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miserable life

Posted by Humanoid at March 28, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Juvenile problems  2011 March

im only 17 and im a girl but i can honestly say life really sucks...when i was younger i could have everything i wanted, i had a lot of friends, i was happy but now everything has changed. going at high school made my life a living hell. the kids in my class were making fun of my specific look (emo/scene) so i stopped talking to some kids from my class... but this is not the only bad thing in my life... i started to sweat a lot like A LOT!! now i only wear black shirts but im sick and tired of that i want to have a normal life again with no sweating..i told my parents about my problem but they dont do anything about that..they think that this is not a problem and that i can keep living with it but no, this is the biggest problem in my life..but not only the sweating i now suffer from social anxiety.. i dont like going out cause im so scared of the opinion of the others.. everywhere i go if someone is whispering i think that they are talking about me and saying bad words about me..if my life continue like this i will kill myself :/ i know there are much worse stories than mine but i have no one to talk to so i posted my story here :(


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,Apr,11 13:55

Excess sweating can be caused by vitamin deficiency (B12, magnesium, D, etc). Try to make sure you are getting a good diet (esp. vegetables, protein, maybe try a multivitamin as well, though it is harder to absorb). Also you can try looking for herbs and teas that will reduce this prob -- sage is one. Google it. Try some stuff. You can fix it. I started looking into these things after I was tired of my doctor ignoring any problem I mentioned and acting like it didn't matter. They work, but you have to figure out exactly what your underlying problem is and/or try several different things until you find one that works. Good luck.

By anonymous at 08,Apr,11 06:23

Kill yourself, death is the only way to peace.

By anonymous at 08,Apr,11 16:14

My god! I feel the same! I am like you but only I am black and emo. I dnt talk to ppl cus Im scared of what they will say! Im a pushover and very paranoid! I suffer from bad sweating when its too cold or too hot or even when Im embarrassed. I told some people that Im bi now everyone started to hate me for everything my gf says I did nd I just hate the drama! Lord I need help cause drama is building up on me.

By anonymous at 09,Apr,11 11:37

Hey dnt worry may b check out wid a doctor i thnk ur sweating prblm is more relatd to ur anxiety dan anythng else and u feel lyk sumbdy is whisprng abt u just say i dnt give a **** abt it AND be proud of urself

By anonymous at 20,Apr,11 17:11

don't do it. If you really need someone to talk to let me know and i will help you through this. But please do not leave this earth feeling this way..Not when i know you can have a different and better perspective of life

By anonymous at 03,Apr,12 05:42

Sweety, I can give you love and a normal happy life. don,t worry God will help I am Engineer strong caring man please contact me at

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