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Why does God hate me?

Posted by ME at March 28, 2011
Tags: 2011 March  Philosophical

I feel like the past 4 years God has been using me like a piece of tissue to wipe his ass crack. Why? I didn't do anything to him. In fact, all I did was try to make good decisions, and keep my head up when ish came my way, and keep my eyes on the prize when people were trying to push me down, and even just be a good person and treat people well. But person after person seemingly randomly out of thin air just comes along trying to shit on me like I did something to them. I try to make moves and they go nowhere. When life just feels like too much I just try to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually I may feel a little better, but the facts of life remain the same. People keep telling me that things will get better but then they don't. People keep telling me that I'll get this and that and the other thing or something great will happen or whatever, but it doesn't. I wish they would just shut the hell up with their prophesying I am sick to death of hearing about it. And no I can't be thankful or joyful, about the only thing I have to be thankful for is that I'm not homeless, and yes I do recognize that it could get worse, but it only seems like a ticking time bomb to me, not something to be joyful about. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Although now I have come to realize that just because something bad happens doesn't mean I did something wrong. Okay, but to be kept down like this for so so long... what is that all about? I don't get it. As far as I see it, the rest of my life isn't going to be that great anyway, but could you at least allow me to function? Like a normal person? Why do you keep giving me shit?


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By anonymous at 06,Oct,12 20:37

I wish i knew why God allows so many bad things to happen to nice people. nice people who are gentle, kind, always helps others and never ever bully or mistreat others. the Devil is allowed to wrack havoc and pain on us. I just don't understand it at all. Also- why does God or the Devil allow always GOOD things for Bad people? Why can't the Devil and its horrible demons just go away from us all right now? Why can't GOD intervene and protect us all from all the suffering and bad luck we are having? I just don't understand it
By anonymous at 30,Nov,12 10:42

Because they are supposed to be enjoying the rest of their mortal lives so in the end they could burn in hell for eternity. While the faithful ones stick by god through the worst imaginable (do you even know the amount of suffering that man went through just to have our sins forgiven? : passion of the christ) so they could die and live an eternity in perfect bliss
By anonymous at 28,Jul,15 12:35

This is a crock of SHIT God does not exist - God is the DEVIL did you not know that! Only good things happen to those who have money. So unfornately everyone is fucked in the ass by GOD if he really does exist - ha ha ha

If you have studied it was just a bunch of guys writing tablets that were nothing but stories - can anyone really prove this?
By anonymous at 18,Feb,16 20:52

I can bodies are I corrupt from many of years
By anonymous at 31,May,16 13:10 Fold Up

Satan is waiting for you
By anonymous at 31,May,16 13:12 Fold Up

By anonymous at 08,Oct,15 22:00 Fold Up

What a crock of shit .
By anonymous at 31,May,16 13:11

You think?
By anonymous at 28,Aug,16 22:10 Fold Up

WE are not Jesus!! He died on the cross for all, but he still treats me like a step child. I feel he's got too many issues other than mines to worry about me.
By anonymous at 25,Apr,13 18:13 Fold Up

It's simple, God does not intervene in our lives. You can wish for it all you want but the fact is he doesn't cause good or bad to happen, he allows us to have free will, intervention completely contradicts free will.
By anonymous at 08,Dec,14 12:52

Nothing happens in this world that God does not want to happen.
By Matt Thomas at 06,Oct,15 11:22

If He is all powerful, that is a logically inescapable conclusion. Bertrand Russell said it so well with, "If God is omnipotent, nothing outside His will can occur". Think it through.
By anonymous at 04,May,18 00:10

He wanted us to have free will. He knew that when he created this world, sin would happen because he gave us free will. He didn't make us so that we should love him. He made us so that we can love him. It's sorta like this: would you rather force your child to be perfect all the time, or do you want to give him free will?
By anonymous at 03,May,15 23:18 Fold Up

Cause he don't care
By anonymous at 07,Feb,18 00:09 Fold Up

By anonymous at 10,Sep,13 14:38 Fold Up

by anonymous 09,sept12
god loves everyone he hates the act of sin that's why we are separated from him but by having a relationship with Jesus who paid the price for our sins allows us the relationship with God and spend eternity with him in heaven Jesus can bring you peace if you let him and trust in him ask him for the forgiveness of your sins
By anonymous at 21,Dec,15 19:02

I have been saved be for moor than what,s but God still hates me to.he is the father of lies.
By anonymous at 30,Mar,16 17:29 Fold Up

Why would you guys say those things about God he loves us more than anything he has a plan for each and one of us and everything in life is part of it.
By anonymous at 26,Jan,17 19:34

Iam so sick of hearing the same ole lies...God has a plan for you....God has a plan for you...but it NEVER materializes! I am almost 60 years old and have been waiting for over 16 years for this so-called "plan" he has for me...I don't believe anymore..
By anonymous at 21,Nov,17 18:45 Fold Up

