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life is horrible

Posted by Loser at February 9, 2011
Tags: Abuse  Family  2011 February  Money  Relationship

im 35ish , i have been married for 12 years , i have 2 great kids , but i hate my life , we owe 20,000 to 30,000 in debit not counting student loans , i got a shitty mortage that is due in the next yr and if i cant pay thr ballon payment of 100,000 or refinance im homeless with no where to go , i have no real friends just people who use me when they want something i think my wife truly hates me and sleeps around , all she wants is to be with other guys or get gamgbanged at every function we go to , talks about screwing all my friends and then does sleep with her female friends adn meven some of my female friends but thats not cheating cause its with a girl ok so she sdays i would just leave but im screwed cause who is going to give a broke man his children that mean more to him than his own life does , i have recently taken out life insurance policies and am currently looking into how to kill myself and my family get the money so they can keep the house and be happy cause i know no one is happy with me being around , my neighbor used to take me in the woods as a kid and make me give him bj's whne i told my grandfather he did the same and worse , so i never told anyone again when i got older and told people they laughed at me and told me i was a fag , my dad was and is still a drunk , my mom well where is my mom as a kid she bounced from man to tman looking for love and didnt give a damn about me just my other brother i was like the burden no opne wanted and now soom it will go away why are we here whats this life for i will ask god when i see him right before i suppose i go to hell for ever


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New Comment

By anonymous at 05,Mar,11 13:25

To start with.

Go to your parents home if they are alive. Without saying anything give your dad a punch at his face and your mom a tight slap then leave without a word. Or you can swear abt your grandfather in front of your father.

Then go to a notory and prepare divorce documents and keep them ready and dont tell anything to your wife and wait for the right time.

Next call your children up and tell them your fiancial condition IN DETAIL and ask their suggestions how to fix it.

Feel more in control of your life. You may take a bottle of piss and pour it over you garnd dads grave.

By anonymous at 19,Mar,11 08:24

SAD :(

Hope life gets better but seriously divorce that whore. She sounds horrible.

By anonymous at 21,Apr,11 10:37

Don't attempt suicide, cuz if you succeed, your awful wife gets the kids. If you don't succeed, your awful wife gets the kids. I wouldn't ask the kids what to do, because kids are supposed to be kids. If you have trusted siblings, friends relatives, now is the time to lean on them. Get some support.

By anonymous at 30,Jun,11 13:59


By anonymous at 30,Jun,11 14:04

I feel so bad for you. all those things you went thru as a kid and now you have children with a woman who is no good. I am glad to hear you are interested in keeping you kids tho. That is great that thru all the things you have went thru you still manage to be a good dad. Now how old are the kids? And as far as suicide goes don't do that cuz ur wife will blow the money and be bringing men in and out of the house and they could end up abusing your children and then where has that got you. There are plenty of women out there that are looking for a good guy with kids who also have kids themselves I should know cuz I'm one of them. Keep ur head up and I'm here if u need to talk. Name is Miss D

By anonymous at 30,Jun,11 14:08

My last comment must not of posted. First of all I'm sorry for what you have been thru I know what its like to have a parent not believe you about being sexually abused. But you sound like a great dad. As far as suicide goes that won't help the situation bc your wife wud prolly be bringing men in and out and those men might abuse your children. There are plenty of women out there that have children looking for a good man. I should know I'm one of them. Keep ur head up and I'm here if u need to talk. Miss d

By best link build at 16,Oct,13 00:36

hp8Eo8 A big thank you for your article. Much obliged.

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