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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    I hate my life

    Posted by i hate my life at June 8, 2014
    Tags: Jun2014

    Well first off I want to say as of June 7 2014 I am 14 and my birthday SUCKED DICK!
    How most my days go: wake up, eat, get bitched at, get hit then bitched at more, attempt suicide (then get stopped by fuckin parents), go to sleep

    What my friends are like: Hardly any and only one of them I have met in person and another who is almost like a exact copy of me they are real nice thou

    What my family is like: Grandad: A fuckin bitch Brother: Autistic (dad acts like he never does anything wrong he is 2 years older than me)Granma: a lot better than my granddad and brother Dad: Never met him he is in jail for life Mom: was very nice but died when I was 5 2 weeks before my 6th birthday :'(

    My view on people and the world: Fuck 98% of you

    What I think of myself: Hardly anyone loves me and I am worthless and never should of lived (doctors said I had a 0% chance of living) but God must of had a good reason for me living (to take care of my brother probably)

    So who thinks my life sucks also if you are like me and want to chat please email me at also if you have any advice on how I can improve my life please email me

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    Getting DUIs and not being drunk!

    Posted by D-N0 at August 5, 2013
    Tags: Aug2013

    1987 DUI #1. Blew 0.18 I had that one coming! 1997 Having a manic episode that had been on going for about 2 to 2 1/2 week prior to the arrest. Working 2nd shift I would get up get my son 5 at the time ready for school and then when he was done with school he would get on a bus and got to a sitters I would pick him up after work. Well Nov 18th 1997 after work I didn't pick him up I felt his life was in danger. I thought I was being followed and that they was after my son. I went home couldn't sleep all night. Around 8am. I went and told my land lord he was a racist because the weekend prior to me having a full blown manic episode his daughter was sitting my son and when I came home my house was full of her personal belongings and she proceeded to tell me her day my land lord had kicked her out for going to prom with a friend that was Mexican. It's wasn't even a date she just didn't get ask to prom and decided to go with a friend. Anyhow, back to Nov. 19th I take off for Arkansas for some reason I felt I needed a break and my sister lives there. I live 90 miles west of Chicago. So I tell my land lord off get in the car and head south. I am laughing and crying and not knowing what is wrong. Somehow, I get lost on a trip I have taken more than 20 times. I end up north of Chicago drive thru a schools lawn and enter the school disrupt some classes and end up in the principals office. Police arrive and I am arrested. I was taken to the hospital and they used a DUI kit on me. I ...

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    fathers day in my home

    Posted by dumbassdad at June 16, 2013
    Tags: Jun2013

    Mothers day 2013, get up early, make breakfast for 4 kids and Mom, clean up dishes, load up 4 kids and the wife in the SUV and take them to the Beach / Boardwalk for the day. Dinner for 6 aat a 4 Star ressstaurant and get home at 10 pm. Cost 500.00. Didn't even get laid that night. Fast forward to today, Fathers Day 2013. Woke up early, family slept in until 11 am. No one even made fucking coffee or wished me a Happy Fathers Day after they woke up. At noon I was asked what 8 wanted to do today and I replied I don't know. Hell, the day was half gone. Then I was accused of not wanting to do anything so the wife and younger daughters left at 1 pm for the afternoon leaving me alone at home. Teenage sons disappeared at 12 and haven't heard shit. Here I sit at 4 pm alone in my home with 2 generic cards from the wife and kids and a fucking cheap ass bbq apron from the dollar store left in the kitchen. Fathers Day my ass. I already feel like a fucking door mat and a paycheck, but the blatand disregard and lack of respect for me one fucking day out of the year in unconciounable. I won't be here next fucking Fathers Day I can god damn guarantee you. Plans and implementation for my exodus are in the works.

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    what is the point?

    Posted by anonymous at March 21, 2013
    Tags: Mar2013

    my name is kc.I am 13 yrs old .my mom yells at me all the time and my brother abuses me.I was born with bipolar disorder and have attempted suicide 7 times.the only thing tht keeps me goin is my current bf.everyone hates me for some reason.I was almost raped but escaped. The person who tried to rape me was my so called bff.can u hlp me?

