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LIFE SUCKS : December 2009

Stories submitted by real people.


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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    My life sucks

    Posted by RP at December 21, 2009
    Tags: Attitude   Independent circumstances   December 2009   Philosophical

    In highschool I really had no life because my grandmother had me working. After highschool, I tried to find myself by trying other things like music. People talked me out of that, so I joined the Army thinking I can have a nice career. But after 14 years in the Army I just realized that I still have no life at all. I deploy every other year. Even when i'm home I were always training and I work long hours. The weekends i'm so tired I don't feel like doing anything else. Yea, I have a nice truck, motorcycle, nice house. But since I deploy a lot I can't drive my truck, motorcycle. And when I bought my house the Army moved me to another state. So there is someone else living in my house. What sucks is I can't get out of the Army because I am on Indef status. That means I have 8 years before I retire. And when I retire I will be too old to enjoy anything. I should just end it all and save myself the damn stress and heartache that keeps comming my way. My life is basically over anyway.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Friendship with people like Pravin Thakare really sucks

    Posted by Pravin at December 19, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Friendship

    I don’t believe in friends anymore because i had a couple of friends for whom i did lots of things but they just misused me and nothing else. It has been a long time when i was to have a friend whose name is Pravin Thakare(Nasik). I gave my valuable time, my blood and what not for this guy. One day when we were having one of our friends bachelor party he broke my teeth and for more than 18 months he kept me without treatment as when he broke my teeth he said that he will bare the expenses for the treatment. I was not having much earning at that time and he works with AAJTAK news as a cameraman. He kept on lying all the time, telling his false stories and kept on believing him like a idiot. For him, my heart and soul curse each and every day. He will Never have that he wants. I am going to write my complete story on one of my blog for sure. And when he read that story, he should get ashamed of himself.

    Comments: 11   Votes:



    Posted by Mrs. Uknown at December 18, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Family   Juvenile problems   Money   Relationship

    Okay... im in the 7th grade.. someone who use too be one of my bestfriends sucked a dick, Got fingered,&& gave a hand job she also had phone sex with my bestfriend then acted like nothing happend the next day when she knew he was IN LOVE with her. ILive in the gayest place in the world and ihate it. IWant too move back too where iused too live, but my mom is using my step dad for money , wich he recently ran out of and is now cheating on hin with one of her friends thats a GIRL. everytime itell her what is wrong she blows things out of perportion and says ineed some new friends and she is going too take me too the boys& gurls club (which ihate) im very very popular at school, but ifeel like idont fit in since all my friends are the most prettiest girls in the school. and they love me as friends but its like.. im soo ugly ijust hate looking myself in the mirror,. ive already thought about commiting sucide but i wont ever do it.. ijust want too dissapear. and the worst thing is we are poor as shit and all my friends are rich$$ and are getting me presents.. and icant afford anything FML

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by a broken hearted girl at December 17, 2009
    Static LinkTags: December 2009   Relationship

    well my story isnt so bad like the others....
    my story is about a boy who broke my heart... i know its a little immature to talk about how he hurt me when people here barely living their lives... i just want to know what people have to say...
    im not gonna give details about our relationship... i dotn want to write much... its just he was everything i wanted... tall, strong body, good looking... at first i was just like him...nothing else... my best friend told me to do not do anything with him cause he was gonna live in 5 months...
    but i did... althiugh iknew he was gonna live but i was ok with that... i didnt want big relationship...
    then he started to jealous me and his best friend...his friend always hitting on me...i didnt want him but i was nice to him... and that made my bf furious... despite that we were ok... untill one night we had fight and i left from his house... he was so mad...he left me... after that 2 nghts after actually he cheated on me with his old girlfriend....
    i wanted him back to matter what... after all that he was such an asshole on me... when he found out that i was talking with another boy he called and told me things about how i dare talk to other boys and stuff like that... and when i meet his best friend just to tell him that im not interested to him ,he called me again and he was jealous... but one month later still he didnt do anything to win me back as i was doing every day in a month... now im starting to get over him but its pretty tough... and ignore him is one of the most hurt and difficult things to do now...
    im sorry if u guys hate me cause im writing for things like that...
    i know my story isnt even close to others peoples stories...

