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tsk tsk

Posted by angelling at April 1, 2011
Tags: Anxiety  2011 April  Family  Health  Loneliness

Where to start? I know I'll just make a list. My life sucks for the following reasons:

1. My sister has been taken away for the second time to a mental institute.
2. My mother is on the verge of losing the house and so has to work 2 jobs so I hardly ever see her.
4. I spend my weekends and free time looking after both my sisters (I have 2) kids.
5. The kids are total nightmares.
6. My mother hardly listens to a word I say unless it involves cleaning.
7. People in my college all talk about me and hate me even though I have not done a single thing wrong to anybody.
8. I have General Anxiety Disorder and have 4-5 panic attacks every day.
9. I have no medication to help the panic attacks.
10. Apart from looking after the nightmares I spend most of my time cleaning because that's all my mother cares about.
11. My mother cares more about the mess in her house than about my health and wellbeing.
12. My best friend of 6 years who I considered to be the sister I never had has ditched me for out new college friend.
13. She also thinks I'm out to still a guy who's not even interested in her although i clearly told her I'm not interested in him and he was just helping me deal with my stress.
14. My new college friend, who is my replacement, has been bitching about me behind my back although she has no clue what I'm going through.
15. My father who walked out on me when I was a baby is complaining I never see him and wont send me money even though i really need new clothes and only have 2 pairs of socks.
16. I live in a 3 story house that is falling to pieces. It's only 3 stories because they couldn't fit the 3rd bedroom on the 2nd floor.
17. I have reocurring tonsillitis although my tonsils were taken out when I was six.
18. Due to the lack of no teacher I am behind on my Law work as well as 12 other people but they are threatening to kick *me* out.
19. I thought I was ok on Music tech coursework but my teacher has just informed me that I am behind on everything because I missed most lessons because of family emergencies.
20. I have a very bad relationship with my oldest sister who now claims she doesn't want to be anywhere near the family.
21. I now have no friends.
22. There is nobody for me to talk to about my problems, the all claim I whine too much although they can see me physically shaking and not being able to breathe because of panic attacks because of all my stress.
23. Because so many people dislike me, it's too hard for me to make friends.
24. I suffer from low self esteem and low, almost no, confidence.
25. I have more virtual friends than friends in real life. I have 2 virtual friends.
26. I am always nice and trustworthy and always put other before myself yet there is horrible consequences every time I think of myself for once.
27. The list of why my life sucks is really long.

So there it is, 27 reasons why my life sucks. Kudos if you read it all.


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By anonymous at 14,Apr,11 09:11

1) your mothers doing everithing she can... sha doesnt listen to you becouse she cant take anything more presure...
2)i have been on your situation of only having 1 pair of socks, thats nothing.
3)panick ataack its on you head, the more extreme situation in world is war... and they are people who go trouth that. yours is less than that, hold your selft together.
4) i have no friends, non real, non virtual, and i dont give a shit, friends alwais ditch on you wen things get ugly..... żdo you realy need them?
5) who you wanna be... the bother or the hero? its up to you... if all you can do its cleaning and taking care of brothers, then do it.... you are living a hell but they are too, so give up yourselft, you are done already so save the others. dont show weaknes even if you are bleeding, dont caomplaing about your problems, everyone has problems, and maibe yous are nothing compared to theirs.
By anonymous at 19,May,11 20:11

Gosh anonymous your a total jurk! I know people have horible lives but her'is bad. Let me tell you sumthin' I went on this sight because I though my life sucked. I'm fat. and Im 12. but who cares about me? What you said was stupid! you cant always think about your family. You mattter to. Dont ditch them though. get a job or something. you dont diserve what your getting and id help if I should help them but dont hold in your emotions. If people don't like you it doesn't mean everyone sucks! Gosh If you knew me your would call me spoiled. and i am. but I know that not every human in this world is a stupid one. some people care. you just have to look in the right places. And everyone else who says one thing about her story negitivly. SHUT UP!
By anonymous at 19,May,11 20:12

sorry for freacking out. just dont want to hert feelings here

By anonymous at 14,Apr,11 11:40

dear child, I think you may need more support than virtual friends etc. Perhaps a real-life professional medical counsellor could help some of your anxiety. Life is filled with beauty and wonder. Try to hold onto that when things are too hard.

By anonymous at 17,Apr,11 21:37

Ok, your life is hard, but always remember it could be worse. Believe it or not there are people out there much worse off than you that don't even have a mother or even a house for that matter to clean. Shift your focus. Right now youe focus is on everything you don't have. Try to be grateful of everything you do have. Let's flip some of the woe is me and pity parties to energy balls of motivation to change your current situation. Look at all of this a your future testimony of how far you have gotten in life and how much you have overcome. Only focus on the things that are in your control. Do not waste time and energy on the things/people you can't control. I'm not sure why you don't have any friends, but it may just be your perception on situations and life in general. Right down realistic goals and paths/solitions out of your situation. Take your list up top and come up with solutions (google it, research it, talk to counselors) and then come up with multiple ways out of it. Just knowing that you will get yourself out this world of yours will give you confidence, wisdom, & experience. Remember is all about perception. Your perception is your reality. If you perceive your life sucks, & you will. If you find the will and perceive this as a temporay situation, then that's what it will be. You will be strong in the end and you will be able to use your strength and testimony to help others. Let go of this weak spirit. the mind controls everything. Not your mother, sister, or anyone else.

By anonymous at 17,Apr,11 21:57

Oh and go to church if you need someone to talk to or join a support group. You may have 27 reasons but have of them are irrelevent and are receiving entirely too much attention and brain thought. They aren't even worth spending time on. See maturity is not how much experience you have or how old you are, its about how well you handle your emotions and how well you handle certain situations. That includes which ones to address and which ones to leave alone. I guess effectively picking and choosing your battles. God doesn't put more on us than we can bare....we do. Some of your problems are self made and you can just simply let it go. Again as I said before in the previous post, do not spend energy on the things you can't control. put your foot down. You are human, so you have limits. Establish your limits and inform people. Fight...because you are woth it. Love yourself, because you deserve it. Pity those that do not see the greatness in you. Family is worth fighting for but they will take you down quicker than anyone else. Set boundaries with them. Hold them accountable. You said there are consequences everytime you put yourself first but is that because you are putting too much responsibility on you and not them? Just be fair to yourself because other people won't...including your family..

By anonymous at 30,Apr,11 00:28

It's not really that bad. All these can be over pretty soon. Once you get out of college, your life would rock. trust me

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