He's doing a piss poor job of showing it then.
By anonymous at 12,Mar,19 08:26 Fold Up

I wish it was that easy but my life is literally a living hell all I am to everyone is nice I have to put on a fake smile everyday and im so done I wish I could just end my life I have become emotion-less a mute and yet no one cared, how did I solve that with a good friend but god had the best idea ever and go hey she looks happy now lets take her friend away so she can move on well guess what asshole I'm not I grow deeper and deeper into depretion every day and no one sees there all to blind to see what I live with my mother is mean to me (she abuses me) I have no friends and I'm getting bullied on every thing why does god have to hate me what did I do?
By anonymous at 20,May,19 17:44 Fold Up

Why doesn't God intervene? Because God only loves who he wants. That's a fact. Just read of the suffering of so many people just on this website. All these people are terrible? Ya, exactly.
By anonymous at 24,May,19 13:18


By God will condemn you now at 25,Mar,15 19:26

It is clear that God hates so many of us. I don't know why. I have a deformed spine and front left rib cage because my father beat me so bad before I was six. After he left, my mother went so far as to beat me with a hammer. My southern Baptist grandfather made sure I knew that left handed people are an abomination. I had teachers who beat me if I touched anything with my left hand until the fourth grade. Later when I sent my grandfather a photograph of my first born, he sent it back. When I learned how to become good at basketball, an opposing player decided I needed to have my neck fractured from behind. That ended that. What sportsmanship? My high school counselor asked what I was going to do after school. I said, go to college. She said, "what are you going to do the second year?" and handed me a brochure for the army. I went out on my own at fourteen and worked eight different jobs through college graduation. I married. What a mistake. She forged my name to at least two documents per year for twenty years and put me through five major debt restructuring until she was finally arrested for embezzlement. I had to report my whereabouts to the police. Child services was called and I had trouble keeping my children. The prosecuting attorney's wife nailed a very nasty letter to my house. My in-laws made sure that I knew they blamed me for everything. My sister's and cousin did the same. The area radio station had a talk show about how I should be run out of town. And it was aired over the PA system at work for all to hear. I lost my job. Wasn't I the victim? What did the wife say after all that? "Be nice to me or I will do it again." Why did I stay? I made a promise to God, right? I have had patents stolen as well as creative work plagiarized and credit stolen. I have had my work reputation destroyed by my wife to the point that I have worked for some of the most unimaginable and worst human beings you may ever meet. I had a fellow employee decide to run me down as a pedestrian and destroy my knee. I had a truck driver decide that I needed to be rear ended so bad that it took four hours to cut me out of the wreckage and three years to learn to walk again. Yet, I have continued on, repaid all of the $750,000 my wife has stolen from me and what she stole from others on top of that. You will find out that you can count the number of friends you have on one hand and the church definitely will not be there for you. I moved my career in a new direction and have led companies to success and helped provide very good jobs. I volunteer often and help the homeless. My oldest two have now graduated college and my other two children will be there soon. Does God hate me? Absolutely! He will condemn some of us and pass judgment while we are still alive. There is a lot in the bible to support the idea that he passes judgment at any time and not only after death. What did Eli do? It is hard to move on everyday but maybe I can help someone else, be a good leader or just be kind to someone else tomorrow. I have stood behind my children when they struggled and when the incredibly bizarre school system did absolutely ridiculous things that only hurt children and drained the community paying their wages. My suicide attempt failed in 2003. I wish it hadn't but a quiet moment now with my children or the few peaceful moments in life, and they are few, bring some peace for a short time. I don't know why I pray to the one who hates me but I pray every night that perhaps someone won't be hurting me in the middle of the night. Then morning comes and there is always someone right there ready to steal from you, lie to you, lie about you and hurt you some more. Is God there for all of us? No. But it is true that if the father stays in the home and stands behind his children, the children will turn out well. I continue on for others. As for God, he wants me to suffer.
By anonymous at 11,Dec,15 02:34

I say the same thing. I can't understand it. Some people have it all. Nasty horrible people that god helps. unlike the rest of us who have suffered in many ways but have nothing
By anonymous at 13,May,16 13:52

There is No such thing as GOD it religion is away the roman government used to control the masses and it got out of hand
By anonymous at 20,May,16 03:38 Fold Up

Yes. Why can't people like Donald Trump suffer the way we have to? He's an evil, vile subhuman and deserves nothing but a hellish existence. We deserve better.
By anonymous at 26,Jan,17 19:41

Donald Trump is a GOOD man and you are wrong about him! Just because he made a success out of his life everone is jealous of him! We love Donald Trump!
By anonymous at 24,Jan,18 01:25

