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LIFE SUCKS : 2011 May

Stories submitted by real people.


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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)


    Posted by anonymous at June 1, 2011
    Tags: Drugs   Job   2011 May   Philosophical   Relationship

    There are people in the world who have no water, no food. There are people in violent countries that have watched their entire families killed in front of them. Some are missing limbs that make them have to rely on others. In America alone, within the past month, thousands of people were killed by natural disasters and watched everything they had taken away from them. I am not one of those people. I have a home that is basically intact. I have a secure job, I guess (my attitude about is is getting so bad it may not be secure for long). I dont have a husband or children, and I really am missing the husband thing, but I hear that's not what it is cracked up to be. At any rate, my mom and dad are still alive and they, my brother and sister all love me very much. I have a dog who thinks the world revolves around me and a cat that acts very independednt but would be lost without me. I am mad at myself basically because I don't appreciate shit. I have tried seeking mental health but I don't know what that is going to do because they just want to put me on drugs that are more lethal than the illegal ones I am trying to quit.

    Today, once again, I decided I would quit smoking pot. I have been smoking pot daily since I was nineteen- started before that but that was when I was on my own and at liberty to toke evry day. I have been smoking pot because it is the only thing that makes me numb to my lonliness. As a matter of fact, as long as I am under the influen...

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    Just Another Loser

    Posted by chris at June 1, 2011
    Tags: Loneliness   2011 May   Philosophical   Poverty

    Some people have no idea what it's like to have no friends, no money, no sex life,no special talent, to eat bologna sandwiches and top ramen for every meal, to be depressed because you can't find or keep a job, to live in a run-down piece of crap place filled with roaches, to know that there are people in the world who are happy and content who have accomplished everything they wanted to; however,they look down on you and think you are a lazy bum.

    I know I'm a loser. My family doesn't even give a shit about me. My stepdad is an asshole (but God has blessed him?)and everyone else ignores me. Sometimes I think I'm invisible. Nobody will even show up to my funeral when I'm gone. Nobody will remember who I was.

    The funny thing is I'm one of the lucky ones. Most of the world is starving and suffering. What, then, gives me the right to complain? Maybe it's because my expectations are unreal because I see happiness all around me, but it escapes my grasp. Life is a bitch.

    Comments: 27   Votes:


    my job was everything

    Posted by losingmyself at June 1, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   Job   2011 May

    After so many setbacks, I finally found the perfect job. Everything was perfect. The job title was impressive considering my work experience and skills were not up to scratch. This job was a blessing, a miracle, a stepping stone. I was aware the business was struggling but was in denial and just hoped things will be okay . Last week, my boss finally decided we cannot continue any longer. Im just shattered. I told my Mom. She almost started crying. I dont know what to do. I hate being in survival mode again. Its so hard for a person like me to pick myself up again. This job was the only thing I had. I hate feeling like this. Im so upset. All I do is cry. I feel like vomiting. Im back on square 1. I dont even have friends. I dont go to parties like the average 21 year old. I dont have any "leads". I have to start all over again and that includes getting my confidence back. Im so sick of getting rejected. Im at the prime of my life and I hate wasting my youth away. People say its so easy, just keep applying for another job, join the tennis club....Its not its really not, I just cant emotionally detach myself. I have been trying and I just got another rejection. I just lost it.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Why I Hate my Fucking Life

    Posted by ME at May 31, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 May   Philosophical

    Dear Life,
    Where the hell are you getting all these god damned lemons? Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to make lemonade, but I can't make it without the sugar, so could you maybe throw me some of that too? Huh? Please?

    I have a list of complaints. Here are the reasons that I hate you.