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    The last year

    Posted by at December 17, 2009
    Tags: Bad Luck   December 2009   Justice   Society

    How is it that a co-worker can rob my home admit it to co-workers and the police say that it is just here say? The same guy assaults me at work and the police tell me I made it up. I lost my job over this along with my home and everything I had in my life. I am now homeless and on the streets of Anchorage AK. Cannot find work, my life has been ruined and even my son wants nothing to do with me any more. I hate the justice system in this country. I have lost all hope and feel there is nothing to live for any longer. To top that the guy who robbed me filed harrassment charges against me because I asked him where my things were. I never did a thing to this guy. Even my ex=employers covered for this guys actions. 6yrs and this is how I get treated. This country really sucks. I probably would have been better off taking the law into my own hands, at least I would then have a place to live.

    Comments: 10   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at December 17, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Drugs   Philosophical

    WEed terrible subject right. not me and my freind got high together and now we are the closest we have ever been we talked about goin to fight in war together how no matter what we would have each others back and its whatever but we both knew we were real. he is having a baby and im happy for him and well i have this girl now she is the most amazing person in the world and i will always feel for her. no im not in love trust me but i know she is the only one i can trully learn to love but yeah my life is great when we smoke me and my freind talk about our future and how we are goin to be something how life is great how our children are goin to grow up like me and he should have. we both have the best girls in the world. ha its crazy but true ever since that day i woke up early went to class did my work and so did he and well yeah their is always a positive side to life

    Comments: 5   Votes:



    Posted by Hers at December 17, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Philosophical

    First of all i would like to begin by saying life does not suck their is always a good side to life you just have to find it. I found it!
    i know it sounds bad but i smoked weed with my freind and we realised something that night. we realised that we are like brothers and well we are planning to go to war together.He has aa baby now and well i have a girlfriend dat loves me but im not ready to tell her i am. but yeah life is great and i wake up everyday with a big smile acroos my face : ) haha i do all my work in school now and i quit smoking for her . haha she is amazing. Just remember their is always a posite side.

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    No Luck or just bad luck

    Posted by Minty2736 at December 16, 2009
    Tags: Bad Luck   December 2009

    I have a constant stream of really bad luck every year! its not little things its always really big things! I have not had a year when something serious has not happened to me since I left High School.

    Im not a bad person I haven't murdered, raped, stole, or been arrested for anything at all.

    Why does this keep on happening to me? People always say dont worry about it something good will happen soon to counterbalance it! NOPE NEVER HAPPENS!

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    One More Crappy Life

    Posted by Alex at December 16, 2009
    Tags: Bad Luck   December 2009   Family   Juvenile problems   Violence

    It all started when my parents seperated. My dad left and my mom was pregnant with her third child. My 10 year old brother, her first son, commited suicide. She blames me. Mom lost the baby, said I put something in her food. She dated her boss for a year, got married, turns out he is a rapist. I get raped and now I am pregnant. I told my mom, she did not beleive he did that. He told her my boyfriend got me pregnant when I don't even have one. He emptied my savings and took off. Mom lost her job. I had the baby. I named her Hope. Mom died in a car accident, now I live with a disapproving grandmother. I had to drop out of school to take care of the baby. I am thirteen, a true Christian, yet here I am. Why?

    Comments: 19   Votes:


    Cancer & Coma.

    Posted by Claire at December 15, 2009
    Tags: Bad Luck   December 2009   Health   Juvenile problems

    I'm 13 years old. My 48 year old mom has stage 4 stomach cancer, and as if that wasn't bad enough, she's also in a coma. I'm so scared. My dad is abusive and my older 18 year old brother has autism, and if my mom dies, i don't know what i'll do. i pray to god but see no sign of improvement. i feel so lost. i don't know what to do.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    the struggle for life continues...

    Posted by anonymous at December 13, 2009
    Tags: Attitude   December 2009   Relationship

    life sucks friends when u wake up in the morning n realize that u have no one whom u call the one that only belong to u and sleep at night knowing u have so much to prove to the world and that the fight for your dignity and existence doesn't end here.i have very beautiful parents and life cud be as beautiful as that but it all ruined when i met my sweetheart.i too was mad in love like all human being and wanted to spend each of my life's moment with him and that was the biggest mistake of my life.the world around me changed and i could see all the negative energies entering my private space.after a long struggle i made up my mind to separate.yes, i was devastated but that was the only answer.he tried to make my life miserable, humiliated publicly, abused me, character assassinated and physical harassed me.people around thought i am wrong and bad that i used him for money.but nobody could c the pain and love that i have for him. believe me friends this is not it, the biggest thing that i lost was my parents trust.i was quiet and every moment deep inside crying for all the things that i lost.i tried twice to suicide but life had planned something else.i am here surviving to regain all my dignity and trust.but friends life really sucks when you know you made your life hell and the only surviving reason in this world is to achieve the only mission of my life to PROVE MYSELF.

