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thirty year old

Posted by anonymous at December 29, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Family  Justice  Loneliness

When i was in elementary school my parents were really strict and didnt let me have friends or do anything except for schoolwork. My dad would always yell at me to do everything perfect and my mom wouldnt let me leave the house ever because she thought i would die. I was an only child and very lonely. In middle school noone would be my friend because i was so quiet and socially awkward because of my strict parents. Whenever I tried to make an approach for a conversation to one of classmates they would either laugh and walk away or ignore me. It was as if I was not even a real human being. I then went to a much bigger high school and was so out of place i didnt make any new friends or do anything. Also it was all boys so i met no girls in four years. Then I went to college and was finally free to do watever I want. I got drunk for the first time one night (not because I was against drinking in high school but I had no friends to drink with) and had sexual relations with a girl for the first time. However when I woke up I realized she was hideous and ugly and also a bitch so i imeadietly regretted it. She gave me herpes even though she said she was clean and I used a condom. Then she claimed I raped her (which I did not most of the time she was on top of me and I dont even think I touched her aggresively with my hands at all) and told the school and police. Noone would listen to me and I got kicked out of college within the first week of semester and put on a sexual predators list. Every other college I applied to rejected me cuz of this and I went to a shitty community college that i commuted to from my home. 10 years went by and now I work for my uncle as a laborer, still live with my parents who charge me rent (who suck and are boring and still annoying), havent even kissed a girl since the one who got me kicked out, still have herpes (and bad outbreaks), have no friends, and have no prospects for anything in the future. I literally have not left my town or gone anywhere except for work in ten years because I have no spendable money and no friends. The most exciting thing that has happened to me in a decade is a hot girl once mistakened me for someone she knew while walking past me down the street. thats the only social conversation I have had with a girl and it only lasted like five seconds and a few lines of dialogue. I feel like theres no way out of this prison of boredom.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 19,Jan,11 11:28

If this is legit, it's definitely in the top 10 shittiest lives posted here.

By BOA at 20,Jan,11 04:09

Yes your life sucks .... but if you completed your education, even community college, you can succeed. Try working a second job ... I did that so that I could get ahead for a while.

Maybe look at a new field, or career. There are education opportunities online. Use the money from a second job, to move out of your parents house, they seem like they are holding you back, or at least your relationship with them is holding you back.

By anonymous at 20,Jan,11 04:26

same here, but now I grew 18 and i got better.
those problems are gonna fade, only matter of time

By anonymous at 22,Jan,11 22:25

At least you aren't a virgin.
By anonymous at 24,Jan,11 09:59

lol, i'm sure this guy would trade places with you in a heartbeat if it was possible.

By anonymous at 03,Feb,11 00:02

Damn, dude. Okay. That sucks. lol.

Yeah . . . wo.

By anonymous at 03,Mar,11 04:51

man up tell ya parents to stick it spend what money u do have on goen out or the brothel dude LIFE IS WHAT U MAKE IT

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