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Posted by ConfusedOne at May 24, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Money

Guys I have so many problems in my life.
I am in big debts, i am studying and i had to come back home to live with my mom because i dont have money to pay the college nor the room... I dont have the job but I can find some, like working something for about 10 hours a day 6 days a week.. I mean come on ?? If i take the job i cant study, i have only one day off, not enough to visit my friends who are way to far away from me, in the town where I am now i have no friends, i am so lonely, depressed, i suffer for my old friends, i cant see them now due my crisis period.. I must work, but if I work, I will not have the time for my life, i'm afraid... I cant overcome that pressure, also if I work I cant finish my college because I have to study too much, its hard.. And if I work i will have some money to pay the debts but even if I had a ot of money I would have the time to spend it with my friends or family.

How can I overcome the feeling of the pressure of working and being afraid of work ?? I'm afraid because if I work alot i will not be able to see my friends ever again, I will become lonely forever and I might end up with some illness...
I had a dificult life, so i made my good friends very very hard and I am so afraid to lose them. To get far away.. What can do ? what would be the right way of thinking ? Thank you in advance


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By anonymous at 26,May,12 07:16

It is really hard. Mentally and physically. Pressure and the anxiety. You have to know you are not alone. There are other people who suffer the same. If they are true friends they will understand. You have to make priorities. But you have to be strong and finish college. So it's like work-home-rest-study-rest. Once a week go out, when you can go out for 2 times. You can always take 3 hours out of your day to hang out. It's all about organisation. It is really important if you want to succeed. Organising your time. It will take some getting use to but you just have to do it. Some people were just not born with luck. Work hard and it will pay off! Take deep breaths when it gets tough! You have to have time for yourself. 15 minutes a day just listening to music or anything will be enough to keep you sane and strong. Find ways that work for you. Always keep fighting. I am saying this because I know people who have it the same and they cope with it. It will make you a stronger person. It is hard but fight it! Have a strong enough will! And always get up after you fall! Good luck! And hang in there!

By at 26,May,12 08:40

How about working and saving up first before going to college? And screw your friends they're not helping anyway. You sound very young you can still go to college at 24 and graduate at around 28. But for now you have to work your ass off and go to the pub often and meet new friends so you don't feel like you're missing out on your youth. Good Luck.

By anonymous at 01,Jun,12 16:10

Thank you very much for your comments. I'm reading it right now, I couln't find my post earlier, I thought it wasnt saved on the web somehow.. But I accidently found it, cool :)
Thank you very much..

I wish I never started the college, I am almost finished, but "almost" is a very long. having that fact in my mind that I am almost there I cant just let it go so I must study. But also, I dont have the strength.. I dont have the money to take the girl out for a drink, I cant hang in pubs drinking beers when whenenever I go out I know that I cant spend a lot or I should not spend at all.. So I dont go out anymore, i'm just looking in the book. And when I go out I see my frineds, laughing, enjoying, doing crazy stuff, and sometimes all that brings the tears in my eyes.. I dont feel like I belong to anywhere, I cant find the strength... I dont like anyone to see me like this, I started drinking sleeping pills to overcome those uncontroled feeling. I feel like devil is totally here puting the black thoughts in my head, so I cant sleep, I cope with the unnamed feeling. I had to move out from the town I grew up, and it breaks my heart the fact that I cant hang out with my friends like before, they are all there and I am alone, even if start working I propably wont be able to see then, despite tha fact that they are not helping.. I just dont have anything.. SUmmer is coming and I will be sitting in my room. That's all.. Thank you a lot guys, I really, really appreciate your comments, you are my source of strength, knowing that i am not alone, gives me some energy to put up my head and move on. thanks !

By only for 5 dollars at 13,Sep,13 15:12

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