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always alone

Posted by lonley73 at June 16, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Loneliness

Im 39 years old i have no friends i hate my job well i will say i like what i do just dont like the people i work with ive had low self esteem my whole life im overweight the only time i ever see anyone is when i go to work I spend the rest of my time in my bedroom watching tv and eating im so tired of being alone my girlfriend broke up with me 3 months ago she was really ther only other person i talked to outside of work and now thats over sometimes i just wish i could die then i wouldnt have to feel this way i havent been outside the house since thursday and today is saturday i feel like such a loser ive spent my entire life unhappy and im tired of it


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By Truth at 22,Jun,12 16:00

I think your girlfriend was probably just getting it from someone who can see his own cock while standing up. Your gut skirt just isn't happening for her, plus, those sandwiches you lost in your folds stink a little bit. I think you're one of those people who is in danger of growing his own ass skin into the weave of your bedding, and then the firemen have to come and break out a wall of your house because you can't fit thru any of the doors but after all that they don't have a stretcher big enough for you so they have to use a small crane through a roof hole. How do you people shit? You can't get up, and there's no one to clean you up.

If I were you, I'd get get my moon face fuckhole ass out of bed and start smoking meth. You can lose a lot of weight that way, and it'll really improve your self esteem.

I sure do hate you!
By Cursed at 22,Jun,12 16:41

Truth- you're so right on! I know I look into the mirror everyday and say to myself: "If I could only be like Truth". You are so perfect. Good looking, skinny, big dick, no acne, toenails all trimmed and painted.... God, if we could only be as cool as you...
By Stench at 22,Jun,12 19:55

Cursed I can smell you from here.
By Cursed at 23,Jun,12 00:08

Really? I was thinking the same thing. I smell a miserable, lonely, balding, young man, whom is in need of some serious counseling. Really? You've wasted how much time on here dissing every post of mine? At least I get paid when I fuck around on the computer. Loser.
By justme at 24,Jun,12 07:08 Fold Up

Truth, welcome back. You surely were missed. We were all going (further) into depression with the thought of losing your vile comments and despicable sense of humor. The trolling quality makes the website, and no one can do it as well as you do.
By Cursed at 24,Jun,12 15:43

Just Me- you're amazing.
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 16:09 Fold Up

be quiet and put on your kinky clothes
By Cursed at 24,Jun,12 16:25

I've made two good friends on this site. Looking to make more, but you're not one of them. My belief is that Broken and Truth are one in the same. Been on here long enough to notice that when Truth comments Broken is nowhere to be found. It's pretty sad that he has to make up persona's, but he is reviled so much, he has to switch from one to the other I suppose? In anycase- you are obviously in the troll camp, and that's too bad. I am a very nice person, supportive, positive, and I have a great sense of humor- but I don't find trashing depressed people fun.
By anonymous at 24,Jun,12 23:48

agreed. cursed is amazing to say the least
By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 03:38 Fold Up

eat a dick, Herpes bitch; yea you're so nice of a person that no guy wants to be near you or your obnoxious herpes filled ass.

tarot card reading dolt
By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 07:12 Fold Up

Thanks for sharing, Im a graduate been through child abuse, rape near homelessness & never really had support of friends and family.

Had great income & work up until last year when illness struck. Thats when I really realised my friends including boyfriend were users & frenemies. I've cut off from them and am looking for ways to rebuild my life.

Any genuine comments would be great as I know people are going through a lot and having courage to say.
By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 18:28

Cursed is a dirty skank and mercy is a donkey fucking faggot
By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 19:57

Once again the anonymous lame commentor strikes again.
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 08:29

Mercy I want to fuck u in the ass with a big burning stick Until your insides all come out and the stick comes out ur mouth
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 08:52

so lame
By anonymous at 29,Jun,12 00:32 Fold Up

truth I want to say thank you. your comment about the tramp stamp and the fart made me realize that as much as i have fucked up, i love life and being alive. thank you.
By anonymous at 12,Jul,12 19:48 Fold Up

WTF I think you are a sociopath why the fuck are people unable to show sympathy for their fellow human beings because of that I fucking hate the human race sometimes.
By anonymous at 19,Jul,12 16:24 Fold Up

whoever answered this guy's post about being lonely is sick... When someone is feeling so desolate they are typing on the internet on some random page,, talking about wishing they were just dead,, they need compassion, a lifting word, encouragement.. Prayers,, not this sick remark ,, That is really horrible. I think about all the kids who have killed themselves from bullying... I hope God does something in your life to bring you to your knees and you ask for forgiveness for saying these things to this person who was hurting.
By Strange Kid to Truth at 03,Apr,13 21:27 Fold Up

Truth is it true you are also Broken? If so that sucks...If not YES! You see, Mercy has been ignoring me lately and I need a new fuck buddy or someone to simply stalk :P
Mercy, if your reading this, I love you and all but can you please let me FUCK YOU?!

