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my ass had to be put back together

Posted by queer at May 2, 2012
Tags: Job  2012 May

Let me start by saying that I am a proud gay man from New Hampshire. I grew up in abusive household were my dad was never home and my mother beat me and loaned me out to her men that came over. She made money by selling me to grown men. I hated growing up. The things I had to put in my mouth made me feel like a human toilet. When I was about nine I realized I was gay. But I still didnt like what my mother made me do/ To this day I still cant eat c.\lam chowder because it smells like old balls. When I turned twenty, I went to community college and got a degree in criminal justice. Bad decision. now I work at taco bell from three to close making about eight bucks an hour. I have never ever hurt anyone and am crying right now. I wish that I can die in my sleep/ my dog wont even lick my balls anymore. I think she is allergic to the crunchy peanut butter. I will never find a man of my own. My asshole was so abused when I was younger that I had to have surgery a year ago just so I wouldnt shart myself everytime i stood up. How is the easiest way to die? And fuck you mercy dont comment on my post. I read peoples problems and you suck. I hate you, you straight midget loving bastard,


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New Comment

By at 02,May,12 07:57

Good day gay boy, this is going to be to easy (but obviously not as easy as your ass). Might I suggest that you go buy a Queen album, toss back a few Boddingtons, and go to a gay porn shop and enjoy the glory hole!!! I am so glad there isnt a taco bell in Westfordshire, I could not in good concience go there and eat knowing that you might be infecting people with your nasty gayness. By the way, I hope that a midget kicks you in the bollucks. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

By anonymous at 02,May,12 09:21

Wow you got to be really damaged to be so insensitive about another person's problems mercy.

To the poster, have consider moving to another country a real fresh start?
By at 02,May,12 10:16

I think you should open your doors to this poor young man! good play old chap, the two of you blokes can play hide the sausage all day and sing songs from les mis all day long! I am sure that you have plenty of experience, seeing as how you still sleep with your brother! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

By anonymous at 02,May,12 18:41

are you for real?
I never heard of little boys being sold for gay prostitution.
what kind of a mother is that?
if you don't like sucking dick you can't be gay.
you just think you are gay.
why don't go bang a few girls and see if you like it.

bring some changes to your life. You may see things differently.

By anonymous at 02,May,12 19:33

You should write fiction books.

By Sara at 02,May,12 22:49

all of you are complete assholes. the people who post on this website come here because they are in pain. when you google "i hate my life" this site pops up. this man told his story because he needed a place to vent and to be told IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY.

queer, i'm deeply sorry for your hardships. you are a victim in this situation and you have been abused and damaged. you need serious help and therapy. have you ever sought professional help?

also, please don't make your dog lick your balls. this is not normal nor is it okay. i'm sure you do this because you were abused yourself, but please seek help before this gets worse. remember that hurt people hurt people, so if you won't do it for yourself, do it for those you love.

take care of yourself.

By anonymous at 03,May,12 02:47

Please never stop letting your dog lick your balls!!!! That is hot shit and I'll bet the dog loves it too (or did). Try switching to an organic brand, dogs can sense the chemicals in bullshit foods and they're not good for their digestion so they'll stave off on their own. Good luck getting the tongue recharged!!!

By anonymous at 03,May,12 04:44

this guy is full of crap
By anonymous at 03,May,12 04:45

but thx for the laugh

By marian at 03,May,12 05:14

i think you contact the spiritual cancelling he can help you,my friend was having similar problem too but with the help of the he is now the control of the family business,he is the one to make the decision in the family whenever any is needed
By anonymous at 05,May,12 20:12

freemercy aka give me money now

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