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Is this it?

Posted by anonymous at June 18, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Loneliness

I'm basically am so lonely, all my other siblings leave me out and i feel like the odd one out always have. They don't speak to me only when they want something they do. I'm sick of being second best, i fell in love with some boy i knew but he never loved me like everyone else. My mum gave up on me when i was 7, she suffers with depression and says she doesn't want to see me anymore. I wish i could speak to someone but i'm scared of what they think and why i get upset. It's weird but i get scared if people forget me, i try not to fuck up things and my dad thinks i'm a right failer. Everyone gets sick of me and forgets me. I'm tired of being lonely and i'm only 16. I think i don't know how to love and care for people but how can i when nobody can be asked with me. I started drinking a lot just to make myself happy for an hour or two but then i break down all my so called friends call me an emotional drunk but i'm simply just lacking happiness, they don't care. I tried killing myself but it didn't work, i've been this for too long now
I'm not sure why i can't just do it and work


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By anonymous at 02,Jul,12 21:48

I think you should just end it all. It only goes downhill. Fill the tub halfway with warm water, grab some razor blades and jump in. Hell throw in a plugged in space heater into the tub just to make sure you finish what you started
By anonymous at 05,Jul,12 14:10

Wow!!! Are you out of your mind!!! What kind of advice is that!!!
By anonymous at 11,Jul,12 20:32 Fold Up

you are a fucking asshole to recommend this. DICK!
By anonymous at 23,Jul,12 10:28 Fold Up

Get lost, your crazy person. HELP is what most people want or at least someone who cares, YOU should fill up the tup and end it all.
By anonymous at 29,Jul,12 03:31 Fold Up

what the hell is wrng with you
By danny fraser at 07,Aug,12 16:15 Fold Up

what a fucking tosser find me on face book and y dont u jump in to a bag full of glass shards u stupid sick fuck go jump off a cliff and make sure u survive u sick fuck ad love to meet u and kick fuck out of u prick
By anonymous at 07,Aug,12 16:16

add me on face book i ment

By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 22:08

Find someone that feels same as u. I feel lonely and worthless. I'm a 26 yr old married mom of two. I do the same as u and drink and drown in sorrows.
By FGS at 23,Jul,12 10:34

I don't know who you are nor do I think you should have to tell me, but the one thing I can tell you is that DRINK is not the answer. I am not AA or holy moly or anything like that, but 30 years down the line you will so regret that you missed so much of your life because you were drinking. You forget the most important little things that matter later in your life. Bad times pass, or at least get better. Get help, join a mothers and toddlers group, walk at night, I don't care what it is, just DO SOMETHING that will make you feel better. Help is always there, you just have to LOOK. Listen to someone who was there 30 years ago. Best of luck..

By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 12:18

Look how articulate you are for only 16. Being a teenager blows---you feel trapped where you are but you've become socially aware enough that not everybody feels quite as unhappy. For me, it got better. ...but I still have my bad days. Let me know if you need someone to talk to, alright?

By anonymous at 05,Jul,12 02:47

Why don't you two meet up and fuck?
By anonymous at 06,Jul,12 17:23

why dont you fuck yourself you sound like your in love with yourself

By anonymous at 05,Jul,12 14:11

Hey, don't worry sometimes life is that way so you can become stronger, just go out and be who you are... You'll do find... But stop thinking negative because it wouldn't take you anywhere... Or try and get into programs or counseling..

Wish you the best...

By anonymous at 08,Jul,12 05:47

Your only 16, you still got your whole life ahead of you. Don't worry if some loser doesn't find you attractive, I'm sure someone probably thinking the same about him. That's sucks that your family plus you mom giving up on you. People tends to over look depression or mental illness because of them not understanding or they don't want to deal with a person with problems. Real friends will be there and not call you crazy because you spilling your feelings out to them. People don't understand people like us who have problems because either they don't care or their glad it isn't them and still would care less. Don't do anything to yourself, it's not worth it. Your young and there're still time for you to find what you want in life.

By anonymous at 22,Jul,12 00:25

As a once depressed teen myself, life will most definitely get better. (I ended up here cause I moved to a new city with no real friends and was feeling rather shity.) Also as a person who drinks on a rather frequent basis, do not do this when feeling this far down (once again, personal experience). Now on to the advice part. Sadly enough when you are in high school the group of people you know is so small it can almost be suffocating at times. Which makes it worse when you dislike/hate them all. The key, and absolutely worst part is, to try to make it outside that group and meet new people. People that actually like you for you. I personally was lucky enough to find a good group like that. Go to places where your group does not hang out. Maybe another high schools area. And then the hardest part, just talk to random people. People like being talked to. Even if its something small, just make a random comment to someone when you see them notice something. Eventually you meet people that are like you and enjoy you for who you are.

