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bah u think your life sucks

Posted by daves not here man!! at December 5, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Bad Luck  2010 December  Family  Health

All my troubles started when i was 3 years old..I was sexually abused as a child for 9 yrs by my uncle and as a result i was doing badly at school.My mum had married this bloke when i was a baby and he used to beat me daily for the smallest things eg:makin coffee to hot,at the age of 5 (id get it poured back over me and then beaten.)also for bad grades at school,just abt everything.i got to the age of 13 and finally had enough courage to stand up and say no more im leaving and left with my mother.many years went by as i tryed to control my anger and frustrations with the world.I finally grew to the age of 19 when i got my firsts job.I was driving a forklift when one night i rolled it and was stuck under the side...long story short there goes my health..i sustained a broken neck shattered pelvis and crushed legs.theyre goes my sport of g/f and child left me cause i was injured and couldnt provide for them,wich also now i havent seen in 10 yrs.Later i found anouther g/f,have been with her for 9 yrs now,but recently lost my second child to medical question is does this crap get any better or is it jus the same heart-ache ova and ova...the world is a fucked up place and not for me..


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Dec,10 20:15

Time to kearn some English and grammer but Just stay psotive and It will get better just give it some time and that is what takes in staying positive and time. Take easy and if you disabled get on Scial Security and disiblity and get dis iblity insurence it is cheap. I am disabled myself. from a back neck and leg injury My mother took me in an dLive at my mothe's house I am blessed that i had some place to go.

By anonymous at 25,Dec,10 22:11

Disability insurance is great, but you may need a lawyer to get it. The government is running out of money and it is becoming harder to qualify. What doesn't cost anything is prayer. Don't laugh, it's usually the last thing people think about but nothing is impossible with God. Where was He when these things were happening? You need to truly believe that He can help, and you need to pray with sincerity. God will not impose Himself upon anyone, but if you ask, He will surely help you in ways that you have not imagined possible.
By anonymous at 26,Dec,10 16:57

Prayer doesn't cost anything, but you get what you pay for: Nothing. You're so full of shit, asshole

By alex lyrics at 26,Dec,10 02:42

from the language u used, I think you are in europe and do not qualify for UNITED STATES social security as both comments earlier suggested. I think that life sometimes gives us crap to make us stronger and push us into the path that we are suppose to take.

I think you cannot have a life with others until you fix your life. God is not allowing you children because you will not or cannot care for them properly because you were abused and have not addressed this issue properly.

You need to be single, go to group therapy and seek years of counseling before you should ever attempt to raise children or have a family.

I don't think that you wold want to repeat the cycle of abuse, im not suggesting sexual, but the physical abuse is highly likely when you lose your temper. Children are not adults and cannot take adult ager with strikes.

God is doing you a favor, listen and hear him out.

You are not capable of caring for anyone, you are the one who needs caring for. It took only a few sentences of reading to see you need help. Get the help you need to heal

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 05:34

dude this alex lyrics guy is a dumbass.

You have been handed an unusually painful deck of cards my friend. You have my deepest sympathy. If it gets better or not I think is up to you.

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 05:34

actually never mind, it is not completely up to you, the universe plays a role in it too and we cannot control that.

By anonymous at 03,Feb,11 01:26

Man . . . this world is TOTALLY fucked up. Wrong or right, I think often that this planet is just a prison for souls that did something wrong and that had to come back/reincarnate in a body here on this prison called Earth.

So that's pretty much how I look at it/this life on this planet . . . It's like a prison sentence. I ask myself . . . If I did something wrong/bad in this life that would cause me to have to be sent to prison (killed, maimed, raped somebody, robbed a bank, etc, etc - whatever it is) . . . then, well, yeah . . . I SHOULD be in prison right? Well, I tell myself that I'd try to simply serve my prison sentence as best and responsibly as possible so I could get out as soon as possible (possibly on good behavior or something). So I'd just serve my sentence quietly, and try to learn from what I did wrong that made me get the prison sentence in the first place - so that when I get released, I wouldn't do the dumb shit over again.

I think about this world, and this life, in that matter - metaphorically speaking. I/many on this planet did something something horribly, horribly wrong either on another planet or in the soul-state . . . either that or we're simply very, very underdeveloped, primitive souls that NEED to go through a rough time before we "grow up" and develop more . . . and because our souls are either evil (did something wrong), or stupid/ignorant (need to go to spiritual preschool, so to speak), we're here on this hell-planet called Earth.

When I think about our plight that way, that really does seem to make a lot or sense to me with regard to all the dumb, senseless, horrible shit that happens on this earth to so many people. If that's what this planet is - a prison planet - then I guess I'm trying to do here what I'd be doing if I was in an earthly prison . . . And that is simply be a good, quiet, determined, studious, determined, but respectful prisoner . . . Trying to do my best and learn as much as possible about the absolutely shitty situation I'm finding myself in (life on earth), and knowing that if I stay focused and disciplined, that I'll eventually finish serving my time, this body will perish (the sooner the better) and (hopefully) the REAL me (i.e. my soul) either won't have to return to this shit hole again, or - if it does - it'll hopefully be under slightly better circumstances.

. . . just my feeling on things . . .

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