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Why does God hate me?

Posted by ME at March 28, 2011
Tags: 2011 March  Philosophical

I feel like the past 4 years God has been using me like a piece of tissue to wipe his ass crack. Why? I didn't do anything to him. In fact, all I did was try to make good decisions, and keep my head up when ish came my way, and keep my eyes on the prize when people were trying to push me down, and even just be a good person and treat people well. But person after person seemingly randomly out of thin air just comes along trying to shit on me like I did something to them. I try to make moves and they go nowhere. When life just feels like too much I just try to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually I may feel a little better, but the facts of life remain the same. People keep telling me that things will get better but then they don't. People keep telling me that I'll get this and that and the other thing or something great will happen or whatever, but it doesn't. I wish they would just shut the hell up with their prophesying I am sick to death of hearing about it. And no I can't be thankful or joyful, about the only thing I have to be thankful for is that I'm not homeless, and yes I do recognize that it could get worse, but it only seems like a ticking time bomb to me, not something to be joyful about. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Although now I have come to realize that just because something bad happens doesn't mean I did something wrong. Okay, but to be kept down like this for so so long... what is that all about? I don't get it. As far as I see it, the rest of my life isn't going to be that great anyway, but could you at least allow me to function? Like a normal person? Why do you keep giving me shit?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Sep,20 14:25

He sucks cock and swallow’s after getting fucked in the ass!
The biggest butt buddy I know is Jesus.

By anonymous at 03,Sep,20 14:28

God is a sperm guzzling lunatic

By anonymous at 03,Sep,20 18:07

I literally hate him so much I wanna rub my dick in the mouth of his dead fetus I won’t rest until Christianity is burned alive

By anonymous at 05,Sep,20 07:30

I really hate that filthy cocksucker God for punishing a good man like me all the time for no reason at all. Burn in hell God, you worthless piece of shit faggot.

By anonymous at 17,Sep,20 10:31

God is a filthy diseased infested cocksucker that should burn in hell where the fucking homo belongs.

By I've seen the lies at 20,Sep,20 03:54

So it's all a matrix, but down to the thought level. In other words even what we perceive as the freedom in 'our' minds is an illusion. Imagination, reasoning, thoughts, ideas etc all strategically placed to maintain control and the illusion itself.
Why all the malice, conflict and pain seems constantly necessary is beyond me...
We have absolutely no control over anything, it's all a massive setup, humanity evolving to have consciousness and freely think is all part of the ruse, a fabricated past to entertain and possibly suppress our active, but not yet completely self conscious, minds.
By anonymous at 24,Sep,20 13:21

Stupid worthless planet we live on! Life sucks so bad I could take a Razor and slash off all my skin and bleed to death.

Fuck life fuck god

By anonymous at 21,Sep,20 07:09

Fuck you God, and eat shit.

By anonymous at 25,Sep,20 01:29

God is the most septic of cunts.

By anonymous at 25,Sep,20 01:34

Hey uh, der, um, does god know he doesn't have to be constantly shitting on all humanity? What drug fucked demented freak came up with 'god is love'? Want some of those drugs, might help deal with all that 'love' that keeps raining down.
Can't say god doesn't give a shit, he gives all the shit, lol, gotta laugh, going crazy otherwise.

By anonymous at 25,Sep,20 01:37

Fuck god, what a loser, get a life, let us be.
Grow up god, a 3yo in full tantrum is more reasonable and mature than whatever the fuck you're supposed to be.
No, but in all seriousness; fuck you god, cunt of cunts of cunts.

By anonymous at 25,Sep,20 09:27

Burn Christians at the stake for their crimes!

By washington dc at 28,Sep,20 16:08

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By anonymous at 03,Oct,20 06:43

Fuck you god. Eat all the crusty cocks ya cunt. You're a cunt god, shaped from septic shit. Rot in your own filth you fucking monster.

By anonymous at 08,Oct,20 00:03

On the road again, getting fucked by god again... or should I more accurately say still, getting fucked by god. Oh why won't that turd of cuntness just fuck off already.
Back I go to getting fucked again/still...
By anonymous at 14,Oct,20 07:00

You should kill some religious people that will show him how much you hate him!
By anonymous at 15,Oct,20 05:38

Lol, have totally thought of that, and had some asking for it motherfuckers presented to me, but not worth the trouble. If it comes to that in a god induced rage, I'll definitely be saying god told me to do it, and that would be the absolute truth. I've been pushed to the point of being in shock of myself for not reacting in situations where any trace of free will was gone. Never underestimate the reach of gods cuntness.

By anonymous at 15,Oct,20 07:34

God is a very real fucking diseased infested piece of shit altogether since he keeps punishing many of us good innocent people for no reason at all, and he just keeps making many of our lives so very miserable as well. What the hell did we ever do wrong God? Burn in hell God,you filthy faggot bitch.
By anonymous at 30,Oct,20 08:08

god is Cunt. Fuelled by hate. That's why so much conflict and disease exists. That cuntgodfuck thrives on it.

By anonymous at 17,Oct,20 20:59

So yeah, beaten, put down, hated, ignored, shat on, neglected, over and over and over again. And on this Sunday, a supposed day of rest, it just escalates more and more. Fuck it's not even 11. Third time I've been brought to tears. Fuck you so much god, what the cunt is going on?

By Christians smasher at 21,Oct,20 22:14

Aah! Yes! Behold! The catholic legacy. Young pussy touched on by priests and pedophiles.

By anonymous at 22,Oct,20 15:53

Pussy wept god! Closeted bottom, sucks dick, sucks satans dick, what a freakin loser!

By anonymous at 06,Nov,20 13:03

God is a filthy very horrible Cunt that deserves to roast in hell.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,20 06:54

God is the lowest form of scum, and deserves to burn the fuck in hell where the filthy rotten scumbag belongs. And if we had a real God which we never would've had all these problems in this world today, especially with this very horrible pandemic going around now.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,20 10:51

God is a filthy cocksucking faggot bitch for creating so many filthy lesbians nowadays that are a real fucking disease altogether, and they're the real reason why so many of us straight guys can't meet a good decent normal woman anymore today because of that. Very obvious why so many of us straight single guys are still single today. God burn in hell with Satan, you filthy low life piece of shit.

By anonymous at 10,Nov,20 07:28

You certainly nailed it with your comment, and it is very true that God sucks cock and swallows every single day of the year. Satan is the real God.

By anonymous at 19,Nov,20 03:43

What a miserable pathetic cunt god is. No matter what I try, what my motivations are, or how positive I may be, god knows exactly what to do and exactly and at what time to make me miserable... EVERY.SINGLE.FUCKING.DAY. It is literally one of the few things left I can actually rely on happening.
Thanks cuntmax god, for torturing me with your fucking bullshit constantly, at least leave some evidence so everyone doesn't keep thinking I'm making this crap up. Fuck if I didn't go through it I wouldn't believe it, shit, sometimes I can't believe it while it's happening. Thanks cuntgod, really, I'm so fucking grateful.

By anonymous at 21,Nov,20 12:03

God is just a real filthy fucking cocksucking faggot altogether the way i see it. Eat shit and burn in hell God, where you belong.

By anonymous at 24,Nov,20 11:44

Jahova the sperm receptacle

By Vonder mann at 24,Nov,20 12:00

Who else believes HIV/AIDS was created by facist religion to kill Anyone attempting homosexuality?

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