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I want to die

Posted by anonymous at June 26, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

Im 26 years old iv been married for seven years and just found out my wife cheated on me,I don't know what to do I feel like hell,i can't eat can't sleep and every time I think of her with him I get sick,Im not the best looking guy and I am over weight and this guy was way better looking then me now I'm so insecure about my self I can't even be in my boxers around her... She was my best friend and my whole world but now it's different I just want to end it and not have to be here any more


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By anonymous at 30,Oct,12 11:30

Let me tell you i am in the exact same boat except after 7 years she left and is living with him she is in my mind the best i can ever get it has been 9 months and i still am devastated

By anonymous at 31,Oct,12 14:39

wow man.. that's really sad.. i mean if that happened to me i don't know what i'd do.. the only thing i can even say to you is at least you're still young.. other than that you just have to let it go and change everything about your life and don't look back

By anonymous at 01,Nov,12 22:04

You don't need her, you can learn to love your self more than anyone else and will you never need anybody again, I do it everyday. Try not to take what she did personally, she is just another fickle person. Soon she will cheat on the guy she cheated on you with, and so on, and so forth.

By anonymous at 01,Nov,12 22:06

correction: *you will never need anybody again, I do it everyday.

By anonymous at 01,Nov,12 22:08

By the way, I find overweight people to be much more sexy than skinny people.
By Eat more at 03,Nov,12 15:42

OK fat ass, now we all know.
By anonymous at 03,Nov,12 21:42

OK, when fat people fuck in the missionary position, do they just teeter in midair?
By broken at 10,Nov,12 06:10

I lol'd in RL

By anonymous at 04,Nov,12 04:09

My suggestion, is get in shape. Work out and start looking good. Then get with some one better! The one who cheated might even get jealous, serves her right. Do this and things will be better.

By anonymous at 05,Nov,12 17:46

Ditch the bitch. Honestly, her cheating on you probably had very little to do with your physical appearance. I'm buff (intense 6 day a week work out retiming) and I'm considered handsome and I 'surprised' my fiancé one evening when I walked in on her with some lame ass park superintendent in bed. I didn't get violent. The loser scurried out and I Calmly let my now ex know it was over. Got my things, left my set of her keys and never looked back. Seriously dude, your spouse cheating on you has more to do with her problems than any failure of yours. I know why you stay. It's hard to be alone, but seriously you are always going to question. You are always going to suspect. You are always going to feel hurt if you allow the BITCH to stay. You have grounds for divorce in which you would not need to pay alimony. I don't know which state you live in, but chech with a lawyer on division of property rights. I know it's really hard right now, butyou're still in your 20s! You can still find someone to love and who loves you back. Try new ways of meeting women. Don't do bars. Be wary of e dating. DO try volunteer groups or church if you're religious ( I'm not but I'll throw anything out as a helping hand, man, I feel your hurt) or hobbiest/common interest groups ( hiking, sports, politics, whatever). Seriously, for your own good leave this woman. Take time to grieve/mourn and when you're ready try meeting new people. I wish you the best brother.

By anonymous at 09,Nov,12 11:26

SOmething similar happened to me, I second the notion that you should leave her immediately. Go to a laywer FIRST, and get divorce papers. It;s hard now, but will get easier soon, if you stay with her and drag it out it will just get worse until she does it again, and SHE WILL DO IT AGAIN. I forgave mine once, and it was just all that much worse when it happened again. Spare yourself this, walk out, and keep your self respect.
By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 14:20

I wrote the post previous to yours (ditch the bitch). Thanks for clarifying the fact that once a cheater always a cheater. If the cheater is taken back in by her ( or his) spouse like all is forgiven, it just validates in their warped minds that what they did was no big deal and OK. They'll do it again. By kicking them to the curb you're doing both yourself and them a favor. For yourself you keep your dignity by refusing to be abused and for them they might get the message that what they did was totally unacceptable. Cheaters seem clueless as to the damage they do, pretty much like any narcissist or sociopath

By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 11:20

You want to die, then die cry baby bitch :)
By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 14:05

You must be his slutty ass, STD carrying, random cock stuffing cunt of a wife.

BTW slut, before you fuck some random trick, do you need to shove a 'no pest' strip in to get all the roaches out?

By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 15:25

forget about her shes no good fcuk a hoie
By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 19:39

Go to a lawyer, prove your case of 'estrangement/infidelity'. Get all the property and kick the cunt out on her dick ridden ass. Doubtless with her experience she can walk the streets for a living.

Save yourself and lose the slutty-ass gash.
By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 20:42 Fold Up

Ya. Just to prove what garbage she is I'll fuck her in the gutter, blow my load all over her face then serve the bitch papers for your alimony. Seriously man, shove your boot heel up her butt and kick her out the door

By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 21:27

Love yourself, if you're unhappy with how you look, focus all your attention on getting healthy, don't think about her, think about you. it's going to hurt, and it's going to be hard but you have two options, 1. try to work it out, 2. leave (kick her out).

If you do want to leave, get a new place, without the memories, and start over, you've still got your job, your friends, and family. And there are more women out there. She hurt you and it's going to hurt for a while, but use that to make yourself better.
By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 20:51

Seriously, speaking from experience, don't even try and work it out. Kick the cheating bitch out. She'll just do it again. This is the first thing to do. Then he should work out ( if he so desires, this isn't important to all women) eat healthy, get in better shape then show up at some messy skeevy bar were you know the slut will end up and show her what she lost since looks are so important to the skanky twat

By anonymous at 26,Nov,12 13:35

once a cheater, always a cheater.

By anonymous at 01,Dec,12 05:21

I felt like that today like I wish I had died in an accident but when i talked to my friends and family that kind of helped still trying to get back to normal....I have had someone cheat on me before so I know how it feels you will eventually move on and your wife sucks for cheating on you sounds like she is shallow and selfish.

By scstrriage at 08,Dec,12 16:29

Hi! I just wished to take the time to create a remark and say I have really enjoyed reading your site. Thanks for all your projects.

By anonymous at 11,Dec,12 04:03

Join a gym and build some self-confidence. Take back control of your life

By ghost at 27,Dec,12 21:16

-live well. It is the greatest revenge.
By anonymous at 27,Dec,12 22:43

Thats actually real good advice!! haha i agree

By indian at 27,Dec,16 19:33

“Did anyone here pass the 4th gr;te?”aJeeze…dake a Midol, go get in the shower with your favorite waterproof appliance, and chill out. You’re supposed to LOL at some of them…not over-think things.

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