus was a good man; a great man. Jesus however didn't make money in his life. Jesus didn't value money. He is however one of the greatest men to ever walk upon the face of the earth. Millions of people would not follow him to this day if this were not true. Sometimes what makes someone great doesn't appear in one's own lifetime. Continue to live and do the best you can, because, you never know if the greatest contribution you'll ever make will be your name in history books.

Edgar Allan Poe, Thoreau, Gallileo, Thomas Payne, and countless others never lived to now there true worth to greater society.

My advice: Write it all down. No matter how smart or dumb you think you are just write it all down and leave it in a place people can find after you naturally die. If life is truly a roller coaster ride, than who can deny anyone's life story as anything less than exillerating... unless of course you don't like roller coasters I guess.

My point is, you can give up if you want, but, what if it is one single "dumb" idea of yours that changes the course of human history? What if Gallileo did not pronounce the earth revoloved around the sun? I'm sure that was incredibly "dumb" in his day. Or what if Einstein didn't jot down E=MC squared because he thought it was just a little silly idea. We all have an inner Einstein, or an inner poet, or an inner something that may never be found if you just "give up."

The reason I say read Atlas Shrugged is because it almost seems useless to keep trying because the more we do to help each other the more the government leeches steal from the productive members of society. Do your research. Understand why your life is where it is. It isn't because you failed. No one can fail if they are trying. It's because we are trying and others are taking and feeding at a rate in excess to what we can produce.

I myself grew up in a very poor household. It seems everytime I take one step forward I get knocked at least three steps back. But it's not me that has failed. Hell, the very reason I googled "my life sucks" is because I dropped out of college, left my precious 4 year old daughter, am attempting to escape government oppression, sold everything I owned, left family and friends to pull a 21 foot travel trailer to the frozen hell otherwise known as North Dakota for work for my truck to completely break down four weeks into being here. I have only an electric hookup. I've been living without water or sewer for a month. I came here to work. Now I can't drive there and I haven't even gotten my first paycheck yet. I literally carry everything I own on my back.

But you know what? I got canned food, heat, and not one single roommate.

I have a job, I have made new friends, and I am experiencing something new.

There is an old Buddhist saying: "Sometimes less is more."

Find yourself my friend, and everything will fall into place even if the pieces are falling out OF place. :)

By anonymous at 26,Apr,13 04:38

I am unemployed also. I'm very sad about it I lived as a hermit in the basement of my moms house for a few years after and while I was totally insane. now iv'e calmed down a bit but I cant pay rent or buy food and It's bugging the hell out of me. All I want is to work and support myself and live in peace and the persuit of happiness, but instead I have no means to support myself or do or buy any of the things I want. I am a social outsider so work is also good for me to be around people because I have no social life whatsoever. I have severe depression and have lots of problems. On the bright side, thanks to my mom I am able to live comfortably and I eat. I just wish that I could make something happen and support myself thats all I want.

By anonymous at 05,May,13 00:54

I wish I was dead
By brianna hindera at 23,Oct,15 13:54

me to

By anonymous at 01,Jul,13 17:57

I took

By anonymous at 01,Jul,13 18:01

I took the asvab first time score a 13 then second a 15 I study hard man I scored a 25 still didn't pass might take it again I know how u feel I don't want my partner to think I have a learning disability that maybe I do idk I went to college and everything idk I think sometimes in killing myself cuz what's the point I can't reach my goal so wtf u know I just go a msg from utube from a guy used I was dumb as hell that didn't work I felt like shit .

By anonymous at 10,Jun,14 20:02


By anonymous at 13,Nov,14 02:47

I hate my life, I just never can feel happy. I hate feeling this way. i feel fake , like I fake my smiles, force my conversations, and try to live a normal life but I just can't, nothing makes me happy. I just want to know my purpose and feel like someone truly loves me, like if I were to die, I know people would miss me but they would move on quick cause I'm at the bottom of their lists. I feel alone, and it hurts. I've been like this for years, I can remember being in my teens and even before that just feeling this negativity towards my happiness and life. I went to a phychiatrist and it just seems like he doesn't listen, I am planning on seeing someone else but as of now none of the medicine I've been prescribed has helped me. I just needed to vent because I don't have true friends and my family and boyfriend are probably sick of hearing it. I just can't wait for that day where I can be happy and live normal.

By anonymous at 13,Nov,14 03:06

I feel like my boyfriend and I secretly don't care about our relationship anymore, like yeah we love each other but I think I love him more than he loves me. We have been together for more than 10 years and he just never seems to want to give up on his drugs and he barely wants to have sex with me and everytime I want it he declines, I just feel like he's selfish now and I'm not too important. I love him and am hoping to move pass this phase but I don't know. I just feel lost and need his attention and to feel desired by him. I don't know what to do. We're not married and we don't have kids, we do live together but I don't know if it's time to just throw in the towel or keep on trying. My heart says to stay but then my mind is sometimes wanting to leave because I'm not getting my satisfaction. It's a sad period in my life because he's the one thing I can say I love in life but I feel like his drugs or drinking is above me, and I hate being second best. I use to be so confident and happy but his addictions to drugs and alcohol just tear me apart and I'm just always sad. When he says he's going to stop he lies or I end up catching doing the drugs. I hate being a babysitter I just want my life back. I want to be happy. I want him to need me and care about me like I do him.

By timmy at 19,Nov,14 13:00

to the above, you are probably a fat turd of a useless woman and that is why your dude isn't happy. Do you even trim your puss hair> I bet your father didn't even like you!! Quit bitching! Hes probably out getting some messican tail, because you don't take it up the ass like a good girl. Change your ways, brush your teeth, lose weight, shave that midevil clam of yours, and start cleaning the house!! Maybe he will let you have a little ass to mouth too cheer you up!

By Hope ful at 19,Nov,15 16:11

I copy this text in many pages...
I want to help people...
help them to fing out way...

(sorry, I can't talk english very well)

I want to offer you something , that it can change all of your life.
there are a lot of lies about Islam and muslims..
some terrorist (they are not muslim.), trying to scare people from this religion.
but Islam is best thing you can experience.
there are two group in Islam ...Sunni and Shia.
Shia is the right path in islam. but there are a lot of people that doing wrong thing and call themself shia muslims!
for example, hurting themself with knife! they are liers.
so, I suggest you to search about shia.
but be careful.
because there are a lot of lies about it on the internet,books, etc
just try to find reality....
( read about Imam Hussain, but be careful about liers!)
thanks for reading...

By Farizki at 10,Dec,15 17:09

=) I stopped. And I have no idea why. Ok, I'm lying. I've had a ton of fiuearls in my life recently: not doing well in school, didn't get a promotion (and am now finding it hard to not be miserable at work), wondering if my relationship will make it, and I WANT to write about it. But I can't until I can see the light in all of this b/c the last thing I want is a pissy blog. I admire that you keep trucking through knowing that you probably experience bad times too, but none of your posts come across negative. I think if I were a better writer, I could find something else to blog about, or a find a less negative way of approaching my life situation at the moment. You seem to be able to do this, which shows that in the end, your persistence in writing has indeed made you a very good writer. (and I understand not wanting to miss the connections with people, I'm still wondering if semi-charmed wife is doing okay but too shy to email and ask!)
By Billy at 02,Jan,16 21:29

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