    1. Remember when I was a toddler and Dad tried to kill himself a few days after FUCKING CHRISTMAS? Yeah, I was watching, thank you. I watched him shit all over himself and scream bloody murder while the paremedics took him away. I watched as my mom bawled over a man that she hated. I didn't even know what the hell happened until I was a fucking teenager! You could have at least kept me in my room while this happened so I wouldn't have to be terrified of my dad for weeks.
    2. Oh yeah, and speaking of Daddy's suicide attempts-that one last Thanksgiving? Not cool.
    3. My mother's fucking manipulation. Life, did you have to make her such a huge liar? If she told me the sky was blue, I'd look out the window to make sure. I can't trust ANYTHING that woman says. And she's my MOM! I'm supposed to be able to believe and trust her!
    4. That forty-year old man when I was fifteen. Yeah, I know he only felt me up; it's not like he raped me. But it still hurt me emotionally. I was fifteen fucking years old and I had a grown man groping my breasts and tounging my neck...and he was a friend of my father, no less! And afterwards, he continued to stay in our house! I spent nights a...

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    Posted by Lisa kitn at May 31, 2011
    Tags: Health   2011 May

    Well my life started by being adopted and not having medical history, which is stupid as people get a birthcert for a horse or a service history for a second hand car as u can tell i havent even got a birthcert. About 14 years ago (i am now 32)i developed diabetes then in the last 5 years i developed diabetic rethanophy and november 12 months i lost my left eye my right eyes is very weak am on insulin a very high dose and have a hernia and neoraphity in my feet, hypertension and high colestoral then the Doc discovered i hava a rare liver condition on top of every thing else. I am also registered blind and feel trapped i have good friends but they dont know the full extent of my problems as i dont want to become a burden i try to show the positive side but i suffer from Depression and am bi polar 2 i cannot use litium as a medication as it effects all the other medication i am on and the Diabetes would be effected i have got home help but what i need is a counsellor to help me but they are so expensive and i am not as able to get out to see one.I also found out that i am a vhild of incest.Didnt realise i was going to be judged on this bur people do even people u wouldnt expect to judge you ie the doctors. Rant over. Thanks for reading Lisa.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Life Truly Sucks

    Posted by anonymous at May 31, 2011
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2011 May

    I suppose I'll begin by saying that I'm 15 years old, and a guy. Ever since I was younger, from second grade, I would constantly get picked on about how I acted or talked. They called me gay, or a woman. I knew I wasn't. I know I'm straight. I suppose it's because I wanted to be a singer.

    I still have a passion for singing, but my mom doesn't think so. She doesn't think I'll make it anywhere in that area, so she tells me that straight up. I can't even sing around my family because I'm afraid my mom will judge me. I love my mom, and we're close, but she is really hurtful when it comes to being so upfront.

    A lot of my friends say that I'm a great singer, and I should try out for things. But my self esteem is so shot. I'm in the choir, and I do solos, and I take lessons but that's as far as I go.

    Also, I'm fat. I'm not obese. I'm just not fit. I want to be healthy, and masculine and strong. And toned like everyone else. I've only had one girlfriend. Probably because I'm fat and short. And not that good looking. There are so many guys that are so much better looking than me. I'm just... there.

    I am quite smart. I won many awards at my elementary graduation, but ever since I came to high school, I realized that there are... as usual, much more people smarter than me. I don't have anything that I can be truly BEST at.

    Also, my depression has been really getting to me, and everything I do. I used to have a best friend. One that I cou...

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    Comments: 40   Votes:


    Life sucks.

    Posted by anonymous at May 31, 2011
    Tags: Family   Friendship   2011 May   Money

    Well to start off with, I come from a wealthy family. But the way i was raised was to not take advantage of what you have, my sisters on the other hand didn't absorb that context. They got whatever they wanted without even asking for it. Electronics, coach bags, anything. I feel that i have to work for my money so i actully work 40 hours a week, still go to college, and never ask my parents for money. I voulenteer often, donate blood regularly, and im generally very nice to everyone.
    Im recently have every problem in the book with this car that i bought off my freind because i trusted him. I cant keep the car for 2 days without something getting wrong wih it. My dad never listens to anything i say and always compairs me to my sisters who have better grades than me but thats it. Their both the daddys girls (especcialy my little sister, she has my parents on a damn rope) so they get away with everything. Another thing is my sisters are the luckyest ones in the family! My sisters win evrything! From concert tickets, to vacations, they win everything and it pisses me off because they dont deserve it. I dont win anything like that...
    Im just sick of the way the world runs, i sucks.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    fuck this

