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why after all these years

Posted by anonymous at January 21, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Relationship

I have a job. I have a house. I have a car. My problem is after almost twenty years I feel that my wife and I R done. I do not want it to end but I feel that she does but she just wont say it. I know this is not nearly has bad as a lot of the post but I have felt like crap for several weeks, it is eating me alive putting up a front to the outside world. I hope things start to turn around for everyone.


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By anonymousWoman at 22,Jan,10 13:52

The best medicine for a marriage is always COMMUNICATION. YOu need to talk to your wife and let her know how you feel. It's best not to jump into conclusions and make assumptions becuase odds are you could be wrong. but there is always that inner-instinct and if you have a gut-feeling something may be wrong, you need to ask her about it. Tell her what you just told us, that you've been feeling incomplete for a VERY long time. Maybe she'll say something to put your mind at ease, OR maybe she'll finally express that she's been feeling that way too. But i have no idea what to say becuase i don't know you, her and your marriage. If you have a problem, go to HER.

By anonymous at 22,Jan,10 16:42

When I got out of my last relationship it destroyed me and we had only dated for a year and a half. I could not imagine being married and being able to go on living, so don't negate your feelings and say that you don't have it as BAD as some people because if it hurts you , then it MATTERS.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 15:21

Then get to Divorce Court and stop crying.
By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 15:37

That is really insensitive asshole.
By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 15:59

Insensitive? If his marriage sucks then go to Divorce Court. What do you care about an annonymous person on the internet, do you know this person is for real?
Oh you don't, so shut the f-k up cu*t.
By anonymous at 13,Feb,10 21:08

I don't know if he's real but I know you're a real douche.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,10 18:40

Talk to her.
And don't leave her immediately. It will suck. I know... Try to work it out while you're still together.

By Armena at 16,Apr,11 02:43

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By Buy oem Software at 12,Feb,12 04:55

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