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untitled......just read

Posted by anonymous at December 9, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Health  Loneliness

Im 16 years old. I am overweight. I am ugly. I have a problem. It has started eversince the fifth grade. I have this issue. My body odor NEVER goes away. I try EVERYTHING to get rid of it. Sometime it hurts. I put deoderant on constantly. I wash my clothes constantly. Yet still it doesnt go away. I get made fun of. I get sniffles all days from my smell. People look at me in the hallways. Everynow and then I hear someone screaming "EWW IT STINKS" or "IT SMELLS LIKE SHIT" in the hallways. I cant defend myself due to this. I dont know what im doing wrong. I practise my Hygene CONSTANTLY. I come from a high class family.They hate me and they even admitted it. I try to be as positive I can. I have a few friends but Im embarrassed due to my issue. My family beats me. I am not allowed to talk to boys. Last night I got abused for being on facebook and looking at a picture of a boy. Im not ever allowed to stay out like the other girls. My parents constanly check on me to find out if im doing something wrong. My sister is a compulsive liar. She blaims me for EVERYTHING and my parents believe her. I have really bad acne which hasnt stopped since I was 10. I am 147 pounds and 5'4. I try to fit in. I go to mass 4 times a week just to pray. I really like this boy who just used me and ignores me. My best friend of 4 years ditched me for her new boyfriend. I have suicidal thoughts but I love my god so much I cant do anything. I have never slept over a friends house. My mom doesnt let me have text messeging because she thinks im going to do bad things. I have never smoked nor done drugs nor had sexual intercourse. I have never had a boyfriend. People judge me EVERYWHERE I go. I am not going to lie sometimes I have good times but I just want to know why I have this problem. Im very thankful for everything I have ,but I cant deal with this. It is a rodeblock in my life. I need help. I cry myself to bed EVERY night. I cant do this alone. Please help me. god bless.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 01:28

fuck them all

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 01:29

your strong it all will work out give it time my life sucked in high school too

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 02:32

at least ur filthy rich =/ just live/survive the best way you can, see a doc, its probably some hormones causing the odor, maybe he will give you antibiotics maybe the pills will make it better maybe worse.

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 05:04

Hang in there. No offense but your parents sound like freaks. Why don't you try getting emancipated. Start thinking about how you will make your living right now! You can do this, just try as hard as you can, jealous people may try and stop you but don't give up. Make a plan to leave and execute it. Your life should be better in a year.

By at 29,Dec,10 13:37

please dont give have a long way to go in life......i understand ur situation but this is not the way........try to involve in things that you like to do and avoid other diatractions that you have in life.....i'll tell you something about my 21 female ,im a student , i had many problems in life but i'v tried to ignore and overcome all of them and tried to concentrate on the things i'd like to do.......i love watching movies and i have watched many movies till date and i think its a great way to spend ur time....movies are knowledge and its a gate way to many other worlds,lifestyle and situations you never knew existed.......movies , music , internet and helping people gives me happiness and pleasure in my please try out these things and the things you like to do ..........try to be independent and enjoy life ....ignore everything that makes u unhappy......i'v been doing the above for the past 2 years and i feel like im the happiest girl on this is wonderfull when u make it ur own way during problems.......i'd realy like to be your friend ...... be happy

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 14:37

hi i have a daughter she is 17 and she is in college she is very depressed the doctor sayed she has a chemical imbalance thats what u might u have your sweat glands might be over active see a doctor if you can my daughters mom treated her like shit i stuck for her many times some parents are like that do you have another relitive you could stay with i would try tha if you can.i hope the best for you you sound like a sweet girl and dont worry about boys right now live your life to the fullest when i was a teenager i was alone also i know what your feeling.

By anonymous at 30,Dec,10 18:28

The Solution, This is harsh but it must be done to help you

Lose Weight: Not for anybody else but for your own self esteem and happiness, no need to puke ans stuff, just eat healthy and get in 1 hour of excercise daily if you can.

See a doctor: About your odor, it can be dealt with if it is vaginal or anywhere else it is not an issue there are products for these things.

Your Parents: they sound awful from what i have read here, I suggest talking to them, if they dont respect you, you'll just have to put up with it or get emancipated legally.

Good luck

By anonymous at 05,Jan,11 10:36

its oka 4uck all the people all u need is god he will listen to u it might not happend in a week a month it takes time u have to go thru it to get it my sister lie on me all the time but all i do is ignor them and my mom do not listen to me but i have my auntie sometimes i go stay with her but it will be oka jus pray and one more thing jus ignor those people they is call hater they dnt want to see u try to do good for yourself im overweight but i keep goin because i dnt care wat people say about me

By anonymous at 16,Feb,11 18:14

God is dead and you smell. Nietzche (15.45).

By smashing top seo at 26,Oct,13 04:27

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