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Life Sucks

Posted by anonymous at July 12, 2012
Tags: July 2012

I am about to be 28, trying to make it at a prestigous graduate school, but got sick and had to return home to my family while I recover. I am not sure I will be able to finish, because my grad school is in NY, and I get sick from the stress of NY lifestyle as I am from a rural town originally. I am not sure I can afford the loans needed to finish grad school and might need to drop out even though I have straight A's. My hair started to fall out from getting sick and I am not rich and cannot afford the loans.

My longtime girlfriend who I am madly in love with and have done everything I could for her, won't speak to me currently because she is out of state, and would rather marry someone with more money than me, even though we love each other. She told me so.

I am 28 and living with my mom who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder that drives me insane, and my dad has been called a deadbeat, they cannot help me at all, and I cannot finish affording school to spend my whole life what I was trying to do.

I currently only have one friend that answers my calls, I am all alone since my girlfriend is going through a hard time in her life and secluded herself, and won't speak to me at all, leaving me heartbroken on top of it.


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