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Everything sucks

Posted by JimBo at November 3, 2009
Tags: General  November 2009

No money
Ex-wife bitches at me every day
Ex-wife's lawyers trying to put me in jail
Girlfriend always pissed off at me
Car about to break down has a hole in the radiator, have to carry a jug of coolant everywhere I go
Self-employed business on the verge of going under
No sex, girlfriend always too pissed
Phone disconnected
Power disconnected
Other bills unpaid get calls everyday
Dog shits and pees on floor everyday
Health is failing, always fatigued


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New Comment

By anonymous at 04,Nov,09 03:26

first of all kill the dog.. you dont need that shit..

secondly commit suicide by pills...easiest way out
By anonymous at 05,Nov,09 09:04

why dont you go fuck yourself you retard?

By anonymous at 05,Nov,09 09:05

I got the same shit.try survive all of that

By anonymous at 07,Nov,09 11:22

Trust me my life is worse. Youve no electricity?

By anonymous at 07,Nov,09 11:30

I have UNBEARABLE, TORTURING ILLNESS. So if you think you have it worse, you probably don't. The illness is charactarized by torturing pain and fatigue.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,09 11:31

And this is all caused bn Satan.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,09 11:54

The illness is more things.. cruel anxiety for example

By anonymous at 07,Nov,09 19:19

People: don't post my life is worse than yours. This is not a contest!!

By anonymous at 10,Nov,09 14:11

If your phones disconnected
How do they keep calling you?
By anonymous at 15,Nov,09 17:42

hes got a point and if there's no electricity where are you using the computer?

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 16:14

Why do I feel this guy is full of so much shit his eyes are brown.
There is so much bullshit in the post. No electricity but is posting on a computer, out of work, so not posting at work, no friends so that is out.
Suicidal, but has replied almost every post with hateful rage. Very, very rare for suicidal people. Depressed people are anything but prone to rage.
Phone is disconnceted, but people call.

By anonymous at 20,Mar,10 02:11

You have so much going on. What I would like to say to you is, give the dog to the SPCA, since your ex-wife is involved in your life, this must be a case of child support or temporary spousal support. Reslove conflict witht he ex wife and let her know that you are "trying". Go to a medical provider or clinic to check on your health. May dissolve the business if it is causing you stress and poverty. Go to work for someone else if you can. Get one land line phone, call each creditor, come up with a payment plan. Let them know your situation and pay each creditor at least $30.00 per month if you can. As long as you are paying something, it should keep them off your back, unless there is more that you did not share. As for your car, you may need to continue putting antifreeze in it until you have to money to repair it, or depending on what your business is, maybe you can offer your services(business)to a menchanic in exchange for car repairs. Now I have heard of people having their vehilces repaired by students (trade schools). Try to declutter your life. Now you know, that you really can live without sex, even though you may not want to. You have many other problems than not getting sex and if this girlfriend is not willing to be there for you or help out financially in the relationship, its ok to say goodbye.

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