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the world in peril

Posted by hope777 at April 28, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Society

im pissed because noone will stand up to our government, i cant do it alone...they take freedoms slowly and abuse the law for their own benefit and yet lazy fat assed americans are so brain dead they wont do a damn thing about it, i cant fight them alone...where is this countries unity...oh yeah we are to busy deciding whether or not fags can get married and other meaningless crap, all the while our goverment is declaring war on us. WAKE UP YOU DUMB ASS PEOPLE, YOUR GOVERMENT, DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN , DOESNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY, THEY only care about controlling your lives for the sake of their own undeserved entitlements...the end of the world is upon us and all people care about is american fucking idol and what charlie sheen's hollow ass says....this,country is doomed.


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By anonymous at 04,May,11 07:01

America is such a good country with good armies. You should learn to cherish. Look at the third world country...such as africa...would u still say all these?
By anonymous at 04,May,11 12:31

Africa is not a country.
By anonymous at 04,May,11 16:29 Fold Up

You are a fucking idiot, who gives a fuck about the army? All they do is kill people. There shouldn't be a need for an army, we need to learn to live in peace as a human fucking race. Fuck you asshole, its people like you that ruin this planet, and blindly believe everything your fucking government says. What the original poster said was PERFECT. America needs to fucking wake the fuck up. You included. Asshole.

By at 04,May,11 19:39

Dude, I am with you. Fuck democracy, America needs a dictator.

By anonymous at 16,May,11 16:07

Abolutely right.

Americans have turned completely shallow. They got fat and stupid, and take everything for granted.

We spend more on defense than the next fifteen countries COMBINED, and we are worried that the fucking deficit is too high? WAKE UP YOU LAZY FAT FUCKS.

By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 04:45

Vote for Ron Paul. Screw dems and rebubs. Hitler and his good ideas would fix this country in 5 years. I am not saying Ron Paul is Hitler, but anything is better than the dumb fucks we have had for the past 20 years. Look at Obama, the country is dying and he parties and makes jokes and trys to entertain. I can go watch reruns of the three stooges for that. Look and study what Rosevelt did in the new deal. You hear any of those dumb fucks in congress looking back at things that worked. They would rather show a crotch shot. Peace is the only answer, and its cheap.

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