    Posted by stellaluna at May 30, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 May   Relationship

    My life has never been great..I'm a 35 yr old woman or supposed to be.sometimes I feel like I'm 15 son is 14 and has daughter will be 18 soon..I have the scars on my arms and wrist,that I have to live with everyday..I left my partner of nine years and moved two states away to start son stayed with his dad untill i was settled..I met the most amazing man,my soulmate so I decided to bring my son up to live with me and my new partner..I had warned him and his family that my son has a lot of problems..My son arrives and by the second day he was already causing problems..what i didnt expect was for my partner to lower himself to the same age as my son and continually bicker and fight with him..I knew it would happen..he got expelled from school in his third week there..was calling my partner names and trying to upset partner and his sister convinced me that it would be better if I sent him to his dads for awhile..So I did...Now I'm lost..I'm torn between my son and my partner,the life I have here and my old one..its a small town where I am and I know no one except my partner and his sisters family..I can't work even though I'm meant to be confidence is zero..most days I sit at home by myself with my own thoughts to drive me insane..I'm depressed with the whole situation..I am a package,I come with two kids..I've started smoking weed again just to escape for a partner is around at his sisters place right now to talk with her about all this and I sit and wonder what the fuck their doubt how my son has ruined things and how unmotivated I am to do anything..I just don't fit in.

    Comments: 19   Votes:


    I am truly screwed.

    Posted by Catherine at May 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Money   Relationship

    My life is shit because I have dug myself so many holes and I can no longer get myself out of them.
    I am cheating on my boyfriend with a girl, he doesn't know, he's in the navy and away for 2 months, he is the nicest person I know and he gives me everything I want, he doesn't deserve this but I just can't stop. I am a horrible person.
    I have failed another year at school because I was too lazy too care. It cost alot for me to go there for that one year and I have failed, my parents don't know.
    I spent all of my student loan and got an overdraft to cover it, when my next student loan came in and paid it all off I spent all of that too. Thus being over a grand in debt to the bank again.
    I owe o2 over 400 and have no way to pay them back, they are going to pursue legal action against me. I am only 19 and I can't deal with all of this. I am too scared to even asnwer my phone anymore when I don't recognise the number. My parents know about none of this and I can't tell them or I will also find myself homeless.
    Life is shit and it isn't going to get any better.

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    Depression is a strong emotion

    Posted by anonymous at May 30, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   Juvenile problems   Loneliness   2011 May

    Let's start off with some facts;
    I'm 19 years of age.
    I have done nothing with my life.
    I am a drop-out
    I am a drug addict

    The fact of the matter is I've always struggled with depression. It's just lately it's been on and off, Almost mimicking bi-polar disorder. I sit at the computer desk staring at my Facebook and seeing that no one talks to me or even really interacts with my profile at all. I think to myself "Why..."

    Why is it all my friend's facebook's are filled with activity and friendship
    Why do I even bother anymore. I'm basically living an empty life just trying to make it through each waking day
    Why...Why do I live?

    The honest truth at this point is....
    I don't know who I am and I feel distant from the world. High School,even though I didn't do much, they were my best years. Since then....Nothing. Just bleak nothingness. I feel like I'm just staring into an never ending abyss of bleakness.

    I feel, so awfully alone. I barely go out with friends and when I do their definition of "Party" is too different from mine.

    I just, I want something in life. I'd like to be able to be like Family Guy, which is a childish thing to say I'm aware of that. If I could just have my tight group of friends like Peter, Quaqmire, and Joe. In-fact I used to. Both of them are distant right now, and I am alone.

    I wish things could just go back to the way they used to be or I'd much rather just die.

    Comments: 19   Votes:


    life suckkkkkks

    Posted by anonymous at May 29, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 May

    i am a 36 year old women who has been involved with a man four 18 years he doesnt want to marry me we have 2 kids and still i am not good enough, i have a total of 4 kids my oldest is 19 she sleeps around she is bi sexual and has herpes she cant make up her mind what she wants to do with her life. My 18 year old has a gay boyfriend and she thinks she cant do any better. I have been out of work for a year, i thought i had a job but i was told on a sunday that they went a different way.

