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Posted by Heidi at January 7, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Relationship

Hey guys....
well this is my story....
I was dating a guy... he was exactly what I wasnt supposed to last forever... just for a few months just before he leave... anyway we were ok until 1 night we had a fight and I left from his house...then he said that no one did that before and thats the end of us...and who I think I am for leaving his house... I dont know why I was upset...maybe becouse he made me believe that it was all my fault .... i wanted him back... i was texting him, making calls.... every time i was going to get over him he was the one calling me back telling me things like why i was talking with that boy or why i hang out with his friend and sometimes even to not lost contact... he was coming to the store i work for and all that make me wanted him back.... until i saw him with another girl...and later found out that he screwed another girl when he was with me...after that i never call him back or do anything... and before Christmas he come and found me in the store and told me to go to his house after my work to talk... i fell again...i didnt go to his house though... but i started wanted him again... i called him in Christmas just to say hey and we fight and after that never spoke again.... until yesterday who he came to my store with his girlfriend just to see them... they were looking for me... just to see them... that was really low... i mean he broke me once... and now he came to broke me again?? that was stupid...
i dont want him now but i lost it when i saw him with another... how should i react if they will come again..?? and i know they will come back...
I know my story isnt that bad like the others but he made me so miserable broke me down... and i fell so giulty for that becouse i left him used me... and thats make me worst...


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,Jan,10 10:11

"he was exactly what I wasnt supposed to last forever... just for a few months just before he leave"

I think instead of chasing after something that is only temporary, start going for things that are forever. STOP letting guys drag you all over the place and manipulating you with phone calls. If it is over, it's over. all these mind games and phone calls back and forth are just dumb. either be with him or don't and move on to meet somebody else.

Him bringing his girlfriend up there was low, yes it was, but you have to feel sorry for the girl that he's with. I'm sure she probably little or no idea that she's being used as a jealousy tool and nobody wants to be used just to make someone else feel bad. And if he came to see you, why bring his girlfriend? what's the point in that? unless he just really didnt think there would be a problem, but Surely he should have known that would make you feel uncomfortable and if he's going to be this kind of guy, be GLAD that you are not invovled with someone who's going to act like this. What is it about him that you want back so bad? Ask yourself that. is it becuase youre just use to being with him?

YOu have more important things to do then to worry about some guy who doesnt even know what he freaken wants. Go home and give yourself a party that you're out of this guy's life.
By Heidi at 08,Jan,10 05:25

hey u ll be happy to know that when they come back not only i didnt hide but i went and help them too... just to overcome my fear...
p.s. the girl doesnt have a clue about her bf past with me....

By maori nz at 08,Jan,10 02:58

HELLOW Heidi hope your feally better!!and had a awesome new year and yes i know some males are real asshole he sounds like a big one!!!but life goes on and you will find what your looking for!!and he'll just be piss in the wind!!!lolz,stay hard girl!!.

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 05:26

thanks for that.... :-)

By anonymous at 11,Apr,10 18:05

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By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 05:42

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