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    I pray I won't wake up

    Posted by mary at February 14, 2013
    Tags: Feb2013

    I am 54, obese woman who goes to bed at night hoping I won't wake up. I think about killing myself all the time but have a family and wouldn't want them to suffer. I have been depressed for as long as I can remember. I have been in therapy for the majority of my life and have tried most anti depressants with no success. My youngest son has stolen most of my deceasts mothers cherished jewelry and it has broken my already broken heart. When I was younger I felt there was hope that things would change and I would overcome my depression. I now know that some people are too damaged to change. I have spent my whole life feeling bad and the idea of having to spend the rest of my life like this is unbearable and yet that is my fate... Unless I die in my sleep!

    Comments: 34   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by Tanishia Smith at February 13, 2013
    Static LinkTags: Feb2013

    My daughter died on 1-6-2013 from a bad asthma attack. I picked her up from daycare on my moms birthday. We were on our way to my sisters house to pick her up for the party when my daughter said she couldnt breathe. I thought it was just another acute asthma attack so i gave her some puffs of her inhaler. But she kept saying mom i really cant breathe. This had happened before so I rushed to my sisters house (I ran every light on the street). I made it there and my daughter kept saying I cant breathe. We gave her the breathing machine and called 911. She collapsed 5 minutes later and started foaming at the mouth. I had no idea she was dieing. My sister did C.P.R until the ambulance arrived. It took them forever to get there we kept calling and calling. When they arrived they tried to save her but my baby died. I still cant beleive it. It feels like a knife cut my heart open. It hurts. I feel so guilty because I didnt save my baby. I wish everyday I would have driven to the hospital. But the hospital was twenty minutes away. My daughter was only 9 years old. No one can beleive it. I have two other kids and most days I hate waking up. I cry all day it feels like im having a heartache. I wish my baby was still here. I think about taking my own life. I dont know what to do.

    Comments: 19   Votes:


    2013 has sucked more.than any previous year, and its only one month in

    Posted by anonymous at February 1, 2013
    Tags: Feb2013

    I was so depressed on new years day that I decided to kill myself. I took myself to the ER because I was out of control and they placed me on an involuntary hold in the psych ward (5150). I was scheduled to discharge on the 7th, but my fiancee visited me to end our relationship that day so they held me until the 8th. I discharged on the 8th, which was my 27th birthday, and had to go directly to class. My fiancee moved out, so I am alone in our home now with our cats and it's a disaster. I am withdrawing from university because this is too much to handle right now, so I have to push back my graduation. But since my fiancee and I aren't getting married this summer anymore it's not as bad I guess. My mom called me tonight saying she wants to have a heart to heart about our mental illnesses, but she can't tonight because she's too drunk. The stress is unbelievable, it's so thick I can taste it.

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    Sometimes it's only madness that makes us what we are.

    Posted by anonymous at July 20, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    As a young child, i watched my parents murdered before my very eyes. Thomas and Martha (my parents) were walking home from the Monarch Theater one night with me, when we were held up at gunpoint by a mugger who demanded the pearl necklace that my mother was wearing. When when my father refused to surrender it, both he and my mum were shot dead in the streets :\.The killer was a criminal known as Joe Chill who was quite notorious round those parts at the time although he got his justice. Fortunately, my physician and social worker Leslie Thompkins was making a house call that night, and arrived to give me the loving comfort to the traumatized 10 year old me. I decided early that I would never take a life. Right around the time I decided that I wanted to live. It wasn't an arbitrary decision and it was more than moral. It's about identity. As long as you can choose that, choose who you are in the world... you can choose to call yourself sane.
    I was then raised at my Manor estate as i had pretty succesfull parents, so we could afford those luxuries, with the help from my loyal butler i was cared for into my adulthood where he still serves me today but on a more...fatherly role. I had very few friends during my childhood, none if im totally honest, that can also be said for today as i dont trust anyone, not even my closest of ''friends'' theres this one ''friend'' who thinks he's totally indestructable but thats BULLSHIT! ive got plans just incase he thinks hes too good ...

