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Posted by DanLONER at April 15, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Juvenile problems

I never felt happy. People insult me, people criticise me hard. They hate me for who I am, what I do. I dunno why but they just hate me. Onlookers hate me too, as if they wanna bully me. Even dogs, bark at me and wanna bite me. I dunno why I suck so much as a person. I am 16. I never really felt happy since 6 years old. I could remember that was the only time when I was really carefree and enjoyable. Yeah...Even when I was 14, I cry a lot, due to hatred of people and people bullying me. I never had any self esteem, self confidence. Even god hates me. Never had gf, never kiss, never hug, never had sex. I am totally pure. Tell me the purpose of living man.


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By anonymous at 01,May,11 19:02

Dude I know just how you feel. Just know your not alone out there, my life is sucking just as much. I am pretty hated and ignored too, and I have no idea why. I'm an innocent kid just like you, yet we get treated like shit. I guess its just like they say, Nice guys finish last. Oh well though, I guess I'd rather go down being an innocent nice guy then go down becoming an ignorant, self centered, egocentric drug addict, sex addict and/or alcohol addict like the rest of the world these days.
By anonymous at 03,May,11 05:17

Yeah at least now, things are getting better for me now. Life does get better!!! whatever you do, dun end your life or take drugs. Just try and have as many safe sex as possible or drunk yourself. TRUST ME DUN EVER TAKE YOUR LIFE. THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH. I KNOW THAT VERY CLEARLY COS I AM SPIRITUAL. JUST TRY TO BE HAPPY. :)

By Suzy at 27,Dec,16 12:42

As I tucked in the girls tonight I couldn't help the tears from flowing as I watching them on their knees praying for their beautiful friend Abby. We love you guys and just knowing that you are going through this- the pain, the exisuathon-the unknown- is breaking my heart. Hugs her again for me. Love you and always praying~ Amy

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