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I Am a Loser

Posted by I Am A Loser at May 4, 2011
Tags: Bad Luck  Life Story  2011 May

I know what you mean... Here's my story: I now officially admit that I-AM-A-LOSER. It's bad enough when you have dreams and only fulfill 1/4 of them but being black as well and have no advantage in the workplace makes it even more daunting than necessary. I've tried everything to make it but i'll be quick about this. 1.I was told that I will possibly be a genius, something to look 2, right? 2. 10yrs+ I was then throwned into various homes coz I couldn't get along with my family. 3. 18 and my dad still doesn't give a shit about me - moving on with my life now. 4. In my 20's went back to school to get GED, then decided to get a degree. Ended up on SSI because my life is so fucked. In Feb 2002 unexplainable stuff happened to me and great fear fell on me; I almost died but I fought. It costed me my Religion though. 5. Meet a crazy girl who finishing the sinister work that my mom started by further destroying my life by giving me kids... Kids?! Why couldn't I be like my no good fuckiing brother and can't have any kids; he doesn't know how good he has it. 6. After being homeless, jailed, losing my SSI money and several great paying jobs later I have such a deficit, tuition, living in a trailer that has flats on one side so it leans and is drafty in the winter and can't sleep with myself meanwhile that girl and the kids she gave me all still resides here. the boy don't want to learn in school and I am a loser now. I sleep 2 yards from my fridge, 3 yards from my furnace and 4 yards from my tub and everytime I apply for a job... Positions Filled.

I'll just lie here and wait for my body to die.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 13,May,11 22:31

Your children are something to be TREASURED yet you look at them with disdain. How sad, those tiny little people idolize you and yet you treat them like shit. Pathetic. Time to MAN UP and stop blaming the woman/kids (um, you WERE there when those kids were made were you not??) and start to realize that no matter what you are blessed with kids that for some reason God saw fir to give you. I think it's so sad how you seem to look down on your kids. That's just cruel. They look up to you and LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY!!! Why don't you try to learn from them and do the same. And if you EVER be mean to them or treat them badly, know that GOD HIMSELF will punish you so severely that a painful death will look like a picnic. God does not take kindly to animals that treat kids that he has GIVEN YOU AS A GIFT badly. You make me sick. I hope you GROW UP and GROW A HEART.

By anonymous at 13,May,11 22:40

I think the real tragedy here is how your repeating the past - the way your father treated you - with your own children. You don't talk about them the way a LOVING father should. I almost cried when I read "why couldn't I be like my no good fkn brother and can't have kids" God, no wonder your son "don't wanna learn in school"..he's probably busy wondering what he did so wrong that his daddy doesn't like him/want him. He probably cries himself to sleep at night. All because some fucktard (YOU) is "punishing" him for ever being born. You ARE a fucking loser. But not for the reasons you listed. Because you had children and are now emotionally hurting them (and it better not be physically asshole or I'll hunt you down myself) I'm sorry you had shitty parents. But thats NO FUCKING EXCUSE TO BE ONE YOURSELF!!! If anything you should REMEMBER the pain that being hurt by your mommy and daddy caused you and NEVER want to inflict that upon your own child, your flesh and blood. Dude, you need to give your head a shake and get your priorities straight. The Lord gave you children, that is an HONOR. Now be a proper father and BOND with those kids and treat them properly. Stop the cycle of shitty parenting and give those kids a fighting chance at a good future. They NEED you and LOVE you..can you not do the same???

By at 12,Jun,11 22:08

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