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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    My ghetto dangerous neighbors!

    Posted by Girlyyyyy! at July 18, 2010
    Tags: Environment   2010 July

    We moved in our apartment almost a year ago & its been HELL the neighbors are so fucking black and ghetto! They randomly shoot birds with guns and sometimes egg cars. Police are here every week. I heard these 10 yr olds talking about selling weed. They blast LOUD music all fucking day!
    One time at 5am this guy knocked on the door asking for shoes WTF?!?! A month ago a guy got shot and died. Tons of people saw but no one did shit about it. My friend said she saw this black guy chase this eskimo guy with a gun down the street. Today 3 black kids wouldnt get out of my moms car so it took her about 10 minutes 2 get them out. Today, I confronted this kid about selling weed and he was like "Say it to my sister she'll throw your ass out the window." It happened about 30 minutes ago. I dont feel safe walking outside outside by myself. I fucking HATE my neighbors! This is why people hate black people. I want to call the police and report them but if I do... Im gonna get jumped or shot. I hope God sends these fucking niggers to hell.

    Comments: 67   Votes:


    hopes and dreams, gone

    Posted by TZJ at June 18, 2010
    Tags: Independent circumstances   Environment   2010 June   Philosophical   Society

    I was born in China, where the people might be poor in Western perceptions, but certainly not poor in happiness terms. I was loved, cared, looked after and had great spirituality in my life, until China begin opening up.

    My official happiness life ended in 1998 when the business life forced my parents to send me to an English learning boarding school, where the Chinese spirituality was minimized. During my time I had unpleasant memories lasting until today dealing with people not from China. I did not understand them and had constant conflicts.

    Then comes Australia, another 8 years of life changing pain. My family suffered greatly after coming both financially and mentally. I do not fully understand why they came to Australia, but at least I know pollution in China has gone out of control. We are not talking about air particles, we are talking about toxic materials leaking to underground water and no longer buying food you are sure of.

    Australia has little to no spirituality, which my life depends. The people are soulless here, and not caring for others. Being in Australia I tried to integrate to the Australian way of life, but failed miserably. Now I isolate myself completely from Australians, and every time I talk to them I get so upset.

    I am doing everything to get out of this country, and have my pre-1998 life again. My parents are suffering greatly and has deteriorated to my sadness. Its permanently hurting when you are forced out...

    Read Entire Entry >>>

    Comments: 23   Votes:



    Posted by spankey hayes at March 29, 2010
    Tags: Environment   Juvenile problems   Loneliness   2010 March

    l ife sucks i have no friends today i got my ass kicked because i have a slight learning disability. I often am scared so much by bullys in my school i tend to piss my pants. My sister is a crack addicted herroine smack snorting hooker in harlem at the age of 12. I am originally from russia and have no friends. My life sucks id rather eat shit than live another day!

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    Hatred for people in college.

    Posted by anonymous at March 19, 2010
    Tags: Environment   2010 March

    College is a terrible place. People are so savage. Every week they make noise, party, act crazy, etc. I find it to be very inhuman. Humans are not here to act like animals or savages. I want them all to die. I wish i could create a world where the hard working and innocent individual survives, and the lazy and guilty die.

    Comments: 28   Votes:


    Just wanna share

    Posted by Damn at March 12, 2010
    Tags: Appearance   Environment   2010 March

    Got really huge pimples
    Failed in a subject
    ugly face
    My friends mocking at me
    Colleagues ignoring me
    "Life sucks man"
    Anyway i have to thank my Dad and Mom for being with me always........

    Comments: 12   Votes:


    The country i live in

    Posted by anonymous at February 27, 2010
    Tags: Environment   2010 February

    I am sure that the country one has born in, affects his/her future prospects, philosophy in life, how she/he takes life. The place where i live is called Estonia. Every day i have to struggle with bad weather(that doesnt suit my personalty), depressed and carping people who are so in details, insist on how correct you are- there is always right and wrong and only one colour- gray. My father has left me, but i think i am doing better. Its because of the age, i turned 17 now and my moods are more stabil. I even can see the meaning of life now, although i have been through hard times which were not my fault, caused by the circumstances. I know i will change my country, i will finish high school somewhere else, i will start a new life(because this here affects me too badly, i dont even smile anymore), and this hopefully happens this year. At this age i feel like anything is possible in life, why not to try if im not pleased, i have to take a risk.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Why My Life Sucks

    Posted by anonymous at November 24, 2009
    Tags: Environment   November 2009   Philosophical

    As long as I can remember my life has sucked. Growing up my family was poor, so we always lived in shitty neighborhoods. I was typically the only blonde-haired, blue-eyed kid in the entire school system, and had to fight daily just to get an education. I've been cut, stabbed, beaten by mobs, shot at, and almost killed on several ocassions. I'm a survivor though, and all it did was make me hard and cold inside and devoid of any feelings of joy.

    By the time we finally moved out of the cesspools of innercity life, I was mentally a pretty fucked up individual. I hated myself and everyone around me. I would fight at the drop of a hat, and trusted no one aside my family. I longed for someone to end my suffering.

    After the move, I tried my best to become a different person, but it was too late. You can't change a lifetime of hate, violence, and low self-esteem by geographical relocation. I was antisocial to the extreme, and it always seemed to shine through no matter how hard I tried to act like everyone else.

    I finished high school, completed college, got a decent job, and married a really nice girl, but unfortunately none of these things made me feel better about myself. I still feel like a complete failure as a person despite these achievements. When things are going good for me, I always seem to screw them up. I guess being happy and successful is a frightening concept to me subconsciously. I've known nothing but misery most of my life, and I don't have the courage to live otherwise now.

    No, I'm not homeless, starving, or incarcerated. So I guess I should be grateful, but I'm not. Nothing makes me happy anymore, and I truly wish I were dead. Material things mean nothing if you hate yourself and everything around you. The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.

    Comments: 41   Votes:


    This place has broken me.

    Posted by GaijinAndNotAllowedToForgetIt at September 10, 2009
    Tags: Independent circumstances   Environment   September 2009

    I am living and working in a foreign country. Coming from a culture that was very open and laidback to a country ruled by stupid pieces of paper and needing 'permission' to do any fucking thing was a major shock. Who needs permission to make phone calls? FUCK!

    Last night I got a call form the Post Office the just made me feel as shit as I did when my 6-year relationship broke up. I am broken by this fucking place.

    I am trying to send things home, back to my home country. I have paid over $800 (twice what I would have paid at home to mail stuff here) and have now phoned the Post Ofice on 6 seperate occasions (every call costing 20 cents per 20 seconds) and visited there for over a hour. They STILL cant get it through their fucking thick heads that I WANT TO SEND SOME PARCELS HOME. How hard is that? They are a fucking POST OFFICE.

    I know it sounds like fuck-all to 99% of people but I have spent the last 2 years struggling against shit like this and it just drives you mental and makes you want to cry. I am typing this at work with bruises all over my hand from where I have been pinching myself all morning to make myself not cry.

    As far as I am concerned I hope this whole country burns, with or without me in it. I honestly don't care anymore.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


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