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Can't find a job.

Posted by Michigan sucks. at January 30, 2011
Tags: 2011 January  Unemployment

32 years old, no job. Graduated from University last March, still no work. Michigan sucks, highest unemployment in the country. Had to move in with mom. 32 year old man living in his mothers basement, pathetic and sad.

Don't know what to do. I'm broke so I can't leave, but there's just no work out here. Can't even afford gas to put in my car so I don't go anywhere. At least I'm alive and relatively healthy.

I'm not stupid, so why won't anyone hire me? Most of the people I graduated with (most of whom were C and D students) have found work. I studied hard in school and graduated with honors, but apparently that's not what employers are looking for - they just want pretty, young, and stupid girls to run their companies. What bullsh*t.

I hate living here with my mom. It's beyond humiliating. I don't see a real future for me anymore like I did when I was in college. I'm smart, hard-working, and honest. You would think that these are qualities that employers are looking for, I guess you have to be stupid, pretty, dishonest, and egocentric to make it in the world today.

I don't want much. I don't want a million dollars. I just want a good job, a modest income, a modest home, a decent car, and a real life of my own. Instead I'm all alone in my mom's basement. God this sucks. I hear people complaining about being caught up in "the rat race" all the time, but I would GLADLY trade my current situation for "the rat race" in a heartbeat!

I know a lot of people have it much worse than I do, and at the very least I'm thankful for having a roof over my head. But I can't go on like this. I'm a grown man damn it, I can't be dependent like this anymore! I can't stand it, I wake up every day hoping that I'll get lucky. Maybe finally someone will give me a chance. I just don't know what else to do.


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By anonymous at 27,Feb,11 11:56

You have to put yourself in position to make your move upwards. You will never get a break if the world never sees you. Borrow some starting money to get the gas for your car and go exploring other areas. Get the hell out of MI! If the federal gov. does not shut down later this week, go to USA jobs and find a civil service job around DC. If you are brave, try to join the Army reserves. You might have to go to Afganistan, but you should be able to possibly get a commision since you have a degree if you can pass OTS. Good luck.
By anonymous at 28,Feb,11 09:49

By anonymous at 28,Feb,11 09:55

By anonymous at 28,Feb,11 12:30

I'm the one who suggested he join the military. I am not a recruiter. I wish I knew why so many people are against serving their country? I joined the AF right out of highschool when I turned 18 and served over 7 years. I then went to college completely free off of the GI bill and got a Civil Service job making over 51K a year at only step 1 (GS 9). I have no debts at all and even own my car without any further payments. My family didn't even have to give me a dime to do this. It was paid for by Uncle Sam. DC is where the jobs are (for now unless their is a shutdown).

By anonymous at 27,Feb,11 18:03

Try temping. Even with a degree, you'll probably get shit temp jobs but it's a check man. I'm in the same situation, and while the work isn't steady by any means, it's something to keep occupied with.

By anonymous at 27,Feb,11 19:47

I know this won't help a great deal , but try donating plasma , roughly 50 dollars a week you would have .good luck . Much like you I'm living in a family members basement as well .

By at 27,Feb,11 22:03

Been there done that ......

Take any job .... McDonalds .... part time ... would give you some gas money, and most employers now a days, begin the hiring process online., .... I got my current job, through Career builders .... not a temp job, and I'm not breaking the bank, but over $14 an hour. I am paying house payments .... keeping gas in the 10 year old car. keeping my belly full .... even socking away a few bucks.

So get a part time job any job. Go online and register with job search companies .... they will send you a weekly list of available jobs, and needed skills. Then get to work.

Problem with people today .... they want it all and they want it now.

I know a guy who was laid off, two years ago. He got a job at Taco Bell .... and put everything into the job. He is now, about a year later, a store manager, and making more money than me .... with bonuses.

By anonymous at 01,Mar,11 17:17

why NOT JEWS KIDS GO TO JOIN MILLITARY they living our taxes luxury fcken talmud they want slaves all kids and family
By at 28,Jun,11 19:34

Fuck you!! I am living in New York, yeah the typical Jewish area. I finished biology in university. My grades were a bit below average and I couldn't find any job.
After working 2 years in temp shitty ass jobs I finally joined the military, serving 7 months off in Afghanistan.
so go to hell u fucking antisemitic prick. and if Jewish people are making more money than a typical Goy like you, is because we are smarter. That's why everyone hates us in this world.
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 15:32


By anonymous at 08,Mar,11 21:11

Man you got degree join military you will get a good rank and good pay or do government contractor come on you did good and you will be better

By anonymous at 22,Mar,11 11:52

I feel your pain. I am in a simalar situation. graduated from University, cant get hired, now a stale grad mooching off my wife. Ego is stepped on, no feelings of worth. I just want to get drunk all day, but that makes me guilty. Sad thing is that my wife is really attractive, and she is the only good thing in my life. If I keep drinking I will lose her. It is so hard to stay positive after a year of rejection----sigh. I need some drugs:(

By at 09,Apr,11 19:37

Hmm.. this is the first time I'm on this website... and it is weird, yet comforting to find other people that are in the same boat as me. When I graduated with my BA, I had big dreams about what life was gonna be like afterwards... I was finally going to make my mother proud and start getting an decent income... I had stellar marks and people generally have a good impression of me.. so I moved to Toronto, got an appartment with my then bf, and started looking for a job.