Anybody who supports drumpf and is not a millionaire is a fucking idiot. I would like his money but i would never want to be like him. theres nothing else left to be said
By anonymous at 07,Feb,18 00:15 Fold Up

donjhald trump is the best united states president we ever had -he actually care about the hard-working middle-class--American tHAT JACKASS PRESIDENT WE HAD A IN THE PAST
By anonymous at 10,Jun,19 08:59

You are an idiot
By anonymous at 06,Feb,18 23:52 Fold Up

By anonymous at 24,Jan,19 20:20 Fold Up

you will all hate me for this, but it really sounds like throughout all of the shit god has thrown at you, you have been able to run very successful companies, put your kids through college and do pretty well for yourself. i “wish to god” i could say the same!!
By anonymous at 10,Jun,19 08:57 Fold Up

You are a rich arrogant asshole who deserves what you got. Boo f'in hoo

By anonymous at 23,May,18 23:44

I have been unwanted every day of 58 years you can never know what pain i feel watching others who are wanted and loved
By anonymous at 24,May,18 20:14

Death does not scare me any more
By Ryan at 08,Apr,19 15:04 Fold Up

God wants you and loves you. He brought me here to see your message. Hang in there. Find someone that is worse off than you and help them and you'll feel better and start to see things from a better perspective. Life is short, look up and pray, there are people that need you, that are much worse off than you. Have hope. I care about you because what you wrote hurts my heart. People are generally good so look for that in them and you'll bring it out.

God bless and keep you all. Be good, this life is so short. Make the most of it, it will all make sense soon enough.


By anonymous at 25,Jul,18 09:26

That filthy scumbag that they call God never gave a good single man like me a good wife and family since that rotten no good filthy jew bastard piece of shit gave it to so many millions of other people that never deserved it at all.
By anonymous at 06,Aug,18 11:20

I know because I am myself 50 year old--still single and I am constantly getting rejected by women who I try to Love but then goit rejected and they married someone else--You matter well become GAY because women today only think of themselves and the money you have but other have the good fortune of having a good wife and family --God Screw up plan again and very selective and chosen as always-----------------
By anonymous at 10,Aug,18 16:05

God will always be a filthy cock sucking faggot bitch since he fucks Jesus up the ass everyday. And just look at all the filthy lesbian bitches that are everywhere today that are the real cause of this mess to begin with. Most of these filthy low life pigs just want other women instead of us straight men unfortunately. God is the lowest form of scum for creating these fucking pigs today since he is just as much to blame too.
By anonymous at 24,Jan,19 20:27

I just found this site, and i’m glad to see so many people have begun to see the truth. that god is a lie, meant to keep the powerful people in power. would anyone be interested in knowing that i have a solution? it’s not a “solve everything “ quick cure, but I know where you can actually get answers to your prayers.
By anonymous at 08,Jun,19 05:39 Fold Up

Drop dead you faggot.
By anonymous at 08,Jun,19 05:42 Fold Up

Go to hell you low life faggot.

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By anonymous at 19,May,19 15:40

God HATES me too. Nothing ever goes my way and the very few times it has it always turns out horrible. Things only go right if your are rich or I guess dead. I don't even know if god exists anymore.

By anonymous at 22,May,19 15:46

God don't give a fuck about good, decent, quality people all he cares about ass hoes rapist, child molester, drug dealers crackhead low life people who hurt murder and destroy other people lives. He never given a damn about me. I have taken care of my mother, father, brother, nephew you name it I have taken care of and been there for everyone in my life. I am not perfect but I have been a hell of a good person in my life. I have always tried to make a good life for myself but whatever I have tried to accomplished has been destroyed or taking away from me. Everyone I know get exactly what that want no matter how horrible they are. I see why people always commit suicide or loose their fucking minds. No matter how good I am how much I pray it only gets worse and worse. Why bother?

By anonymous at 22,May,19 16:40

I am also sick and tired of people telling me the same old shit; it will get better At this point in my life, I don't see it getting any better. I sit in my chair at night begging for god to help me, asking for guidance, asking for a sign that he cares for me. God has turned his back on me and so many of us. Why? Hell, I don't know why. I have asked god many times just to take me out of this world, because life just isn't worth living. I wish people would stop telling other people who are and in tremendous pain that it could be worse. When you say that to someone who is in the bowels of hell, it makes that person feel disrespected, and it makes that person feel that what he /she is going through is insignificant. Stop telling people it could be worse. Instead of telling people that bullshit ,how about asking them how can I make life just a little bit better for you? That is what I have always done. If you can not help to make life a bit better or more bearable for someone in pain then walk the fuck away. Stop throwing all these bullshit bible verses at people, stop telling people they should be in some fuckin mind controlling church, and stop saying useless corny shit to people. I was in school, and I working, doing volunteer work and helping people, enjoying my life. I was doing the all right things. But every time I do the right things it blows up in my damn face. All is destroyed once again. I am tired. SO VERY TIRED.