So go out, enjoy being young, and get hammered! (Once you have meet some true friends)

By FGS at 23,Jul,12 10:27

Get yourself help, and forgive my me for saying this but "fuck the rest of them". This is your life, you only get one and do everything in your power to make sure that you are happy or at least "content", which is not what the hell I would settle for. Get out, get help and GET HAPPY.

By anonymous at 01,Aug,12 05:30

Your not the only one to love unrequited.

By anonymous at 13,Aug,12 15:39

"I'm basically am so lonely, all my other siblings leave me out and i feel like the odd one out always have.They don't speak to me only when they want something they do. I'm sick of being second best, "
Your siblings are cunts. Your parents not much better. Your friends are shallow.
You, on the other hand, are too nice for these people. You got the good gene.
Stop mixing with shallow people, stop putting up with cunts. Say NO more often, infact for a whole month make it your mission to say NO to everyone, they will be pissed but you will feel happier.
Find real friends - good true people. Now this isn't as easy as it sounds cos there are a lot of cunts out there. So settle for one semi ok friend and try meeting new people. Make it another mission to be a miserable faced cunt amongst your so-called current friends but the moment you are awy from them, lift your head high and glue a smile to your face. Thinking of all the people you've said NO to that day will help the smile come naturally.
I mean this all most sincerely, you are too good for the current people in your life

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 17:03

And my final comment to all of who dirtbags who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 26,Sep,12 22:35

It will get better. I swear. You are only 16, you literally have your whole life ahead of you.

Furthermore, never forget that that you only have one chance at life. If you believe in God, know you will upset him and not get into heaven if you commit suicide. If you dont believe in GOd, realize that once you die, THATS IT! You could very well cease to exist, and how scary is that thought!

It really will get better. Life sucked for me at 16. I'm still kind of a loser, but I have grown as a person, and have learned to be happy in my own skin. Hang in there, because life will bring you happiness and pleasures you never expected.
By anonymous at 06,Jun,14 00:42

Hey you know the bible says that suicide is a sin but people who sin still go to heaven. Just because you commit suicide doesn't mean you don't go to heaven it means that God will be sad and disappointed at you.
By anonymous at 11,Oct,15 16:24 Fold Up

Great job listening to what the person had to say. You did a good job of staying positive and helping the person to look at the good that life can bring. You also shared your own experience of feeling bad about life, which can help the person feel more connected to other people.
Next time, try to think about the details that the person wrote about. Try to emote their emotions. They write about a lot of different situations, but what is the overarching feeling that they are experiencing? Try to improve on your clarity of what you are trying to get across. Overall, good response!

By anonymous at 01,Nov,12 17:52

I'm only 16 too. It's okay to feel lonely because this is how a lot of people feel. Everybody walks out and leaves so you're always left alone. I completely understand how you feel. I promise you that you are worth it, and dont listen to what anybody else has to say. You were made perfect and someone will come along in your life and make it just as beautiful as you are. I hope you get the chance to read this even though you'll never really know me.

By anonymous at 09,Nov,12 16:03

i am in the exact same situation

By anonymous at 21,Mar,13 04:33


By anonymous at 08,Mar,14 12:08

hold on don't quit/ god does love you pray to jesus

By anonymous at 06,Jun,14 00:38

I promise you that if you go to a good church and tell that story that everyone there will try to be friends with you and if they are not remember that Jesus loves you and wants you to be his son or daughter. Once you turn to Jesus and give him all your burdens your life begins to make a complete turn around. ( Also I'm a teen who went through troubles and wanted to die but when I found Jesus my life turned around)

By anonymous at 11,Oct,15 16:37

It sounds like you are struggling to find a place in this world. There are so many people that you want to please, but you donít know how to. People donít seem to acknowledge you and give you the attention that you deserve. The solution that you have found is drinking in order to fill the void that you are feeling. It seems like you desire to fit in, but friends and family keep rejecting you. Feeling loved and taken care of is what you want, but there is this confusion that you have to why people wonít love you for who you are. Seeing the positives in life and looking at yourself as the one who determines your life is important. Never sell yourself short because you deserve to be loved and to love others.

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