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    Comments: 57   Votes:


    Back to Start

    Posted by Anony-Mouse at July 11, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    I hate my life because of the fact that every time I try to get somewhere or go after my dreams, I get shut down. This is an example of something that actually happened to me:

    Good Things:
    -Joined a company selling laptops and made about $2,000 my first week off a sale
    -Got a great girlfriend who was the first girl I ever fully felt safe with and connected with on such a level
    -Got away from my emotionally and sometimes physically abusive mother who hates me because I'm transgender
    -Got two jobs
    -Finally bought a moped after years of taking the bus
    -Moved out on my own and lived rent free with my girlfriend's coworker

    Then my life happened:
    -Company turned out to be a scam and involved with credit card fraud. Now I owe $2,000 to collections even after fighting my case.
    -Girlfriend dumped me after a month to marry the man I was living with for his money.
    -Had to move back in with mom because I couldn't find work and lost all my money taking the city bus to apply to jobs. She literally takes every chance she can to belittle me and remind me how much she does not care for me.
    -Lost my previous two jobs even the one that my boss said he'd rehire me for
    -Moped broke down on the way to girlfriend's house. Apparently the guy I bought it from completely messed up the wiring and two different mechanics couldn't fix it.

    I hate my life. There are so many things that I want to do and I am working so hard to do the...

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    Being lonely

    Posted by AP at July 10, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    Since childhood i have lonely no one cared, supported me i was brought up in very orthodox family. no personal life,i became hell to live anymore infact inm getting suicidal thoughts now, i have lived enough now i dont wanna live anymore. there is noone to cry for me.

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    He used me just for a kid

    Posted by poo at July 10, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    Hi all,

    I am from goa, india... well my story is that i had a bf with whom i was in relation for 9 years but was never serious, he loved me, cared me but i never liked him nor loved him, was waiting for my dream boy. later as my parents knew him told me to get married to him, i wasnt ready. later my dream boy came into my life ( i.e my husband ex) he proposed me at the very first day, but i wasnt sure as i found him too flirtous, still i was attracted to him. i informed my parents abt my this new guy into my life, but my parents told to stay away as he is a nre and shd never trust them. due to this i stopped talking to him, taking his calls. i got legally registered with my bf.. but later realised i have done a mistake. then this new boy started callingme again, i got attracted on his talks and the way he impressed me. we went out for date, which i found i get along with him quiet well. i informed him i am legally married and our relation is not possible, in return he told me to annual the marriage and get married to him, which he spoke to advocate and got my marriage annuelled. later we ran away and got married. soon after 3 months he left me and went to australia, i was expecting our first child, 10 months i was staying with his parents, which i came to know my husband is a womeniser, he loves to have new girls in his life, weather married or young he doesnt mind. after marriage when i was 7 mths pregnant i cam eto know he had relation with a married women and ...

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    Life sucks.

    Posted by anonymous at July 10, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    I'm a 17 year old girl. Let's start from the beginning... All through my childhood I had a half brother and sister. My older half brother had turrets and had anger problems. He would yell and scream and punch and hold knives to me and my family. When I was 10 he was put into a home because he was a danger to us. Now he is in jail doing who knows what. My older half sister got kicked out for doing drugs. I have a little sister that's falling on the wrong path. My little brother has hypo plastic left heart syndrome and could die at any time... He's 4. When I was 12, my mom was pregnant with my other little brother and he died in the womb with only 2 months left. He was a stillbirth and I remember holding him.. His lifeless body, a fragile life... A baby... Just dead. That same year my best friend moved away and I had no friends except at school. When I reached high school, life was looking up. I decided that I wanted to go into the air force and be an officer. I get good grades and in the top of my class so I was completely focused on getting into the air force academy. 2 days before my 17th birthday I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. That ruined my dream. Now I have to give myself shots 4 times a day. My best friend doesn't talk to me anymore... I don't have any friends. I am ugly. I've never had a boy friend. I've never kissed a guy. I'm shy and socially awkward. I have hair that I cant do anything good with. I'm a ginger. Lol which I'm okay with. My mom texts more than I do. My moms a slutty whore who cheats on my dad. She has been with 5 guys that I know of. She's been with several guys at once and my dad is too much of a pussy to do anything. I have no idea what to do with my life. I feel like I am useless and it would be better if I was gone. Sorry this is long but I don't have anyone to talk to. Oh, except for this guy that is stalking my life....