    Comments: 4   Votes:



    Posted by Dreamless at December 13, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Philosophical

    I feel like shit and I look like shit. I have no dreams and I love no one. What i'm i doing i have a perpis? I'm not saying my life sucks, I'm just saying...WHAT THE HELL?! No matter what I do, it doesn't seem to matter, I can't look pleasing. All the losers like me, and I have NO CRUSH...not even "oh he's cute" NO! I'm not aiming to do anyhting, but sure I have a plan. Go to university, become a highschool teacher, maybe have some kids, and die. I have good grades, mostly A's, some B's, no C's or below. Ok so my life isn't that bad and I acually aiming to have some kids, but I cry almost every day because a life without love is no love at all. Sur my parents love me, but I need true love. That is my story.

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    Guess What? Life Sucks for Me, Too!

    Posted by Gabby-Abby at December 12, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Juvenile problems

    Guess What? Life sucks for me, too. I know it may not be anything compared to some people out there, but to me it's just as bad.

    I go to school in a different town, half hour away.
    When I go there I have a whole different life.
    I could be whoever I want to be!
    But when I come home,
    I notice I forgot my life.
    I never bring it home.
    That's not what my parents would expect from me.
    They expect me to be polite and understanding,
    even though they know I'm not.
    I was walking home from services,
    and I thought,
    "What is there to live for,
    if you left something important behind?
    I left my life in school,
    a half hour away!"
    You see I have no friends where I live.
    My friends are all half hour away!
    I have a whole different life there.
    When I come home from school,
    I have no friends to hang out with.
    I don't have anybody to study with.
    I also have more problems than that;
    My parents follow strict religion rules:
    I can't wear pants outside of my house.
    I can't eat out.
    There are so many to list,
    I'm constantly forgetting them.
    But they always come back.
    My sister decided she would tell a boy who is a geek in my school,
    that I like him, even though I don't. He asks me out constantly,
    and I say, "NO."
    I don't want a boyfriend (I'm not allowed to have one anyway).
    It was so embaressing walking into school,
    everybody staring at me...
    and do you know why?
    Because he put me up on his facebook,
    as In A Relationship With: A.S. (not gonna say my name...just initials...)
    Most humilliating day of my life...
    and so I made up a fictional character named Justin,
    and I was really talking about Justin Bieber...(

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Most of You Are Teens

    Posted by lifewillalwayssuck at December 12, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Philosophical

    Most of you are teens, so it's pretty sad that you think life sucks. You guys have no idea.

    Wait until you graduate college, and find out there are no jobs available. You will be stuck not only with a 20,000 dollar loan you need to pay off, but also a dead end job where you're boss is a total jerkoff who makes you type memos all day.

    Not only that, the way most of you kids write, I'm doubtful that you will even get into college. So the one good thing about youth (college life) is pretty much not an option for you in the first place.

    Sucks to be me, but it really sucks to be you. Stay in school kids. And pay attention in English class. Jesus.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    story of a girl who wants to die

    Posted by stupid girl at December 12, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Family   Juvenile problems   Stepdad

    first i come from germany, so im sorry for mistakes i do by writing.

    i hate my life.
    my parents are divorced. my stepfather hates my and can just love my half-sister.
    i calls me bitch and says that when i was his daughter then he will hurt me.
    but he knows that when he will beat me, i'll go to police.

    i hate everything about my life. i dont have a real family. my mother said get him out of the way, but i cant.

    i love my firends. they are the best i ever knowed.
    they say come to me i'll help you when i have problems at home.

    i cant go to them, they will see the scars on my arms.
    i have scars on my legs, my arms, my shoulders. and i cant feel them. they are so much an nobody looks at this.
    my boyfriend live 600km away from me.

    he loves me i knwo, and i love him.

    but sometimes i just want to die.

