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Life is shit

Posted by Pauline at January 9, 2011
Tags: Independent circumstances  2011 January  Relationship

Hate my life. Married and my mother in law lives with us. She's crazy, expects to be served, doesn't talk to me. My husband annoys me, not sure if I even love him. Just in it for the kids.


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New Comment

By at 28,Jan,11 16:04

People ask me why I never married. I was afraid of meeting women like you. Somebody who marries a guy she does not love.

It sucks to live with your mother in law, my grandmother was always ragging on my dad and me, for no reason at all. She was a total bitch.

People wonder what I do when I need a little sex, well, I just order a hooker over the phone and one is here is 20 minutes or less (fasted than Domino's Pizza). With the bad economy, college girls will do anything to earn their way through college and after graduation, to earn money to pay off their student loan debts.
By anonymous at 30,Jan,11 14:09

well almighty guy...HOPE YOU CATCH A DISEASE !

By anonymous at 29,Jan,11 05:05

same here i hate my wife just in it for the kids

and for the dude your just an ugly troll thats why
By at 29,Jan,11 10:49

No, I am quite good looking. I just don't trust women. My grandmother was a total bitch and so was my mother and older sister. Does that help explain why I avoid women and do not trust them? Women who marry a man they do not love because they want kids are mentally ill, and the men who marry them are morons. Life is to short to live with somebody you do not love.

By anonymous at 30,Jan,11 02:52

lol. Damn. I'm telling you. Kids ruin EVERYTHING. People need to stop fucking w/o thinking about consequences. lol
By anonymous at 30,Jan,11 05:09

the famous words of a virgin nerd
By anonymous at 30,Jan,11 22:44

takes one to know one.
By Venom at 16,Feb,11 10:44 Fold Up

Yea like u ruined everything for ur dad when u was a fugly ass nerd of 2yo, tho still trollin on the internets, cuz in the NET nerds are 'kay, i know that's what you'd be sayin in ur head right now

By Kayli at 15,May,17 01:14

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