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I have no one within 3000 miles

Posted by anonymous at May 2, 2012
Tags: Loneliness  2012 May

I moved 3000 miles from all of my friends and family to be with fiancee who is military. I sold my car, quit my job, packed everything I could fit into several suitcases and hopped on a plane to try and start over in a new city. A better life or so I thought. Since I have no vehicle out here I can't go anywhere really unless I take his car. I have sent my resume out over 125 times but have had no luck in the job market. I don't know anyone but my fiancee here and to make matters worse I'm almost 8 months pregnant. Combine the pregnancy horomomes with the constant feeling of being alone and you have tears...lots and lots of tears. My fiancee is great but he works most of the day and is too tired to do anything by the time rush hour traffic let's him get home. By then I'm starved for human interaction. I feel like a puppy that is locked in the bathroom while ur away from home. The excitement to even see and talk to someone. Granted I do keep in touch with all my people from back home but talking on the phone just isn't the same. It's hard to enjoy being pregnant and having the baby when I feel so miserable all the time. I was so desperate to find a friend that I put an ad on Craiglist. I've never had this much trouble meeting new people. I've never been so alone before.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 02,May,12 10:05

you should try to know your neighbors a little

By anonymous at 02,May,12 12:41

you have your fiancee. thAT is a big plus!walking can be a great distraction. soon you are going to have the baby and thats something that will take all your time! keep your fiancee in the loop, keep talking to him. it is sucky to be alone, but you are not ALL alone!

By anonymous at 02,May,12 16:41

i have advice for you

your not alone. youll never be alone. you have a baby which is great, and a loving husband. when he is and you feel alone just think of some happy memories of u and him. also find a hobby. somthing you can do while he is gone. your life isnt that bad. its actully better then most people. you should be happy.
By anonymous at 03,May,12 00:18

Couldn't agree more.

By anonymous at 02,May,12 19:52

Look up San Diego CoDependents Anonymous on the internet.

By anonymous at 02,May,12 20:22

Have you looked into meet-up groups in your area? They usually have people who get together based on things they are interested in. Maybe there is one for expecting mothers. What about the other military wives? It will be hard for you to get a job right now because you are about to have a baby. Try looking for groups involving expectant or new moms - seems like the best crowd for you.

By The AntiMercy at 03,May,12 00:27


You and I are kindred spirits, although our stories aren't exactly alike, I know the feeling of moving and basically starting over.

I was born and raised in Nevada and moved to Michigan to be with my then girlfriend (now wife). The transition was terrible. The weather sucks, the people are uptight and can't drive to save their lives, Detroit is a cess pool.

When i was at my worst and ready to leave it all, I took a step back and examined the situation. I was with a person I really loved, dispite everything we are happy, I get along with her family, we live in a safe area, we have our health.

In time, the friends came. I met more and more people (mostly through my wife) and I realized that not everything was as bleak as I thought they were.

In a few months you're going to have your hands full. Since you didn't say anything bad about your husband, I assume that he is a good man who loves you.

Take heart in this. You have what some never get, the situation may not be ideal...but love is not easy.

By anonymous at 03,May,12 02:20

you're alone? you JUST moved and have a husband and are pregnant? that means you've had family/friends for a long time and now you're alone for the first time..stop whining's pathetic. How would you feel if you were TOTALLY alone for 10-15 years. starving for human affection daily and having NONE-- no sex no husband no friends..then you can complain. You've been alone for a month and you're whining...get some real're just homesick... im sure you feel lonely but it can be so much worse, your situation is not bad at all...stop whining about nothing...
By anonymous at 03,May,12 15:08

Wow, you sound like my unsympathetic mother. Yeah, she should just pick herself up by her bootstraps. Who does she think she is having feelings and reaching out to other human beings for support. How would you know that her situation is "not bad at all?" Have you been in her head and body. I hate when people compare and think they really know what you are going through. Don't come on this board, read, and comment on the posts if this is how you feel. This is a place for people to vent anonymously; that's why its called "lifesucksbigtime." Go to the "everything is okay, I'm in denial, and I've got this on my own" board if you want to give this kind of advice.

By Alex at 03,May,12 05:19

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By anonymous at 05,May,12 20:11

freemercy sucks,,,,cash aka give me some....

By anonymous at 05,May,12 07:55

Dont worry, you will have your baby and that is going to be more than enough company for you to handle!

By missu at 05,Sep,12 21:42

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