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    my life really sucks

    Posted by pat at May 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Relationship

    I'm 45 years old and I have three children. Last year my wife of 19 years together for 27 left me for younger guys. She threw me and my nine year old son out of my house. We had no place to go so we went to live with my mother who abused me as a child. It wasn't where I ever wanted to go but I had no choice. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and when she started taking her meds she lost her mind and put me and my son out on the streets. We found a new place to live and then my mom passed. In her will she left everything to my sister. That's my living stories now my dating stories. I met a few women on a dating web site and all of them seemed very nice. I went out of my way to treat them all like princesses. But in the end I got the boot without knowing it was coming. The first one had plans to go away with me for a holiday weekend and ditched me the day we were supposed to leave. I guess I would have been more upset if was someone new but she got back with an ex. The next one was. Someone I thought could have been the one. She was nice and sweet and a little crazy but that was ok. She was supposed to be with me on new years eve but changed her plans and went on a date with another guy. That night I got a text saying she was in love with the guy and he asked her to marry him and she accepted. Wow I never saw that one coming. Now on to my present girlfriend. She and I met out of the blue. It was something really special. We had a past together but not like you would think. H...

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    The worst life ever: Human

    Posted by anonymous at May 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 May   Philosophical

    Animals don't give a shit and humans are just interesting reactions. I was thinking of writing a story but my life story hasn't ended yet because i'll never know where to start. I do think its funny though how people bitch about people bitching about life and how we steal calories from other creatures just to be able to "burn" them.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    my life suck becuse of durgs

    Posted by scott at May 29, 2011
    Tags: Drugs   2011 May

    my life sucks becuse of durgs i lost my job becuse of it now i have no job becuse there nothing i can do to stop. i of tried to quit just cant do it. this week i got a 1/2 oz of weed then buy food for this week now i got nothing to eat .now i thinking of silling my xbox360 for some cash but if i do i will just buy more weed. all i think of is my next jount my next fix. to many years smokeing this i just cant quit.

    my life is a mess got no girl no job no money no nothing...
    my life is going down the durn fast and there nothing i can do about it

    i need to quit now but cant

    Comments: 20   Votes:


    I need a change

    Posted by anonymous at May 29, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 May

    I'm 31 yrs old...Been in college 13 yrs & working on my PhD...Married my high school sweetheart...Been w/ him 14 yrs.My life is boring, I'm underpaid and overworked.I was sexually abused by my sister, 2 "friends" of the family as a child, and sexually harassed by a couple of guys in middle school.My husband is unemployed, so I have 2 jobs.My husband is very ill & always in pain. He spends hours sitting in his recliner. We never go out.We're always broke.I don't wanna have sex w/ him cuz he's fat and boring and he doesn't turn me on. I regret wasting my youth and beauty studying. Sometimes I plan ways of killing myself. I don't have any friends cuz my social skills have always sucked and I have trust issues. I often cry uncontrollably...

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    I feel so lonely....

    Posted by ravenheir89 at May 28, 2011
    Tags: Loneliness   2011 May

    Sometimes i wish i could just end this life im in.Im only 21 but ive to go through tons of hurdles in my life,mostly emotional ones.Ive no close friend whom i can call, text or go out to lunch or watch movies with.All my friends were the come-and go types i met at work.Once i leave the job, i dont hear from there anymore.Now my work sucks coz i the few people there dislike me someway. They never invite me to talk or have lunch or anything. And thats how things are for me most of the time.I feel people find me a major BORE. Why is it that i have to try SO hard to please people and find things to talk abt or do in order to make myself interesting?? I always find myself doing that coz people dont find any interest in talking to me nor make an effort to.In a group im always the odd one out. And so i always avoid being left alone with one person coz that spells awkwardness and silence. And its me who'll have to drill thru my head trying figure out what to say.People dont seem to even WANT to try talk to me.

