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My sweet stepmother

Posted by Ginger at July 31, 2010
Tags: Family  2010 July

When mother became abusive toward me and my siter I decided to leave and I tok mmy sister with me. It had two ywears scence the devorce and my father had remarried. I asked my father if I could live with and he to ask May his wife. May said it would be fine. We id get into like most girls do but my and may never hit us the punishments we being ground ciner time outs. One I accidentlly broke one of May's favrite vases. I told i was sorry and I told I would pay for it but she made glue back together. I took almost a week to do that. I embaressed onece by accident. TRhe bathroon dppr knob broke and it will lock shut. I opem the to enter and I saw May nude I was embaressed but may was morembaressed abd I don't how but My sister got a picture I told May I was sorry and she no punbishment. That wa an a ciident and you clould not have known I was in there. My 6 years ago and May died last year. Miss her. I called her Mama May. She more of a mother to me than my biological mother. No crack about my name please I have haerd all before. I am a R.N.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 21:28

You should learn to spell, but what do I expect from a root that is used in Asian cooking?
By Ginger at 09,Aug,10 00:18

You can't you read?! I said no cracks about my name! I hve heard that one too! and don't do the drink one. that ruined my after some pour an entire two liter on me and said that I am ginger now. I hae m=no muiddle name if I di mI would have used that

By anonymous at 09,Aug,10 22:44

learn to spell first n everybody use that name

By anonymous at 10,Aug,10 15:28

No way are you registered nurse with such shitty spelling.
By Ginger at 11,Aug,10 15:00

I tried to get my selling but I don't sign much stuf at work and I watch what I sign a twork to make sure Idon't make mistake but on my persinal compouter it is a diffrent story i never proof things on my personal computer. I do my job well. If you are guy and cute one I would enjoy you seeing me in my short white uniform. I have no pictures of that.

By anonymous at 13,Aug,10 17:04

Anyone know why there isn't any new stories in August? Is the story submission broken?

By Maryellen at 04,Mar,13 20:36

Your honesty is like a beoacn

By anonymous at 15,Sep,14 03:44


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