Well, Toronto sucks, I had no friends, the bf I had then was stressing me out since I was "the only reason he was alive", and my financial situation was horrible.

Now, I am 25, back in MTL, unemployed, supposed to "be married and working by now", living with my mom, and feeling completely useless. It is better than being depressed and alone in Toronto but still.. It doesn't help that my mother appears ashamed of me whenever someone asks her if i'm working yet. The shame I sense from her makes me want to end my life. But I can't do that to her. It is too selfish.

I'm just so ashamed of myself. I feel like a failure. I am trying to stay strong. Since I haven't gotten any reponses from the jobs I applied to, I will focus more on volunteering and trying to improve my French. And I have to try to keep in contact with my friends because they give me a different perspective on things.

I wrote a lot of crap about nothing but you just need to know that you are not alone. Life really sucks and there are often moments where you will wonder "what's the point?" Just talk about it with someone, and don't let go of the knowledge that you can be more than what you are right now. Life is just a lot harder than what you (and I) envisioned it would be. Keep in contact with your friends, take some courses, and volunteer... at least you would be productive, meet different people, have something to talk about in an interview, and you would increase your opportunities. I know it would be better than bumming around the house feeling like crap.

Just don't give up... and I won't either.

By anonymous at 23,Apr,11 04:23

hey! hang in there, what did you study in school?? i'm a career advisor, i can give you some direction if you tell me a bit about your background.

By anonymous at 25,May,11 14:07

I am sorry to hear about your situation, I stumbled onto your posting because I too have very similar feelings about the job market. I finished school with the help of thousands of dollars in school loans, and cannot currently repay them.
I hope by now, you have found a career/job, and it was just a matter of time. It seems that there are many people out there sharing/experiencing your pain, I hope that brings you some comfort. It is hard to keep your chin up when your going through this difficult time. Just know your not alone, I will share my cardboard box with you. :) Best of luck to you and all who are in this same scenario.

By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 10:11

Yes your situation is really sucky.. I just graduated with honours this year and have not found employment despite my peers having found jobs as well. I would just like to pray for everyone like us.. Smart, honest and super hardworking yet unemployed that we will find employment soon and that the jobs that we land will be the good jobs available in the market and will not be like the mediocre jobs that my B grade peers have 'settled' with. In Jesus's name i pray, Amen.

By at 04,Sep,11 20:32

In response to "Montrealer"

I worked my way through University (in Toronto). I lived in an apartment, and worked the nightshift. I finished school with a debt of about 5 grand. I was hired in my profession before I finished. In life oppourtunity will not knock at your have to go out and grab it. In respect to jobs. Send your resume everywhere. Dress your best, kiss ass, work hard and you will go far. There are ~ 35,000 jobs available now in Toronto (see Don't move home with your Mom; get on that computer and get busy...because the employers are looking for you! Hard work and you'll succeed.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,11 13:01


By anonymous at 07,Nov,11 13:06

im in the same boat. have graduated in the uk got BA degree though a low mark. got lotsa debt and since may was only able to find 7 weeks temping work. now again im at home from the moment i wake up till il go to bed and spend all day sending off my cv's for the last 2 weeks and no replies. live with my bf, he broke up with me so we still living together but our relationship is shit, just existance, i told him il move out as soon as i find a job, but unluckily still havent and i feel shit. im so f*****g bored all day everyday, coz cant really do much apart from looking for a shitty job like admin, reception. all these yrs of learning than got a shit grade at the end. like some of u mentioned above, im also smart bla bla bla etc but so what.

By anonymous at 24,Dec,11 13:58

employers DO NOT care how talented, learned, intelligent you are. all they care about is if you fit their mold and how impressive that piece of paper looks. that's it. all the people i've known that have maintained gainful employment with great pay and benefits are boring,their jobs have changed them for the worse, miserable, and just live for the weekend,and they would sell you out in a heartbeat to keep it. sad. i had a job making 20 an hour doing GIS analysis work for a large energy company. i came in entry level and did a great job, but i was terminated because one of the clients didn't like me. there you go.

By matz crorkz at 23,Nov,14 13:33

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