    Ive never had a boyfriend nor known anyone who ever liked me.I feel im so ugly but my only close friend (who now is miles away)told me im not. I try to make myself look pretty but i always end up feeling im the UGLIEST and BORING and WORTHLESS girl in the planet. No guy will ever want me. Sometmes i just want to give up TRYING to be nice and interesting coz it never work. But when i DONT try people will say im stuck up and proud. Im just NOT LIKEABLE in so many l...

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    Comments: 127   Votes:


    hate life

    Posted by Shaun at May 28, 2011
    Tags: Loneliness   2011 May

    I am not the worst looking guy in the world or the best. im a really good guy once you get to no me but ofcourse no one does.... i dont understand i dont really have someone i can call Friend never had a real girlfriend either i dont want to say this but i cant wait till its all over im not even getting into my family you wont even understand no one will ever understand me i wish there was some way i could express everything inside my head but its too hard to type....

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Why my life is so hard ??

    Posted by SadddBoyyy at May 28, 2011
    Tags: Family   Juvenile problems   Loneliness   2011 May

    So i don`t know why but my life is very hard, everyones else life is way easier than mine but why, what i did wrong ??
    So i will begin my story from very beginning...
    So my name is Chris, 13, im from Poland but i moved to UK when i was 10.5 .
    In Poland my life was pretty sweet i was fit,nice, life was just great...
    Well i did not know about finance problems that my parents have had at the moment, my dad was addicted to alcohol, we lived in small flat [me,brother,mom,dad] life was not great thought, now i see that my life at that moment was good.
    My parents were fighting all the time, so they went for separations, i stayed with mom and brother and my dad moved to London, he was working there and sending money to my mom, just enough for bills and food many hard situations.
    Well my parents obviously after year of separations, actually my mom have found a new man, she did not loved my dad anymore...
    My dad was many times drunk before separation and he was telling me and my mom things like: im gonna cut u to halfs etc. me as a child, scared as shit... i was hiding all the knifes in home etc. My dad was PSYCHO well he acted like he is okay like a friend to me...
    After my mom got a new "love" we moved to better flat i get my own room i really liked that guy ... after some time he turned same as my dad, but my mom is still with him etc..
    So my life in new place was just SWEET, i was dating as ten year old with girls 13 years old xP.....

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    Comments: 15   Votes:


    the garndchildens hurt

    Posted by granny123 at May 27, 2011
    Tags:   2011 May

    life sucks when your grandson calls you crying because his dog died and you cnn't help because you 8 hours away from him. Mikey loved Ruby very much. every night Ruby slept with him. Ruby was a joy to have around and loved everyone. There is no way to help him,to hold mikey and tell him how much we know it hurts. Ruby was my daughters little dog, she would dress her up and she'd love it. more bows the better. She was always by mikey too.
    Rest in peace little ruby, and may sherry and her boys be ok with her passing as time goes by. hugs to them

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Embarrasment of my family

    Posted by bEn at May 27, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   Loneliness   2011 May

    Well i don't know why im here really, i think i just want to get things off my chest. I am 21 yr old male, have no friends whatsoever , and 90% of the time just wishing some kind soul would end my life. I had a best friend up till about 14, then he went off and found some new friends, all the people i went to school with were very immature, took drugs or smoked, so i went off on my own. 7 years of not having a single friend, sometimes i feel fine about the rest im suicidal. Im just too much of a coward to end my life. I have 2 sisters, one is beautiful and we all know that is all you need to have a massive number of friends, my other sister is young , beautiful and intelligent, and has plenty of friends that she has plenty of things in common with from her grammar school.
    I am the embarrasment of my family, i feel so ashamed when my Mums talking about the successes of my sisters, i have done nothing with my life still living at home, my typical day is sleep, work, drink alone at home, and when sick of being at home ill go for a random drive somewhere. Ive had girlfriends on and off but its hard work when you have no friends and zero confidence, on top of a severe lack of personality. I sit at home every weekend night just wishing i was out partying with a group of friends, meeting women, but i know i will end up at 40 yrs old eating takeaways every night of the week, drinking alcohol, watching tele, thats if i ever feel brave enough to move out of my mum's house and ...

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