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Posted by done at June 22, 2011
Tags: 2011 June  Philosophical

I put my pistol to my head at least once every day. How will it feel? Will I feel anything? How long will I suffer? How do I make sure I don't miss? Which way is best, under the chin? In the mouth? Through the temple? I've selected the ammunition and caliber to produce the largest wound track without a large ammount of clean-up for the responders. Sold every other firearm I owned and most of my belongings. Any day now.


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By anonymous at 19,Jul,11 17:06

Yeah go on, kill yourself and all you're going to do is hurt other people. You fucking coward, man up and realise it's just your brain chemistry telling you that you've reached the end of your ability to cope. All you need is some help.

Go into a hospital and say you,re suicidal and you'll get some help. Or tell you mum that it wasn't her fault that you blew your brains out.
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 12:38

Your an idiot man. Get off this website if thats what your posts are going to be.

For some people there is peace in death, and in all honesty you will have the same thing one day, who the hell are you to judge someone who wants out of the pain of living?

Besides mayby his mom is already dead along with the rest of his family, and he lives alone in poverty with no friends and nothing to sustain him?

Death would be pretty tempting if that was me.

By anonymous at 23,Jul,11 05:49

I wrote that last post and I will pray my dick off for u everyday until u repost saying im an ignorant fuckstick or smthn along those lines lol.. seriously every time im about to wank one ill pray for u instead of feeling guilty about wankin to ur mom, jk holmes lighten ur ass up and go to church. I recommend an orthodox chuch cuz we b ballin but any church will do. U need to feel the holy spirit my brah.. we all loose hope and feeling of it at times, but it never looses us. I dare u to go to a full church session, double dare u to go to an orthdox service, and feel the holy spirit once again bc u will b moved through christ. Peace & love dawg. U will always be rememered as the shitbag if u do indeed pull the trigger, but u will be remembered forever in my heart and many others as a man who has overcome adversity and can give us strength in our own battles.. Im gonna have blue balls until u repost and when u doo will still have blue balls bc its time for that battle to b fought and won in my own life just through thisstory n knowin what u can do. Be a man and pray to the one who brought u into this earth which is god.

By anonymous at 23,Jul,11 05:59

I posted the last two comments and im sick as shits and giggles of posting but I want to answer your stupidass questions for u... yes it will hurt your brain is what controls ur whole body it has so many ves in it and we prob know least about the brain.. for all anyone knows, if u blew ur brains out, u may be "dead" instantaneously but ur brain waves may still linger around as ur soul or smthin crazy like day. U will suffer all of eternity in the bottomless pit my friend. U wont miss if u mean it, & if u do, don't half ass it and miss. It would probably be gunner to jump out of a building or off a cliff and experience free fall before u certainly solar & die.. food for thought.. jk jose. In fight club he shoots through his mouth and lives but idk man im not a suicidal expert. Also, I am broke as a mother locker

By anonymous at 23,Jul,11 06:08

Broke as a mother licker and spent the rest of my money online gambling today like a fucktard. I seriously have 15 cents to my name which can't even buy me a damn can of chew. I sold my p.o.s. car last week and my liscense is expired n I have to have one to get a job cuz I don't have one of those either but I have no money as well so its a duouble wammy. I go to visit pops tomorrow for advise but im about to b on da street but idc really. I like idea of bum livin just chillin all day but im scared to commit to it and don't think its the right path so imma work my ass off after churchthis sunday and monday im gettin a damn job or I go hungry in a week. Fuck obama, the "debt ceiling", n the economy.. I will have to prevail against months of job hunting and go to a freakin fast food place and be the best fryer who hates his job but doesn't hate life quit enough to end it. . . . . . . I may be hating life but I like to live in gods creation too....

By anonymous at 27,Jul,11 01:27

don't do mate... there is something for you right round the corner. i'm sure... just hang in there... sell your last gun too, you don't need it.
Never Lose hope, it's all in the mind.

By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 21:57

Go to the emergency room. NOW. I am speaking from experience...this WILL pass..and if you off yourself, so many people..people you don't even know care about you will be absolutely devastated and hurting on some level for the rest of their lives, never mind your family. Therapy and medication can make you hopeful, even happy.

By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 23:01

That is why the rest of us dont buy pistols, cuz wed be doing the same thing, just sell your gun asap. All suicide does is make people think, well thats depressing, you could make people feel that way by writing something.