    Comments: 1   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at July 10, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    Well here it is I'm looking at my life and just wondering why.. The time I've spent on this planet has been well it's been yea I can't find the right words to describe it. I turn 19 in 17 days and I'm not sure I'll be around that long. I work like a dog for a worthless check my car is falling apart. My hopes of getting a girlfriend diminish every day. And the clocks running down till eviction day. I'm still in highschool (where I'm openly hated by the majority of teachers and students alike). It's summer now and it just keeps getting hotter. I work at a grocery store that's 45 minutes away from where I live now. I'm just tired that sums up my life I'm tired of working a lousy 10 to 20 hours a week when I was promised at least 30. I'm tired of being looked down on by the people around me. I'm tired of getting screwed over at every turn. I'm immensely tired of the poor state of the society around me. A 23 year old who lives at my friends house is a litteral pedophile who is constantly trying to sleep with 14 and 15 year old girls on a regular basis and he gets praised for that shit. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to see the world around me.
    So here's a little bit of my history. Since age 14 I've been had a bad run of events. For my 14 birthday I spent the day working and the night alone. My 15th was real fun I went to the corner store to buy some food and I got jumped. 16 I got evicted. Just before 17 my dad tried to commit suicide 2 days later I was forced t...

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    Motivation Loss

    Posted by anonymous at July 10, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    I am 17 years old girl, year 11 in highschool who completely lost motivation for school and constantly hating my own knowledge. My school report is horrible, everything is horrible. I even stopped being so religious. I used to enjoy school but now I hate it due to poor knowledge for maths and now, I hate my once-favourite-subject, Japanese Language because it suddenly got even more difficult. I dropped from Advanced English to Standard English, seeing that
    I suck at grammar and nicknamed as "Broken-English." I feel so damn shameful, even though I was born in an English country, studied hard for English and now I see every attempt I've tried goes pointless. It's even more shameful that I love to write stories but thanks to stupid grammar problems, I refuse to let someone check my work because they're not bothered about my stupid piece of writing.
    Heck, even teachers don't even help too well. One of the teachers even compared me with FOBS which really humuliated me. I also hate how they even send me to the cousellors. For me, it feels like I'm the insane person or even mentally retarded person.
    Teachers honestly hate me just because I'm not a genius. I lost a sort friendship between the Japanese teacher but now I've lost it and she keeps avoiding me now. Even maths teacher hates me so bad, even though I didn't give a freakin' bad attitude to her. At home, everything is fine BUT every time if I just go to school, think about school, think about future, think about teachers, I just feel like breaking the doors down and go punch someone in the face. It feels like I'm dragging myself around like a puppet.

    I have a dream about getting into Art Univerisity and become an Art teacher but it seems futile. All I can do is draw, sing and paint. Nothing else. I must've been stupid for having such fantasy imaginative thoughts. I tried to stay positive but I keep facing downfall.

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    About to give up.

    Posted by Ross at July 10, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    I'm 18 and a guy, I hate my life more and more everyday. I want to kill myself; but I cant because I am scared of death. (Who isn't).
    I will just list some things I have that I like then list why my life sucks.
    Good things:
    1. Smart
    2. I have parents and a brother
    3. Kind of attractive, got a good build (without working out)
    4. Super nice guy, but this just screws me in this fked up world.

    Things I hate, why my life sucks.
    1. Growing up in this economy, struggling with finding jobs and enjoying them.
    2. I work at shoprite in the deli and I hate some of my co-workers. I recently got in a fight with this guy almost physical fight. Almost lost my job. (HES AN ASSHOLE)
    3. 5'1 tall, yep you read that right.
    4. Virgin, not by choice, cant find a serious relationship or girl to care about me. Thats really all I need. My latest relationship lasted a week and she broke my heart so bad. Second gf I got cheated on. Been used by plenty of my crushes. First gf there was really nothing there.
    5. Lost my bestfriend whos a girl that I love that never loved me back. Friendzoned. I lost her because she chose her crazy ex whos sick in the head over my friendship. I cant be friends with her being with him because like I said hes crazy. I love her so much but she only saw me as a friend and I cannot believe me and her cant be friends anymore.
    6. I argue with my dad 80% of the time im next to him.
    7. I have no friends that I can co...