By anonymous at 24,May,19 21:13

I hate my fucking life my best friend just assumed I did something I didn't do this new kid is trying to steal my life and friends the my crush is going out with my arch enemy so don't try and tell me I have it good I have a terrible life I have been fucking mowing for as long as I can remember I have an abusive mother and she has called the cops on my father at least 5 times people are telling me to kill myself and on top of all of this I'm still only in 7th grade and I have like 5 assignments due this week so how do Balance all of this tell me please tell me why fucking god hates me!!!

By anonymous at 27,Jun,19 06:49

God and Jesus should both burn in hell with Satan where they belong.

By anonymous at 11,Jul,19 13:51

I wish I could take God put it in human form and take all the hurt and pain of all the good people of this world who do not deserve to be hurt and put all their pain on him. I would take God jesus all the angels and divine entities torture them with jagged glass, acid, and lye and make them know what real hurt feels like. No one give a fuckin shit about me.

By anonymous at 22,Jul,19 18:49

God is a cruel liar. You can beg, scream, plead and cry your eyes out and that monster will turn his back.

By anonymous at 23,Jul,19 17:52

God is a very deadly form of cancer the way i see it since he has caused so much pain and sickness to so many of us very innocent people on this rotten no good earth as it ass. God you filthy scum sucking retarded pig, when will you stop this garbage since it has really gotten so out of control and it just keeps getting worse.

By anonymous at 23,Jul,19 17:56

God is a very evil cocksucker that is only good for sucking cock and swallowing since he is nothing but a very filthy diseased infested piece of shit that should be burning in hell where that filthy cocksucker belongs.

By anonymous at 06,Aug,19 10:22

Both God and Jesus were sucking cock and swallowing to save my life which i am very glad that they did,and they're still sucking cock and swallowing today as i speaking. What disgusting filthy scum sucking pigs that they really are altogether. Hail Satan.

By anonymous at 06,Aug,19 10:24

Both God and Jesus were sucking cock and swallowing to save my life which i am very glad that they did,and they're still sucking cock and swallowing today as i speak since they really are diseased infested pieces of shit. Hail Satan.

By anonymous at 20,Aug,19 08:57

By God sucking cock and swallowing which is why i was punished to be a straight single man today since that filthy scumbag diseased infested pig is the real reason why i am still single today, which i never wanted to be in the first place especially when so many other men were very Lucky finding love with the right good woman. Why God did you punish many of us good straight men that really wanted to find a good straight woman to settle down with since most of the women nowadays are Gay to begin with as well? God you severely mentally retarded scumbag, what in the world did you do to these women today?

By anonymous at 27,Aug,19 05:46

God sucks and eats assholes as well as sucking cock and swallowing every single day of the year too, since that filthy no good scumbag piece of shit loves to punish many of us good innocent people in different ways for No Reason at all. Especially when many of us just wanted to have a normal life.

By Leanna Springer at 19,Sep,19 21:26

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By anonymous at 26,Sep,19 10:51

God is a filthy no good cocksucker for punishing a good man like me for no reason at all with a lot of medical problems. Burn in hell God, you motherfucking piece of shit.

By Misotheist at 05,Oct,19 10:21

Sad but refreshing to know I'm not alone.

God is the sole creator of all hate and conflict ever. There is no free will, we are just here to be fucked with and tormented, by the ultimate sadistic fuck that is god. And the shit crusted cherry on

By anonymous at 05,Oct,19 10:22

the cuntcake is the illusion of free will, letting us believe that we are somehow responsible for what we are going through, when it is all god's doing. Wish I had something more supportive to say, but just try to take whatever solace you can in knowing you are not at all responsible for anything that happens or has happened. I

By anonymous at 05,Oct,19 10:22

truly find it difficult to believe that any person would ever knowingly and actively do anything negative to themselves or others, it is all a result of god pushing our buttons and playing us all like a fiddle.

Fuck you god, fuck you very much.

By Misotheist at 05,Oct,19 10:33

Why did the comment button keep disappearing, forcing me to divide up my comment? Proving my point of the needless pain in the ass god is. My words may offer support, but god wants it presented in a way that brings frustration, a form of conflict, to a site where the posters and or readers have clearly had enough.

FFS god, get fucked you cunt of cunts

By anonymous at 08,Oct,19 08:52

God is a very filthy low life piece of shit scumbag to begin with, and he really needs to burn in hell with the Devil.

By anonymous at 08,Oct,19 19:19

God is a filthy cum eating faggot bitch that takes cock in his ass and mouth everyday of the year, and swallows too. Burn in hell God, you filthy diseased contaminated pig.

By anonymous at 16,Oct,19 19:43

God created just too many filthy cunt women these days, that is for sure. Burn in hell God, you fucking faggot.

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