    Comments: 1036   Votes:


    I hate my life

    Posted by eee at December 11, 2009
    Tags: Appearance   December 2009   Family   Juvenile problems

    I hate my life, it really sucks... Every day I donīt wanna come home becouse I hate to be there. My father seems like hate me and my mother doesnīt know how to talk to me without being mean. My father hates to be at home becouse he is allways with a mad face. They donīt like me and I hate my life. All I ever wanted was to be thin and Iīm so fat... The biggest present I could give myself would be try to do a lot of exercise and get thinner but my father donīt let me go to the gimn!!!! I hate him!!!!!!! My life sucks
    a fat girl

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by sharkey1314 at December 10, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Philosophical

    Seems like boredoom has found my way here. My story may not sounds like it sucks or pathetic like the rest of them here, but i feel that my life sucks. Although i have all the basic things in life ( food,housing,allowances), i still feel sad. Everyday, i would wake up so late in the afternoon and straight away i would play computer games. Its like i got no life. People tell me how smart i am but i see little hope in my future. Its like so dim and i cant probably be rich in the future. I don't even have an idea as to how i am able to earn so much. I do average in my exams, passing most of it. I self-assured myself by telling me that i only studied the night before and its alright to score that low. I have friends in school but they don't contact mi often especially during holidays, i feel like i broke off from the real world... into the virtual world i am in now. I play computer games from the time i woke up and until past midnight maybe 3am or 4am. I feel that i got no life and no aim. There's a blackhole in me and i cant stop it sucking everything into it, dissapearing forever. Everytime i think about school, i felt so depressed. Homework is piling up like a mountain and there is no end to it. I don't even feel like starting on it. I consider to start a blog to rant about my boring life but motivation just stops there. I think about my future, what would i become and what childhood memories will i remember? Computer games? Those rounds i played with random people? Could ...

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    Posted by anonymous at December 9, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Philosophical

    Just want you all to know that despite your pain and hurt, life will get better for you. No matter what the circumstances, you must believe it will get better. Focus your energy on any good things you encounter. Whether it is the sun rising, or the fact that the mean person in your life is not around at the moment. Bad times pass. Good times come. This is the way life is, for better or worse. We have good times, we have bad times. Sometimes it seems like there is no goodness between the badness. But it is there. And if you do not believe it, goodness will not come.
    Close your eyes, imagine life the way you want it. Hold on to that vision, no matter what comes in between you and that vision. Hold on and the vision will come back. Believe you are meant for better things, and better things will find you. I pray for those of you who have expressed your pain and sorrow and unfortunate circumstances in life. God will be with you, and in the end, those who are last shall be first. YOu will indeed have your true life in Heaven. But not if you take your own life. Leave it to the will of God. He will find you in all the madness, comfort you and take you into his kingdom. There you shall dwell with him forever, and the pain and sorrow of this life shall be replaced with happiness you cannot imagine right now. Believe it, and it shall be yours.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Life Sucks and ive learned that this year.

    Posted by anonymous at December 8, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Friendship   Juvenile problems

    Life really does suck. I'm in 7th grade. This past month I had trouble with and ex-best friend. Him and his friends started making fun of me and shoving me around. I got really depressed and eventually by the end of the week they stopped. My life started getting better. I had one of the awesomest best friend named Will. He supported me with my problems. I had supported him with his break up with his girlfriend. We have been friends ever since the beginning of the year. Damn I love that kid. I told my best friend Anthony that I liked him very much and he was very curious about what I've said about him. Stupid me thought that he liked me back. But he didn't that's when I got sad. But we were still best friends so I was some what happy. My good friend that I've been friends with since last year told everyone who I liked. I was furious. Everyone made fun of me because I liked 3 eighth graders. I didn't care because it wasn't true. Although I used to I didn't anymore. I only liked Anthony.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    i hope its just my teen years

    Posted by deadkytwinkie23 at December 8, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Family   Juvenile problems

    ok well i guess my life is not as bad as sum but i saw that every one ealse wrote there story i should give it a go aswell . As u can see in my tittle i am a teen , infact im 16 but life still sucks on a whole nother leavel ..hmmmm.. lets start out with my family. Mother a sucidle deppressed bipolor mother who is married to my father for the time being who is a tottle drug abouser [ i found that out at 6 whene mom told me]i used to live in a nice small counry willage type deal for about 6 years . That the longest time i have ever spent liveing in a single home becouse my father seems to think that haveing a house to live in with my fqamily [ witch is my parnets and 2 brothers one older and one younger we will get to them later] i tend to jump from house to motel room to house . As i got older my dad didnt think it matter wither or not he would try and hide is problem any more aroud the age of 10 i saw him snort pain killers and smoke weed. He was never sober long enuf for me to tell him that oneof his best freinds was geting a little to freindly with him withch now leds to me not only feelin like a freak but haveing a fetsh for older men witch would lead a man to geting a little to friendly to me agian . it really is fucked up how something can happen to you whene you are so young and affect your whole life years latter . i guess it only gets better the fact this man i have to see him more often i would like , he still looks at me weired and touches me weired but what ...

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