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    To all the altruistic people out there, start being selfish

    Posted by Reality at July 9, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    I'm 28 years old, and I've spent the majority of my life being more concerned about the happiness of my friends and family than my own. So here I am, an emasculated husk of a kind man wrung dry of any joy. I hope this serves as a message to any like minded individuals being used as a crutch.

    Stop. Stop giving your time away to people that won't or can't give theirs back I'm return. I can't tell you the amount of friends that I've helped move houses, only for them to snub me when I need a favor. Stop helping these leeches.

    Start. Start living your life at the expense of others. Take what you want, don't be ashamed of being a dick to people. No one else is ashamed of being a dick to you.

    Don't. Don't wind up like me: someone who gave their emotions and generosity to too many people, leaving none for myself. Don't fall back into the same routine of lending a hand to assholes because giving in is easier than hearing them bitch and moan for your help.

    Do. Do find someone to love and have all to yourself. If you wait it will be too late. Grab that girl on the street you think is hot and tell her so.

    And be a dick about it.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by Women are crazy and men are stup at July 9, 2012
    Static LinkTags: Jul2012

    Last sat I went to work in the evening hours to accomplish some work that was overdue. When I left the house that night i told my fiancé or girlfriend, not sure what she was at the time that I was going to work and i would be back in a few hours. The night before we got into a huge argument, which was started by me. I was frustrated because she would not and has not had sex with me but only twice in over two months. Granted I said horrible things, things of which I do regret and if I could take them back may she would still be here. I apologized the next day and promised I would get help, we have had our problems in the past and I asked her to go to counseling with me which was free for us because I'm in the military. Her response was always "I'm not going, you can go alone" long story short the night I went to work I came home around 1100 and her stuff and most of my daughters stuff was gone. She would not answer her phone and has ignored me since. It probably sounds bad and somewhat pathetic that I want her back but I have my reasons. It really wasnt all her fault and sometimes the way she treated me makes me think she never really loved me at all, I bought a home for us and mainly my daughter and now I'm losing the house, my truck and my credit is ruined past recovery. I want to talk to her so bad and I wish I could wake up from this nightmare I'm in. I miss my family!

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    going nowhere it seems

    Posted by Luke at July 9, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    i left school at 16 with 12 gcses and no job spent a year looking for a job and came up with a 1 month temporary job then after that nothing. I went to college and after a year i quit to do an apprenteceship in business admin then left half way through because i wanted to go and study in america I cant afford it I have no money hardly no job no one will hire me anmd my parents have both split up i don't particularly want to live with either of them and i found out in the last few months that I have a half sister and 2 nieces from her and she is married to a guy who used to work at the school i went to but he never spoke to me.

    I have no friends never had a girlfriend or had sex just seems everything i do just fucks up and im back feeling sorry for myself

    Comment   Votes:


    i wanna die!

    Posted by bludanzr at July 9, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    im about to be 31 years old. i have never had a boyfiend, never been kissed nor had sex! i cant even pleasure myself cuz the feeling is too intense for me to handle. i almost weigh 300 pounds! i have small saggy boobs and a big hook nose. and i look 7 months pregnant but im not of course. my teeth are nasty and yellow and i have bushy eyebrows. i have a dead end job and only one friend who is no fun and doeasnt like to dance or drink. i have two low paying jobs and i am broke and in debt. my family has so many problems and stresses me out all the time.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    My will to live is fading..

    Posted by Destroyed Hope at July 9, 2012
    Tags: Jul2012

    All my life I've been lonely. I used to try to get in with the 'cool' people to help ease my lonliness, but it never helped. Sometimes I'll just stay in the darkness of my room and try to sleep, until I get really bad headaches.

    I somehow have the desire to be with/talk to people, and I don't know why. I wish I wasn't so dependant on others, it really leaves me vulnerable. I get attached way too easily. I always end up falling for girls who have no desire at all to be with me.

    I know that my story may not be as sad as others'. However, it still hurts to be as lonely as I am. I don't know what to do. I've contemplated suicide, but it just seems pointless, and would be stupid for me to try. But I don't want to go on being lonely.. What do I do?

    (Mercy, Truth, and all you other trolls feel free to comment your usual crap. It'll really boost my self-esteem..)

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