By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 23:22

I want to thank everyone whos prayed their dicks off for me. It really fucking touches me when a brov will pray for a nother brov instead of wank it to my mah. So I threw my gun away ammo and all in the trash can. Im not sure if it was still loaded. I hope to hell it doesn't blow up in the dumpster.Im telling you I almost pulled the trigger, actually I did but moved it away from my head and aimed towards the floor instead, it ricocheted off some barbells and fucking injured my dog though. I cried like a motherfucker that night. After I buried him. I went to the church, all covered in dirt and blood and bawled my eyes out. Then I decided that Im going to give up my worldy possessions and become a saint. I masturbate every once in a while but its only to the chick from Saved By The Bell, So I don't feel guilty. Thanks for the love guys and sorry for being a dick.
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 12:41

Nice job....troll
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 12:42 Fold Up

If your serious about killing your dog then you should have offed yourself instead.

Hopefully it happens soon if you did kill your dog.

By Kaybee at 30,Jul,11 02:51

Don't do it. Please!!! It is pointless you want to do something dramatic so that people take notice or you want to end it all but trust me our memory are faint and humans are born to's just that take it with a pinch of salt. Try joining some hobby group so that you can be preoccupied or maybe work shifts without complains just to keep yourself everything so that your mind is busy. An idle mind is devils work shop and it is true for all of us... Don't do it... My friend committed suicide and trust me we all are living with her ghost... and there is no point...

By anonymous at 25,Oct,11 05:05

I hope you didn't do it. love.

By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 12:40

If your still around, good luck. If not....

If you are still planning it, make sure to do it outside so its easier to clean up. At least thats where I plan to do it when the time comes.

By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 15:21

uhm... you're the biggest pussy ever.. LOL Funny story though.. just get it over with if you do it every day.. you're pathetic.
By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 06:43

you're a dick
By anonymous at 29,Mar,12 17:25 Fold Up

Lil late, but i figured id still tell you that youre pathetic. what kind of person even thinks that sort of thing? not even cool dude. shit.

By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 15:23

By anonymous at 23,Nov,11 16:50

Your're pretty cold hearted
By anonymous at 10,Sep,12 08:29 Fold Up

how about i just kill you myself? and i'd be the one to go on, on your research, eh?

By anonymous at 23,Nov,11 16:48

You obviously have sunk to a low point in your life, and I hope you will seek your Heavenly Father's help. We all have our crisis areas in life from time to time,Otherwise how can you ever enjoy Happiness? Remember, We are all Children of God,Who really knows you any better?

By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 02:34

it's useless dear, to skip fears and what you dislike.
The wisest way is, to make yourself mature and tough enough.

Many people say it's useless to skip what youhave to learn in this life through suicide, because one has to learn it again in next life until he learns the lessons.

May you have the peace, pal.

By at 28,Dec,11 22:02

It really doesn't matter what you do. Suicide doesn't hurt anyone if you have no one to hurt. My life sucks right now but I can't kill myself. I have to wait till I have no one to hurt. Until then ill suffer thru this shit swamp you retards called life. Anyone of you calling this person a coward or to "man up" obviously you have lead a very sheltered life and have never and will never be as low as some of us. That being said, if you are going for a handgun go thru the temple with a .45, that will give you the desired affect you are looking for. If you have access to a shotgun use that in the mouth angled upwards your brain, don't hesitate or jerk the gun to the right or left off center of the roof of your mouth cause it might go thru your cheek or side of your neck depending on what ammo you are using. I suggest buck shot.

I tell you this cause I have been there before and my shotgun is right next to my bed just in case one night I have nothing left to live for. I don't suggest cutting your wrists or trying to drink yourself do death. Too many factors that don't end in death.

By anonymous at 25,Feb,12 13:24

Dont waste your ambition of suicide, you can kill who you are without killing yourself, you are free right now, move away leave it all behind and start over, or at least chase your most desired dream without everything that was holding you back before in your way.

By anonymous at 13,Mar,12 20:35

i wanna die to

By smith at 31,Mar,12 05:05


By anonymous at 23,Apr,12 01:56

I hope you're still alive :c

By anonymous at 02,Jul,12 11:14

LOL... It seems like this guy makes suicide a joke, laughing matter. I don't know if i can take you seriously dude. But...

This world does suck right now but killing yourself should be a last resort. try as hard as you can to make changes in your life. If you put your mind to it... you can do it. But if you want everything yesterday, than it will be hard. Humble yourself and just live... get any job you can if your not working, make some money live in a shack if you have to... give it a chance first. life is what you make of it.

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