By Cursed at 22,Jun,12 23:10

I fucks myself, no wait, I can't because my pussy is filled with little WARTS.
By Cursed at 23,Jun,12 00:09

Wrong STD. God, you are so pathetic!
By Cursed at 23,Jun,12 15:23

No wrong again, I believe it's herpes :-)
By Cursed at 24,Jun,12 13:28

Good job. That is the correct STD. Finally, someone who has it straight.
By Cursed at 24,Jun,12 15:41

And by the way- when you post something using my handle, people can tell whether it's really me- or you the impostor. These folks are pretty smart and I'm not sure why you're imitating me- but it's supposed to be a form of flattery, so I will take it at that...
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 08:31

Stop bring so proud of ur std Jenny. We all know ur a stinking whore
By Cursed at 28,Jun,12 08:53

coming from you- that's a compliment seeing as you haven't seen pussy in years. How does it feel to want?
By at 28,Jun,12 15:04

Good day, the last time he got puss, he got it eating out his transgender father....GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By cake. at 30,Jun,12 11:35

you know, Cursed, mercy and the other trolls. I hate you. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say- you are pathetic. I am not the first or last person to say this.

You are children. Children in the bodies of adults most likely. No maturity. No sensitivity. You feed off others misery in an anonymous manner. Not only are you malicious but you are cowards.

Nobody likes you. Go away. K thanks.
By Strange Kid to Mercy at 03,Apr,13 21:20 Fold Up

Mercy I need to pound your ass badly! Why must you ignore me each and everyday? I will hurt you, abuse you, eat you up each and every second of the day, shove maggot infested food up your ass, buy you hookers who are disfigured but you love those kind! I will tie you down and whip you, let you scream loud and clear! I will fuck you in public or just simply to beat you! XD I love you Mercy my one true love! *.*
By broken at 01,Jul,12 06:56 Fold Up

"And by the way- when you post something using my handle, people can tell whether it's really me- or you the impostor. "

No they can't, you overweight cum dumpster.

By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 07:26

Thanks for sharing not sure whats real on this site! But life is too sort and beautiful even when im going through bad 'patches' I know thats all they are 'no condition is forever'.

Yet if you look around theres always something good!

Ignore those cowards who post insulting comments really don't even reply!

Good luck EVERYONE need it sometimes.
By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 21:32

Well you fucking freak of nature did the bad period end? Got news fattoboy your issues are just starting, more so than you imagine, be seeing youL

By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 13:11

kill yourself!!!
By anonymous at 09,Jul,12 19:35

you're an fucking asshole to suggest such a thing.

By anonymous at 28,Jun,12 15:59

Wow see that is just like an big over grown cry baby, that whining over not having any friends. Get over yourself, get a back bone and grow some self esteem. I don't think you'll know it if it's was coming from your ass. Go out and find a lady, nothing isn't going to come to you if you're sitting in room over feeding yourself, shedding pounds that will make you more hideous. Go man, go now and stop pissing about it.

By Ed the Pecker at 28,Jun,12 21:24

Why don't you just take your rank, raunchy sweat cheeked fecal encrusted sour ass and get a life. Your so fat you have to put baby powder under the flap of your gut so the scabs don't rub raw. You emit the smell of rotten putrid flesh. You are a sorry case, you are what you made yourself, no one to blame, so keep the rotting gaping toothless hole you call a mouth and shut the fuck up. You my fat prick of an inhuman attempt at being the species of man are a true dreg of society that even the drunkard winos look down upon. One nasty cocksucking twobit motherfucker whom deserves to get his ass kicked around the block you narcisist meat ring lapping dogfucker. Just grow the fuck you useless fat gut

By anonymous at 30,Jun,12 02:32

you dont need to feel that way, change your life, start working out it will boast your self esteem and energy, plus its good for your health, you have a lot to live for, find someone who enjoys the same things as you and start building friendship with other.:)

By anonymous at 30,Jun,12 21:14

I hate niggers. They're stupid, violent, lazy and they have made their own retarded-sounding english dialect because their primitive unevolved brain cannot process basic grammar and vocabulary.80% the n*ggers in this world don't even have food since their just that sad, and the other 20% living in the streets of compton california are thuggish hoodlums that scare old ladies and eat watermelon and chicken for a living.
By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 05:24


By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 11:02

Dude, don't pay attention to the negative crap posted here.

Screw the girlfriend, she's gone.

You'll find someone better. Because you're going to get out of the bedroom and take a walk every day.

And while walking, you'll start finding healthier things to eat. And make friends with the people whom you buy those healthy things from.

