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An Immigrant's Tale.

Posted by Fucked Over at May 21, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Independent circumstances  2011 May  Racial

I have a fucked up life.... When I was 6 years old, my parents forced my to move from the country that I, to this day, LOVE to the country that I to this day HATE. When I arrived to this new country, I spoke not one word of English. To make it worse, when I had to enroll is school, I was constantly discriminated and made fun of because of my skin color, and the fact that I was a big boy. I got my first girlfriend when I was in 8th grade. It lasted 3 days. I never had too many friends, only back in my native country did I have tons of friends, but even so I only got to visit for about one month or two months each year. Anyway, I was made fun of skin color and stuff until I was a Freshman in high school, but I got over it. I lost weight, grew up, etc and girls call me the hottest guy in my entire High school ( sounds cocky, but I really do look like a super model ). But even though I look good, I still can't get a girlfriend because girls call me awkward. Last girlfriend I had lasted 2 months ( Record - btw Junior now ). Parents wise- never really talk to them and the only time I talk to my dad is when we fight and I fucking hate him. I've only had sex once, and I felt like a GOD DAMN loser. Religion wise, sure Gods exists, but he finds it so entertaining to fuck people over, this world is so fucking unfair, and he just sits back and laugh...I suffer from depression and have constant thoughts of attempting suicide. But what hurts most is when your friends don't drink from the same cup as you because of your skin color ( I'm slightly tan - in homeland, I'm considered white ).
Oh well, thats my life for you, I read some of the other stories, hope you people's lives get better.


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By anonymous at 01,Jun,11 23:28

You need to get over your inferiority complex. Although you may be physically attractive, its more important to have confidence in yourself, especially as a guy. People can sense that deep down you feel inferior and therefore they treat you as such. You've bought this bullshit that white is right, but that's all in your head. You should consider yourself exotic and unique. If your "friends" refuse to drink from the same cup as you they aren't really your friends are they? If your friends don't accept you, get new friends.

By anonymous at 06,Jul,11 05:09

really ? people dont drink from the same cup as you because of your skin color ? what country did you end up in?talk to me if you want you,you could use a old are you btw?

By anonymous at 18,Jul,11 00:42

Which country did you come from? You are actually very lucky, if you get to visit your home-country every year for a month or two. I didn't get to go home till 28 years after my arrival in the states. You blame your parents for your unhappiness, which really isn't fair at all. I bet they didn't want to leave their home-country any more than you did, but they did it for hopes of better life, or better education for YOU. By the way, it's much safer and healthier not to drink from the same cup--there's an old Chinese saying: All diseases enter into the mouth, all disasters exit from the mouth.

By anonymous at 14,Nov,11 18:55

If you hate the way you're treated you're more than welcome to go back to WHEREVER THE FUCK YOU CAME FROM! We don't want you here, you're a drain on society, and you suck at sex! LOL, immigrants can't fuck, hahaha!
By anonymous at 13,Mar,12 18:39

FUCK YES,thats what im talkin about
By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 09:29 Fold Up

You are a drain on our society you racist sack of horseshit!!! And you need to go back wherever in the hell you came from,YOU COCK SUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!!

By anonymous at 14,Mar,12 11:57

you will never truly be White, you are a nigger in my eyes.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 09:32

You're a WHITE NIGGER, you punk ass racist PIGFUCKER!!!
By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 17:28

the White man is God to you rodents!

WE the White race have inhertied the EARTH!

By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 16:48

As far as I'm concerned, YOU have never been a witness of God's presence. God is a spirit and I don't know what idiotic fool put the "fact" that he is white in the first place. And anyway, if you actually kept up with your "facts" then you obviously would have known that God accepts every one as their soul and mind, and doesn't care for what is drawn on the outside. He made them the way they are and doesn't see any flaws what so ever in them. Also, I'm only 13 and I'm guessing your a grown man/woman. If that is true, I only feel pity for you because you sit there and post ignorant comments to hurt others only to make yourself feel better. I personally find that pathetic and that from a 13 year old to tell YOU to grow up is just sad. I may be young but I know that my heart is in the right place.

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 03:41

I'm a Black man and trust me, you sound very pathetic. You are a disgrace to humanity. You're loser beyond words. Grow up. You're paranoid over your skin color? I have many good friends and have a good sex life by the way. Stop being a loser and have some confidence in yourself.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,12 17:48

Please refrain from posting on this site again. Thanks for wasting my time. Being awkward during the years ur supposed to be is not a real problem

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