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Posted by bark at the moon dingo at June 18, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Money

every day it just gets worse... rent was overdue because money order didnt arrive in time and landlord charges payment was late because i dropped it off only 2 days earlier, so insurance lapsed/..first crash in 20 years occurs next day.before insurance kicks no coverage for that other car..which so happened to me a new 2012 camry..only minutes off the new car lot...and now the fine is way more than the original insurance payment was... company wont pay coverage is in full effect but for 24 hours it wasnt...thatwindow of-gee i shoulda stayed my butt home !!! my car is totaled and i have no way of going..and i have full coverage/which by the way... wasnt in effect for that same 24 hours...i still owe 5700 dollars on the note...job cut hours increased workload..and the guy i was carpooling with just quit to start another is 15 miles away...stupid boss doesnt want to hear it...gotta find a way back and forth...bicycle? perhaps...but mine was stolen 2 weeks ago...someone cut the chain on my 200 dollar cruizer. im sitting here online and i should be at work this minute...boss is on the phone and im not answering..landlord is mad..and is outside pulling up in his truck..looks like he's holding some sort of papers and..well... i feel like im trapped here...i cant let him know in home..or there will be some drama..he is kinda snappy, and i dont know if i will remain civil if he calls me a deadbeat like he does every other tenant.. did i forget something? oh yes..when they towed my car my billfold was in it...and now i cant find it and the wrecker driver denies having it...with 300 dollars in license..and my debit card...and perhaps some incriminating evidence from former girlfriends..a picture says a thousand words...and..finally... the water is cut off to all the apartments for 2 days now because the deadbeat landlord owes the city60 thousand in back water bills...whos the real deadbeat? my toilet hasnt been flushed in quite a while..and my buddy james just came out of there after spending 20 minutes''sitting on the throne'.....somebody call 1-800 help life sucks totally right now....


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By anonymous at 02,Jul,12 13:09

Bankruptcy? I think that would help a lot. Dude, it is simple. Max out your credit cards and apply to every credit card you can. So you borrow from 1 credit card to cover the other. Live like a king for 2-3 months then file for bankruptcy. Screw the system cause the system is screwing you.

Some day I will kill a person. I just hope I can get some money for it.

By anonymous at 12,Jul,12 20:52

Move to Canada and forget about your debts. Start fresh!
By anonymous at 20,Mar,13 21:33

i heard i cant even move to canada because i have a dui. can you believe that bullshit? canada wont even take anyone with a criminal record. lol well that is unless your rich. fuck this god damn capitalist bullshit

By anonymous at 02,Jan,13 07:06

life sucks after years of hell in our other house they have decided to sell this house can't get mortgage everybody doesn't give a shit thinki'm gonna end it all
By anonymous at 20,Mar,13 21:38

i finally realized what it is all about in this world. it is about people competing over scarce resources. there wouldn't hardly be any bad in this world if there was enough to go around for everyone. plentiful jobs with decent pay and standards of living. i heard back in the 60's americans could expect a standard of living. now everything has gone to shit. there are no unions anymore really. jobs are scarce and dont pay shit and suck ass. i actually had my employer tell me that my job was not meant to sustain myself that it was meant as a supplement to my income. what kind of bullshit is that? i told that fucker i'm not a charity. i cant just work for free. i incur bills and debt just like everyone else. global competition. when a worker in china can do a job for pennies on the dollar of course the american standard of living is going to go to shit. this country fuckin sucks and china really sucks. I would be happy as fuck if i were just not poor.

By speechless at 12,Apr,13 23:55

Are you.kidding? Supplement your income????isnt your.income supposed to come from your job? Your boss is an idiot.

By smashing top seo at 25,Oct,13 03:50

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