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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 25, 2011
Tags: 2011 January  Philosophical  Racial  Society  Unemployment

life does suck...Try being 34 years old, get kicked out the military which you did 8 years, and have to depend on the govt for your living expenses when you move from Denver CO to Las Vegas NV, where unemployment is the highest in the fucking nation! Try living with the fact that your family looks at you differently like your the black sheep in the family because you date and married outside your race. Try taking a look at when you help people to try to better themselves they always fuck you over. Being an unemployed, but yet educated veteran is also a target for being a quote unquote terrorist. Try thinking about yourself not others...I can't, because its not in my nature. I have gone through more bullshit in life than others. I been in different countries. I seen life. And it all sucks. Everyone in this planet is oppressed in some shape form or another. And why? Because you let it to happen. You succumb to the fact that everyone has a different agenda. Even family. DTA. My motto. Even with my gf, family, whomever. Life as an atheist has been better than my ex-Christian life. You and only you is what matters. Fuck the rest. Being different is a good thing. Tell yourself that every day. This is your one and only life. Re-create and move on. Create yourself and by doing that, you will either hate life, enjoy it, or move on. Its a hard concept, but thats what the monetary system set up for us to live about. Blame yourself, and educate yourself, before pointing fingers. Life does suck but think about other options. Educate yourself.


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By anonymous at 22,Feb,11 20:19

at least you have a gf.... imagine you have to go through all that by yourself. life sucks.... yes, it does.

By at 23,Feb,11 04:00

I seriously worry for you...who says its natural for men and woman to be together and not for two men or two women to be together?
I am a straight woman in a relationship with my boyfriend of 4 yrs.
Why cant people like YOU VENOM just keep ur nose out of it? What has it got to do with you where other men are sticking there dicks??? As long as you know where yours is going then I dont see its any of your business??
Thats prob the issue here tho hey, maybe no one wants you or yours at all and thats why your being such a sad fuck and wasting people time being on here?? What are you actually doing on this site anyway in the first place????
Your "oh so perfect straight life" is not so oh so perfect in the first place it seems!
From a very happy straight lady who is more then happy to share my life with gays and lesbians.... and by the way Venom, you should be liking gays as it means theres more woman out there for you(not that i can imagine them all flocking at your feet with that stinky attitude of your!)
to the guy who wrote on xmas day, ignore people like Venom he aint worth worrying about...hes just a bitter and twisted hater!!
s x
By anonymous at 23,Feb,11 11:27

your spamming about someone named venom who no one knows about except you?
By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 22:30

yeah lmao i was like wtf venom?

By anonymous at 23,Feb,11 06:12

you just sound really whinney and like an attention whore

By anonymous at 27,Mar,11 00:14

graduated with honors plus prestigious graduate school plus additional training and education and my light brown ass is still black. america is a caste system with nepotism and racism. affirmative action gave white women jobs and was yet another way to try to belittle qualified blacks. life sucks with or without Christianity. without my faith i'd really rob a bank, start doing some three ways, try weed for the first time, make a porn, start setting up booby traps to injure folks etc. life sucks times one million when you're black in america
By anonymous at 13,Jul,11 17:56

I agree...I need Christian faith or else I would be doing everything bad you mentioned! The elite have built this whole monetary system and we are their slaves!

By anonymous at 23,Apr,11 13:26

you deserve it. fuck the military

By Tracy at 27,Dec,16 14:59

This is way more helpful than antynihg else I've looked at.

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