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MY dad an me

Posted by Daniel at July 8, 2012
Tags: July 2012

my dad is rely weird, he always picks and whenever you ask him a question he's always come back with some remark like how im stupid or a idiot.

he picks at anything like if ur making a sandwich he will stop and go why are u doing that, or like why are u touchin the dryer or somethin idiotic.

when i talk to him about anything he's just rude and always is quick to shit on peoples failures but doesnt ackknowledge there sucesses,

my mom just seems to ignore it but it gives me rely bad anxiety to the point where i shake and always have heart palpitations thinking im going to die.

i feel depressed alot too

it doesnt help when i was 15 (im 20 now) i was hanging out with a bad crowd and some girl told her boyfriend i raped her and got me arrested.

the whole thing was very bizarre and surreal and i didnt rely understand what was going on.

i told them obviously i hadn't and that id just made out with her and felt her up etc.

this was in a kids park btw

being 15 she was 14 it didnt rely bother me at the time.

i got a caution for it and since then have always felt very depressed about my life, how im now labelled as a sicko and am very paranoid about meeting people or making new friends.

i always ask myself why me and have got very upset and cried a few times about it on my own.

i find it very hard to take pride in my appearance like wearing a suit or buying a new watch as i feel i am no longer the person i was or wanted to be.

i normally just keep it inside but i wont lie it was 5 years ago and i think about it everyday and it makes me depressed about my self.

life would be a lot easier if my dad wasnt such a asshole. my parents are basically divorced but live under the same roof so the atmosphere in the house is always tense which messes with my anxiety.

thats my life and yeh i would say its not that great at the moment.

all i can hope to do is try and make something of my self and hopefully go to court and get that ridicuolus thing off my record.

p.s if replying please dont be to harsh or insulting as you wouldnt appreciate someone attacking your very personal life


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By Homme Jordan New School at 28,Sep,14 23:50

Aku kemudiannya mengunci basikal kesayanganku. Cinta yang sentiasa membawa kebahagiaan kepada hati, =).no thank you! kata hayati yang dipanggil ?? apa yang akan si kecil ini teriakkan padaku disaat ia perlukanku.ibu mak ummi mama suamiku hanya tersenyum melihat gelagatku sambil memberi ciuman kasih didahikulamunanku menjadi semakin indah hari demi hariku usap perutku setiap waktuku bisikkan kata-kata indah pada bayiku teramat sayang padamu wahai anakku.sebelum jenazah anakku disemadikan sempat kusisipkan photo aku bersama suami di balutan putih tubuh kecil anakku.sempat jua ku ambil bekas-bekas kain putih itu yang dipotong untuk kusimpan sebagai pengubat rindu

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