Your job will still suck (they all do), but outside of that you'll probably find a decent life. Some new friends helping you lose a little weight, and probably a chick who'll recognize that you're making positive choices. All in time.

On a side note: Sounds to me like your last chicky-doo was one of those isolating types -- she was the only one you talked to? Sounds like a game evil chicks play to ruin guys with good hearts. Just my opinion. Had a couple of those myself. Trust me, you're way better off with her gone!

So get off your butt and take a short walk! :-)

By Cursed at 01,Jul,12 21:19

Your all just a bunch of pathetic hideous monsters preying on me, now leave me the fuck alone. I've had enough of your useless cunt comments. We all know I am queen of LS'sand what I say goes, Cursed.
By Clarity at 02,Jul,12 00:21

^ Well-Played..

By inspireu1 at 01,Jul,12 23:04

@lonley73: I really don't think you're life is not bad. you're not dying physically or appear to have financial problems like many (you are employed). your only problems are personal and psychological which is good. I think I lot of people would trade you, not saying your life is great or anything. All you really need to do is get outside, get some fresh air, join a gym or fitness group, make some lifestyle changes, eat more healthy, set some minimum goals for yourself but try to avoid your bedroom as much as possible. even if you have a living room, it's better to stay in there. ignore all the negative comments above.
By anonymous at 02,Jul,12 05:59

no, you're wrong, it's time for him to go home (JK LOL, of course he's at home he's a looser where else would he be?) and kill his fucking self
By at 02,Jul,12 22:42

Dont listen to this person ^^^. They are hateful for whatever reason. Why dont you just sign up with a gym and spend your time there when you arent doing anything. You will be going out and not in the house and you will be bettering yourself and becoming more healthy. When you exercise you actually release certain chemicals in your body to make you less depressed. Also look into doing certain hobbies as well. You can meet people this way. Dont be self concious about your weight at the gym either. We all got to start some where. You can do this. Dont just give up.

By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 23:44

Just ignore the nasty stupid comments above. While it would be nice to have a girlfriend the sad reality is that this is a screwed up world and not all of us are meant to be happy because people are cruel and nature is cruel. Ive known this for years. Don't concern yourself with what people think. Enjoy your life anyway you can as long as your not hurting anyone.Most girls and women suck and are unfriendly. Forget them. I would just disconnect myself from the outside world..

By anonymous at 09,Jul,12 21:02

I've been exactly where you are. Fat, alone, and no prospects. This may seem too simple, but join Weight Watchers and go to meetings every week. There are always 15 women for every guy. It's positive and you have people to talk to and be around. It's only around $10 a week. Give it 2 or 3 weeks.

By anonymous at 21,Jul,12 00:55


By anonymous at 18,Aug,12 22:30

Forget girls and women. Most of them suck. Most of them are unfriendly vain assholes. And dont bother with people. Learn not to care about other people. Learn not to need other people. Thats what I have done. Some may say this is bad unhealthy advice and maybe it is. But you know what? Humanity is such a lost cause and such a huge fuckup and utterly hopeless that this is the only advice thats realistic. I dont give a shit for other people. Why should I? They dont care about me. People are selfish self centered uncaring so what the hell do I care what people think of me? Nothing. I live in a fantasy world where I imagine Im in a tropical paradise. I live in a bleak shithole suburb so I need an escape from reality. The only way I can do that is by daydreaming and lucid dreaming. If one is able to achieve lucid dreaming then this would be a wonderful hobby. Other hobbies I encourage are hiking and sightseeing. Ive befriended a wild flock of pigeons. They come to me for food and some of them will eat from my hand and perch on me. They are semitame pets. They are one of the very few good things left in my life. Im thankful for having pigeons. Theyre friendly intelligent and harmless. If your patient you can tame a wild flock of pigeons with seeds. And fill your time by reading and browsing the internet. One of my favorite places in the world which I probably will never be able to visit is Kauais Napali Coast and Kalalau Valley with towering cliffs beaches waterfalls and wild fruit. The scenery is among the most majestic in the world. The Internet has lots of photos. I would just disconnect from people and live in a fantasy world.
By anonymous at 02,Nov,12 18:30

Dude right on I agree with you a hundred percent, fuck humans!

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 03:08

i continue. Fuck girls and women. I dont have a girlfriend and I dont care. Most of you sluts out there are cruel heartless vain selfish unfriendly amoral assholes. God forgot to give you a heart. Get the fuck out of my sight you fucking sluts.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 17:09

and my final comment to all you degenerates who have harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By link building at 26,Oct,13 12:33

D1WVzr Thank you for your post. Keep writing.

By anonymous at 08,Mar,14 12:17

Jesus loves you. We are all god's family/ hold on / good times will come to you. Start prayering and god will show you the path.

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